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Rumor: New Twisted Metal Game in the Works?

GameZone writes, "A new poll posted on David Jaffe's website is asking gamers what they'd like to see in an upcoming installment to the Twisted Metal franchise. Jaffe, director of the series as well as the first installment of the God of War franchise, is known for his candor about the video-game industry, so it seems possible that he could be at the very least considering revisiting the beloved vehicle-combat franchise." (Culture, PS3, PSP, Twisted metal: Serial killer)
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rebirthofcaos  +   2055d ago
well it was expected, I cant wait to see it.Maybe another graphics king?
-Alpha  +   2055d ago
Does everything have to be a graphics king?

anyways, this was well rumored for so long so its hardly news. There have always been hints and people are just pretty much waiting for Jaffe to reveal his secret game already.
Bungie  +   2055d ago
i've always enjoyed Twisted Metal on PS2 but not for the grafix

the gameplay was EPIC

can't wait
spunnups  +   2055d ago
Twisted Metal: Black on the PS2 had some stellar graphics for it's time.
nycredude  +   2055d ago
Hey Bungie,

Did you recently get a Ps3 or something? It seems that your tone has changed a bit as of late. Maybe you are just getting sick of the console pissing contest, as I am.
-MD-  +   2055d ago
Graphics king? He said himself it's a rather small title when compared to other games and it could easily be sold in the playstation store instead of at retail.

Highly doubt the graphics will shock anybody.
PoSTedUP  +   2055d ago
Played endless hours of twisted metal on the ps1. I dont know if I am still interested though. The whole cars with guns thing was fun when I was a kid, now I like to race without being shot at.
AngryFork  +   2055d ago
@ nycredude

Bungie sandwiches and hides his anti-Sony statements inbetween good statements. In that particular example he had to downplay PS2's graphics and hid it inbetween the loving twisted metal/gameplay thing.

He does that in every Sony-related article, he'll act like he's glad or happy about said news but hides a bashing inbetween somewhere.
Saaking  +   2055d ago
I hope it is. I really want a new one.
gaffyh  +   2055d ago
I voted for "Dude I'm from Europe, Screw Twisted Metal, we hate that crap over here!" and I really mean it. LOL. I don't see what people see in Twisted Metal, I much prefer God of War from Jaffe's games. So I'd rather see a good new IP than Twisted Metal, but I know a lot of people (mainly American gamers) like the game so I can live without playing it. There's already quite a lot of great games coming out.
Bathyj  +   2054d ago
World Tour was my favourite. Never got into Black.

Do they still have the special moves like iceball, mines and jumping. They were were great I thought but took abit of dexterity.
joydestroy  +   2054d ago
just the other day i was wondering when we'd hear more rumblings about a new Twisted Metal game. excited about this one
Kyrwolf  +   2055d ago
Jaffe runs his mouth a lot, but he does produce some very, very good games. So he does back up the bravado.
Caspel  +   2054d ago
he better deliver with Twisted Metal
Caspel  +   2055d ago
I miss the old days of Twisted Metal. I would definitely purchase another Twisted Metal, if it were to release.
DeforMAKulizer  +   2055d ago
Plus if you look at the Modnation Twisted Metal Post he says in the end :"Thanks for the Twisted Metal love ya'll! What a cool idea: Twisted Metal on PS3! SWEET!!!!"
Been dying for a new twisted metal ever since Twisted Metal: Black, and Twisted Metal: Head-On!
Imagine, twisted metal on PS3!!!
And the way he was hyping the achievement his team was able to accomplish, you have to be excited!!! =D
athmaus  +   2055d ago
Twisted Metal
The first and two were the best ones...hopefully the new one can reclaim its former glory :)
Shang-Long  +   2055d ago
the 3rd was just as good. i played that for hours
with Club kid
BlackTar187  +   2055d ago
TM3 & 4 were terrible to me
3 being the rob zombie music one.

i liked
in that order.
Ravage27  +   2054d ago
TM3 wasn't that bad imo
the truly horrible one was TM4
MrMeMeMe  +   2054d ago
this rumor needs to be true
nouman1989  +   2055d ago
I have been hearing anew game since the ps3 launched back in 2006.
-MD-  +   2055d ago
--wrong spot
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MetalGearRising  +   2055d ago
This is getting embarrassing at the least WHAT'S with all these flops suddenly. At least make a game worth playing please it's not to much to ask is it.
young juice  +   2055d ago
name a flop on the ps3 and i will name a flop on the 360
rucky  +   2055d ago
I see your flop on the 360 and raise you two flops.
OmarJA-N4G  +   2055d ago
360 has no games. :)
Trebius  +   2055d ago
Remember kids.
Anything that doesnt sell over 2mil is a flop.

