Don't Replay Games

Gamer Limit writes "Don't replay games; there are too many other games you've already missed, and more are being created every day."

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tdrules3262d ago


you know the reason why people replay games?
because theyre good, they have depth, especially a JRPG like that.

and nothing is a commitment if you enjoy something, and Mass Effect took me 25 hours to complete everything...

GameOn3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Mass Effect took me over 60 hours to complete almost everything. No way you did it in 25.
I still played through it like 4 times though.

vShinobi3262d ago

White Knight Chronicles has 100 hours of gameplay.

Darkstorn3262d ago

That's irrelevant, but thank you.
As for replaying games, can't we just have the best of both worlds? Let's replay our favorite games while buying new ones in genres we enjoy. I actually think most gamers have varied enough interests to do just this.

badz1493262d ago

don't replay games? what if the games is really good?? what about online MP?? what should I do with my game collections?? FAIL article is FAIL! (now I feel like HHG with all these "?" marks!!)

ReservoirDog3163262d ago

I'm not giving my opinion on this article. All I'm gonna say is that I've replayed MGS3 at least 15 times. And I'm still not tired of it.

Tony P3262d ago

I don't understand how replaying a game and buying a new one are somehow mutually exclusive.

R6ex3262d ago

If I have a hot girlfriend, I'll screw her over & over again. It may be the same action, but its shiok!

But if she looks like Ms Piggy, doesn't matter if she's "new". No thank you. I'll stick to the same hot girl & do her agin, and again. lol

Actually, I find that there's really not enough good games out there. The good ones like Mass Effect & Star Ocean, I can spend over 500+ hrs per game replaying them without getting bored. But, give me a lousy game like Divinity, Ridge Racer or Rogue Warrior, I just feel like I'm wasting my time.

The Killer3262d ago

nice attempt to make people fork out more money they they already do for games!!

also the above commenters made good point, why wouldn't i want to play a nice game like FF10 or MGS3 and instead take a gamble that cost me extra money with a new game? obviously if there is something i havent played yet and it is good then it is worth a purchase but other than that it is safe to say that it is good to tick with my own library of games.

Tony240ZT3262d ago

Some people have a limited amount of time. I have about enough free time to complete 4-5 games a year.
I have a huge back log of games because there are tons of great games I purchased with intent to play that I haven't gotten around to. If I dwell on one for too long I'll never get through my list of things to play and never move on to some of the newest latest releases.
Which reminds me I played too much Diablo II in the late 90's and missed out on some PS1 goodness.

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SkankinGarbage3262d ago

I think anyone is entitled to do what they want, of course; however, I do agree that games are really long...replaying old ones while playing new ones is a huge time commitment. That's why I don't generally do it.

Serjikal_Strike3262d ago

Is replayability?

I do it to play on a harder difficulty and TROPHIES:)

JQ3262d ago

Re-play? I have trouble finding time to play them the first time.

StarCSR3262d ago

Lol indeed man...
The second you get out of school AND have friends and/or a girlfriend you should consider yourself lucky if you have time time to play the big games at all!
My closet is almost exploding with games (200+) and I'm lagging behind like hell...

StartWars3262d ago

I'll replay a game if it's memorable or has worthy unlocks but not to acquire meaningless trophies.

TheGameLlama3262d ago

If it's memorable I'll just remember it. :P No need to waste another 120 hours on Oblivion! The first time was great, but I've had plenty.

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