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Submitted by tezzer1985 2220d ago | news

Sony & Microsoft exclusives do battle on the same days

Looks like Sony and Microsoft are wasting no time in battling it out in 2010, the year has just began but already both companies have big exclusives coming out. Sony and Microsoft tend not to releases their exclusives on the same day as one another, but this year things seem to be different due to the fact that a few of Microsoft's exclusives are not being published by Microsoft... (Heavy Rain , MAG, Mass Effect 2, PS3, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, Xbox 360)

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Pein  +   2220d ago
It's a great few months for gaming but not so much for the wallets
chaosatom  +   2220d ago
They are going to be using sales to declare which game is better instead of quality.
"Heavy rain didn't selz so much, so it sucks" or something.

But nobody can deny the power of God of War 3, GT5, Heavy rain, MAG, FF13 combination. It's hardly a battle if they include GOW3 and GT5 in there.

Sony is using its first-party titles and third party tiles but MS seems to be reliant on using just third party titles to boost 360, which will eventually fiddle down to PS3.

*enter that bungie guy
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Greywulf  +   2220d ago
Isn't splinter cell the unreal engine game w/o mercs online?
Im sure it will sell more since its multiplatform.

Wait so.. the disagrees...
Splinter Cell is the Unreal engine, and it doesn't have the mode that everyone praised for the past 5 years... mercs vs spies.
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deadreckoning666  +   2220d ago
2010 will be the BIGGEST year in gaming history. I can't wait to be a multi-console owner cause PS360 owners are the "true" winners this year.

If I had to choose one though, I'd choose Splinter Cell because its a proven franchise and its more action oriented. And unlike Heavy Rain, Conviction has an online co-op mode which should be a blast to play with friends. Heavy Rain isn't my cup of tea, but I'm sure both games will be of excellent quality.

@People who say sales don't matter- Sales DO matter. The more an awesome game sells the better chance of it getting a sequel. Gamers have been wanting sequels to Psychonaunts, Shenmue 2, and Beyond Good and Evil but they didn't sell enough so NO sequels were made. Sales MATTER and anyone who says otherwise is naive.

"So... who wins since I'm buying ME2 for the PC? Is that a 360 win? PS3? Who really wins?"

Well...I win, obviously, because I get to play ME2, Conviction, Halo Reach, Crackdown 2, Fable 3, Agent, GOW3, GT5, The Last Guardian, and Starhawk while a PC only owner only gets to play 2 or 3 of the games I just listed.
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Christopher  +   2220d ago
So... who wins since I'm buying ME2 for the PC? Is that a 360 win? PS3? Who really wins?

I know I win, but does it really matter otherwise?
JonnyBigBoss  +   2220d ago
God of War 3 and Heavy Rain alone is enough for a top of the line lineup.
Government Cheese  +   2220d ago
That or its going to be the typical, (insert PS3 game here) didn't outsell (insert 360 game here), but the PS3 game is still better!!1 Quality>quantity!!!11
ape007  +   2220d ago
this generation will not be forgotten
look at that, what can I say, it's the most full blown AAA year in years and perhaps ever

enjoy your 360's, enjoy your ps3's


im more interested in 360 games than ps3 games and on ps3 I wanna play gow3 so bad

and R* please shows us agent, Im a Rockstar north fan, any thing Rockstar touches turns to gold, these Scottish developers got that magical feeling

this year reminds me of 2001's powerful ps2 (and halo 1) games,DMC1, gta 3,FF X, MGS 2,red faction 1 etc...

2010 looks even much better

peace :)
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StanLee  +   2220d ago
Mass Effect 2 will be better reviewed and sell more than Mag. Heavy Rain will be better reviewed but Splinter Cell Conviction will sell more.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2220d ago
Doesn't make sense why Sony would do this? Aren't both Heavy Rain and MAG published by Sony?

Both of the MS games are third party exclusives so there is no reason to fight with them. You will only hurt both parties, but most likely Sony. Both MAG and Heavy Rain are unproven franchises.

Not to say they aren't good games, just pick your battles wisely. Release it a week before your competition to steal their thunder and users dollars....
Greywulf  +   2220d ago
Deadrecon, ready? "People who say sales don't matter- Sales DO matter. The more an awesome game sells the better chance of it getting a sequel...
Heres just a small list of games that have been developed for the PS3.