So 90% of the 360's games are flops.

Halo/MW2 are the only games you have and the only games that sell.
The rest do less than 1.4mil...

You have no games.
Silly gameAr  +   2055d ago
Now I KNOW the 360 was your first console...
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KingKiff  +   2054d ago
Another looser comment from a 12 year old virgin...
Go away with you stupid comments FFS... Do you get tired of just posting S__T all day???

You might as-well change your name to Microsoft lover... Remove you lips from M$ ass hole already...

If you can't realise it you are an EMBARASSMENT to yourself
blue7xx7  +   2055d ago
Its not really a rumor there have been way to many hints from him and other people that it's in development for the ps3.
DeforMAKulizer  +   2055d ago
Ya there have been tons and tons of hints... See the modnation twisted metal post he placed on his blog... Its pretty evident!!!!
BLipp17  +   2055d ago
and his blog had a poll about "if there was another twisted metal, whats most important to you? multi, single, from EU/hate TM, from EU/love TM"...come on jaffe at least make the hints that your making a new twisted metal a little less obvious
spunnups  +   2055d ago
To please me, all Jaffe has to do is take Twisted Metal:Black to the new generation of gaming. Online Mode, Coop and an epic single player is all I ask
ThisPlaceSucksBye  +   2055d ago
100% agreed!
SprSynJn  +   2054d ago
That is a lot to ask for though. I am sure they can pull it off, but don't hold your expectations so high. As long as the multi-player is as addicting as the previous games, I will be pleased. Online would certainly be welcomed as well. I will be getting it the day it is released regardless.
divideby0  +   2055d ago
I have no idea why this game has not been announced or released yet.
A next gen TMB would be awesum....I do want deep character stories....bone chilling stuff on the PS3
KillerPwned  +   2055d ago
Hm this makes me wanna buy twisted metal on the psn now, besides that twisted metal on the ps3 is gonna happen most likely just a matter of time.

Just thought imagine a remake of Twisted metal 1 or 2 on the ps3? Keep the same gameplay just update the graphics, sound quality, maybe add a few extra cars to unlock and online play. Could be something like a Twisted metal HD collection for $40
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BX81  +   2055d ago
Ughh twisted metal? I don't understand how this game has such a big following. I could never get into the others. Maybe this one will change my mind? Hell I really didn't like the God of War series but GOW 3 made me go get a copy on pre-order. Either way it's good to see an old series revived for it's fans.
Caspel  +   2055d ago
For the fans of Twisted Metal, who did everyone normally play as? I usually played as Captain Spears who had the car named Roadkill
KillerPwned  +   2055d ago
I was usually Axel or Mr. Grimm
-MD-  +   2055d ago
Spectre, Mr Grimm, Sweet-tooth.
shutupandplay  +   2055d ago
I was always a big fan of Mr. Grimm.
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FwanK  +   2054d ago
Dark Side and Sweet Tooth

I still remember the codes to unlock Minion and Sweet Tooth in TM2 :S
spunnups  +   2054d ago
Axel was my go-to, followed by probably Thumper or Twister
GamerSciz  +   2055d ago
Closest thing we have seen since Twisted Metal on Next gen is..
Full Auto 2 for PS3

I had this game and it was tons of fun until I beat the SP completely and online had practically no one on so I ended up trading it back in for credit. While I had it though it was a lot of fun and splitscreen MP was fun too. Closest thing to TM imho.
maniacmayhem  +   2055d ago
I played Full Auto for 360 then went to PS3 for the sequel and had a great time with it. It is too bad that no one was online.

I told my friends to buy it because it reminded me of a faster paced TM. But sadly they all dismissed it.

If the new TM can take Full Auto and up it by 100% then I'm on board.
KillerPwned  +   2054d ago
I think im gonna buy this game now or download a demo of it on ps3 or if ps3 dont got it then 360 demo. If its cheap probley is deff buy
-MD-  +   2055d ago
I remember him asking in a previous blog post weeks/months ago if anybody from the UK would be interested in a new Twisted Metal, and here is the exact same question in the form of a poll.

