Heavy Rain developer 'definitely will experiment' with Sony motion controller

With Heavy Rain in production for years now and finally shipping next month, Quantic Dream may have already missed its opportunity to implement Sony's upcoming motion controller into the title. But that doesn't mean it's not considering it for future games. Speaking with Quantic Dream co-CEO and founder David Cage, he admits that motion controls seems like a natural progression for the developer.

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MetalGearRising3255d ago

Well that makes 2 developers supporting the ps3 Wand......compared to xbox360 Natal which there are couple of hundred developers making a game for Natal.

Gamer20983255d ago

well, just because devs arent discusing about developing for ps3's motion controler dont mean they arent, they probably are doing it in a secret.

i would bet anything that future boxing games will be supporting the motion controler.cant wait for it.

Fishy Fingers3255d ago

Strange, David Cage recently spoke out about how he was not interested in motion controls. Still, while I'd be more than happy with him sticking to the pad, I'd be interested to see what he'd do with motion controls.