Gaming's Most Original Soundtracks Of The Decade


"We're only a few days into the second decade of the new millenium. To celebrate what has arguably seen gaming take over as the dominant entertainment medium, I thought it appropriate to honour one of the most overlooked elements of games that has seen tremendous growth in recent year: its soundtrack.

Specifically, games with original soundtracks (that is, not licensed music) composed around the gameplay and events. These are often later released as full albums.

While there have been many amazing soundscapes created for games both big and small, I'll be covering some of the most noteworthy in various game genres including what is my pick of the best this decade has produced."

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BadCircuit2867d ago

I don't really pay attention to soundtracks unless they are really good. The games listed are some of the ones that I do notice.

gaminoz2867d ago

I think soundtrack is very important for setting mood. I thought the World At War one stood out for me.

XboxOZ3602867d ago

Great article, but I bet some will slant it one way.

2867d ago
Lou-Cipher2867d ago

I have bought

Infamous Soundtrack
Halo Trilogy Soundtrack
Metal Gear Solid 4 Soundtrack
Mass Effect Soundtrack

Now if we could get all the game developers to use 7.1 True HD Audio in all their games, I would be a much happier gamer.

Just cause you put HD visuals in your game, that does not mean you have an HD game. You need HD Sound & Visuals to be able to claim an HD game.

Xi2867d ago

Mainly because it's best song, the main theme, is a blatent ripoff of the winter road by russian composer georgy vasilevich sviridov.

WildArmed2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

lol I own those 4 too. (and MGS trilogy OST)
Along with a few others here and there.
Braid was pretty kewl too

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The story is too old to be commented.