It's all but confirmed and I'm more excited than anybody as this was the reason I bought a PS3.
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2055d ago
I thought this was already confirmed?
In 2008!

Sangria  +   2055d ago
I hope all those hints are fake hints in order to reveal something new, a bit like X-Files : I Want To Believe, when Chris Carter and his staff put fake leaked pictures and documents online in order to protect the original story from any spoiler. Rumors were talking about werewolves while the movie is about regeneration.

So yes, all those "The game is a sequel, the title starts by T and finish by wisted Metal" are too much obvious, I really love Twisted Metal series but I wish we could have some new IP instead.
ginsunuva  +   2055d ago
Imagine a 100 player online arena mode. One GIANT arena. 256 vehicles. Go crazy.
djfullshred  +   2054d ago
yeah, online deathmatch would be so frickin fun. Blowing up real players cars...that would be very satisfying!
zanzibarlegend  +   2055d ago
Please Jaffe
twisted Metal Black reborn. that would be ace. off topic, imagine the trophies for this game? !^_^}
Silly gameAr  +   2055d ago
Hope So. Twisted Metal was one of the reasons I wanted A PS1. Tekken and Battle Arena Toshinden being the second. I was still playing Super NES, until I had a sleepover at my friends house. He was always one of the first in our group to get the newest consoles and games because he was pretty well off. From the time I played Tekken and B.A.T., I was hooked.

I begged my mom for a PS1, and than one day, I got home from school, and saw my PS1 sitting on my bed, I went crazy!

I miss those days. Gaming has changed, and I don't get excited for games like I used to.

Nostalgia plays a big part in it I guess.

But anyway, a new Twisted Metal with next gen graphics? yes please. MP would be insane.
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Caspel  +   2054d ago
Twisted Metal and Jet Moto were two games I had to have for the PS1
jianjian   2055d ago | Spam
akshoe060350   2055d ago | Spam
The Maxx  +   2055d ago
Awesome. Kind of obvious that it was going to come. The first Twisted Metal was my favorite game of the franchise back on the PS1. 1st day buy for me if this is true.

Specter for the win.
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Silly gameAr  +   2054d ago
Dude, RoadKill all day.
The Maxx  +   2054d ago
LOL Roadkill was awesome as well. But Specter was the car i used since TM 1.

Speed and his homing rockets....you just can`t beat that. =)
Caspel  +   2054d ago
no way, roadkill man!
FwanK  +   2054d ago
Twisted Metal Black set the graphics bar back in 2001

I just cant imagine the next one T_T
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djfullshred  +   2054d ago
I miss Twisted Metal not being in the next gen. Frantic, intense car deathmatches! Updated graphics will be cool, but my hope is game play is really good, with good driving physics. Some of the pretenders trying car combat games had a really wack feel to the driving. At it's heart, it is still a driving game.
dirthurts  +   2054d ago
They make it, I'll buy it.
Twisted Metal 2 is my favorite game of all time. Loved it!
If they're messing with us by getting us all excited I'll hate them forever.
djfullshred  +   2054d ago
Nice. TM2 was also one of my all time favorites. I played that waaaaay past the point even most fanatics would be sick of playing the same game over & over!
FwanK  +   2054d ago
I guess we have something in common \m/
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dirthurts  +   2054d ago
My friends got tired of playing split screen with me...
I still remember all the codes and moves.
up down left right right left down up.
with your preference of bumpers being held down. : )
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2054d ago
I just bought Twisted Metal: Head On Extra Twisted Edition for the PS2.

After unlocking everything, there's a pretty creepy story behind that game. Well, TM: Black I guess. Really messed up stuff. I wasn't sure if it was real or not. I certainly hope it isn't..
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2054d ago
quite obvious with this old picture

wuwu   2054d ago | Spam
yogaflame  +   2054d ago
I hope it is not another PSN game, Jaffe have been lazy lately and he said that he wants to develop games that are easier to develop
kvg88  +   2054d ago
This was proven last year
When Jaffe uploaded a picture with the title of the game he was working on blurred out and someone deblurred it to reveal Twisted Metal PS3. He quit blogging for like 3 months because of this. He has recently returned lol
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