How Nintendo can win back the Core

GamerZines: It's no secret that Nintendo has alienated many of their traditional fans over the past few years. The much loved multinational sacrificed their old-school fans to capture the more numerous but fickle casual audience.

The road back into the hardcore gamers hearts may be long but if they executed only one or two of the following ideas, their redemption wouldn't be too far behind.

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na-no-nai3256d ago

about winning the core. well not all nintendo core gamers left. i for one didnt left nintendo. the wii is awesome just as the gamecube was. and i will continue to support as long as they still produce high quality games such as fire emblem, mario, zelda, metroid, pokemon, and other games that they have yet to produce

mjolliffe3256d ago

You don't know that Zelda's going to be amazing... When they released the Wii they said it was a console of which we could play high quality Zelda and Mario games on. I've only seen Mario so far...

toaster3256d ago

Sure not every single game is amazing but the ones that are make up for it. Even with Natal and whatever Sony's thing is called (sorry, I don't keep track of this stuff) I think that Nintendo will still appeal to the masses because it was the first and most people with a Wii are probably not going to buy another gaming system just so they can play motion controlled games.

hay3256d ago

I'm not a big fan of Metroids, Marios, Zeldas or Pokemons, but new Baten Kaitos would be fun to play.

Redempteur3256d ago

i'm still here ( too ) playing ffcc crystal bearers while waiting for "no more heroes 2" to be out ....

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MajestieBeast3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

2010 looks like a good year for the wii and the ds. I cant wait for golden sun and dq9. I might buy a wii for other M i hated the prime series cause it wasnt super metroid and hated the fps look.

koehler833256d ago

There's absolutely nothing the Wii can do to win me back. I have no problem with the Wii or it's games except they look terrible on my television. I'd rather play PS2 games on my PS3 with smoothing on.

As soon as they release an HD console, I'll jump back on the train.

GFahim3256d ago

its all about the looks, instead of the actual gameplay? why dont you watch a blu ray movie or something

DelbertGrady3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Do they need to?

Isn't a new Zelda game and Super Mario Galaxy 2 coming out this year? If so, there's your answer.

iforgotmylogin3256d ago

there are more than 2 games

Zelda on wii is the equivalent to
GOD of war III on ps3
and Halo reach on 360

don't " what 2 games? " anything Nintendo has 2 definite million bangers

if you count the awesome 3rd party for the wii there is alot of great stuff coming

Redempteur3256d ago

if you look outside nintendo circle , you had red steel 2 , no more heroes for the start of the year too .
it's not bad i guess

iforgotmylogin3256d ago

and tatsunoko vs capcom the fighting game 360/ps3 players want on their consoles

XxBarretxX3255d ago

PS3/360 players want Tatsunoku vs Capcom because they will actually play it!

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The story is too old to be commented.