Rumor: New Twisted Metal Game in the Works?

GameZone writes, "A new poll posted on David Jaffe's website is asking gamers what they'd like to see in an upcoming installment to the Twisted Metal franchise. Jaffe, director of the series as well as the first installment of the God of War franchise, is known for his candor about the video-game industry, so it seems possible that he could be at the very least considering revisiting the beloved vehicle-combat franchise."

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rebirthofcaos2841d ago

well it was expected, I cant wait to see it.Maybe another graphics king?

-Alpha2841d ago

Does everything have to be a graphics king?

anyways, this was well rumored for so long so its hardly news. There have always been hints and people are just pretty much waiting for Jaffe to reveal his secret game already.

Bungie2841d ago

i've always enjoyed Twisted Metal on PS2 but not for the grafix

the gameplay was EPIC

can't wait

spunnups2841d ago

Twisted Metal: Black on the PS2 had some stellar graphics for it's time.

nycredude2841d ago

Hey Bungie,

Did you recently get a Ps3 or something? It seems that your tone has changed a bit as of late. Maybe you are just getting sick of the console pissing contest, as I am.

-MD-2841d ago

Graphics king? He said himself it's a rather small title when compared to other games and it could easily be sold in the playstation store instead of at retail.

Highly doubt the graphics will shock anybody.

PoSTedUP2841d ago

Played endless hours of twisted metal on the ps1. I dont know if I am still interested though. The whole cars with guns thing was fun when I was a kid, now I like to race without being shot at.

AngryFork2841d ago

@ nycredude

Bungie sandwiches and hides his anti-Sony statements inbetween good statements. In that particular example he had to downplay PS2's graphics and hid it inbetween the loving twisted metal/gameplay thing.

He does that in every Sony-related article, he'll act like he's glad or happy about said news but hides a bashing inbetween somewhere.

Saaking2841d ago

I hope it is. I really want a new one.

gaffyh2841d ago

I voted for "Dude I'm from Europe, Screw Twisted Metal, we hate that crap over here!" and I really mean it. LOL. I don't see what people see in Twisted Metal, I much prefer God of War from Jaffe's games. So I'd rather see a good new IP than Twisted Metal, but I know a lot of people (mainly American gamers) like the game so I can live without playing it. There's already quite a lot of great games coming out.

Bathyj2841d ago

World Tour was my favourite. Never got into Black.

Do they still have the special moves like iceball, mines and jumping. They were were great I thought but took abit of dexterity.

joydestroy2840d ago

just the other day i was wondering when we'd hear more rumblings about a new Twisted Metal game. excited about this one

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Kyrwolf2841d ago

Jaffe runs his mouth a lot, but he does produce some very, very good games. So he does back up the bravado.

Caspel2840d ago

he better deliver with Twisted Metal

Caspel2841d ago

I miss the old days of Twisted Metal. I would definitely purchase another Twisted Metal, if it were to release.

DeforMAKulizer2841d ago

Plus if you look at the Modnation Twisted Metal Post he says in the end :"Thanks for the Twisted Metal love ya'll! What a cool idea: Twisted Metal on PS3! SWEET!!!!"
Been dying for a new twisted metal ever since Twisted Metal: Black, and Twisted Metal: Head-On!
Imagine, twisted metal on PS3!!!
And the way he was hyping the achievement his team was able to accomplish, you have to be excited!!! =D

athmaus2841d ago

The first and two were the best ones...hopefully the new one can reclaim its former glory :)

Shang-Long2841d ago

the 3rd was just as good. i played that for hours
with Club kid

BlackTar1872841d ago

3 being the rob zombie music one.

i liked
in that order.

Ravage272841d ago

the truly horrible one was TM4

nouman19892841d ago

I have been hearing anew game since the ps3 launched back in 2006.

-MD-2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

--wrong spot