1. Killzone
2. Killzone2
3. Killzone3
4. Motorstorm
5. Motorstorm2
6. MGS4
7. Infamous
8. Uncharted1
9. Uncharted2
10. Heavy Rain
11. Warhawk/Starhawk
12. MLB09
13. MLB10
14. Resistance1
15. Resistance2
16. Ratchet Future Tools of Destruction
17. Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
18. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty
19. Wipeout HD
20. Flower
21. Little Big Planet
22. Demon Souls
23. Valkyrie Chronicles
24. Yakuza 3
25. God Of War 3

To name a few. First things first, "SALES" matter. As in, a game has to hit its sales target. Thats all. Thats it. Thats all she wrote, anything after the target is great, but not required for a sequel, or required to fund further new ip development.


PS3 games aren't required to sell well to become second to none quality products. So as far as the users of the PS3, where is the problem outside of the one you're trying to make up?

Are you really trying to say the PS3 isn't getting games because of lack of sales? Rare sold 10 copies of Banjo Kazooie, yet they are making other games. Or did you miss that? Because that list offers higher scores/quality/diversity than any console out this generation, plus theres more coming on top of that.

PS3's games sell over a long time, the quality is out of this world, and the variety is second to none.

360 games sell that month, and sales don't mean the sequels are better products. Take Forza3's online for example, or Gears2, or DLC repackaged as Exclusive games for 60.00, or PC games that are "exclusive". I mean, what is sales from halo3 bringing in game development wise?

New unreal engine technology?
XBL still costs $?

How is the 360 user benefiting from its titles sales, anymore than the PS3 owner is? You cant answer that. I know, but I still want you to try to buh buh it.
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OmarJA-N4G  +   2220d ago
Just in Q1 for me:

Heavy Rain - Day 1
White Knight Chronicles - Day 1
God of War III - Day 1
Final Fantasy XIII
Bayonetta - Bargain Bin
Mass Effect 2 - Bargain Bin
Splinter Cell Conviction - Rent

Ahhh it's good to be a gamer. :D
StanLee  +   2220d ago
@ OmarJA-N4G
You're not a gamer, you're a fanboy. Who are you kidding?
lve2playbball  +   2220d ago
THANK YOU...People who have PS3's and 360's will be better off than anybody. I can't stand the fanboys who have ONE console and just rip the other one apart...they are missing out.
sikbeta  +   2220d ago
Whatever, I only know that the Exclusive Line-Up of My Console of Choice is Amazing, so I don't care what the other Crew will say when "X" game doesn't sell like teh CøDz, after all I enjoy playing Games not teh salez
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2220d ago
more like Sony exclusives do battle against each other.
Maddens Raiders  +   2220d ago
Nice try 1.6 -
That or its going to be the typical, (insert PS3 game here) didn't outsell (insert 360 game here), but the PS3 game is still better!!1 Quality>quantity!!!11"

That argument might work if there were an actual MS game with more quality than a PS3 game to be released in 2010 - basically you're admitting that all you stand on are sales and quality takes a ride down the toilet pipes. I understand. >_>
Silver360  +   2220d ago
Already Pre-Ordered
White Knight chronicles and Mass Effect 2. I do feel blessed to own both consoles and have all my friends own both. Then again being older allows you to afford both and not be limited.
pippoppow  +   2220d ago
Splinter Cell not Exclusive.
Stop with the false advertising. Gamers with a PC can play Splinter Cell also.

As for both games, they are high quality titles that will surely please. Stealth action fans will most likely get SC for the PC or 360 and those with a PS3 looking for a new cinematic experience with a mature story will look forward to Heavy Rain.
Saaking  +   2220d ago
I'll be getting ME2 this month, SCC, bioshock 2, and Heavy Rain next month, and then march is just going to be crazy.
drummerx2709  +   2220d ago
Who cares how they sell in comparison. I'm sure both titles will sell well.
Dutch Boogie  +   2220d ago
MAG and Heavy Rain will be in my ps3 before another over hyped sequel. New IP's for the win.
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Rockox  +   2220d ago
In terms of sheer awesomeness, here are my predictions:

ME2 vs MAG = ME2 Winner
SCC vs HR = Really close, but I think HR will take it
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Dev8 ing  +   2220d ago
The real winners are people with PCs and PS3s. I am going to pick up ME2 once I get a new graphics card. My current one can easily handle it on decent settings but I am upgrading so I can play all the PC games on maxed settings. So it will be MAG day 1 and ME2 probably in April. Hopefully steam has a sale.
blackboyunltd  +   2220d ago
This is going to be crazy, same day battles. Lets see who wins
gaffyh  +   2220d ago
In all honesty it should be, and probably will be, Splinter Cell that sells more copies. Why? Because firstly it is a sequel to an established franchise, and secondly because it is a traditional, standard game, whereas Heavy Rain is a completely different style of game.

I will enjoy playing both games, as I'm a fan of the Splinter Cell series, and Heavy Rain is amazing from what I've played.
mastiffchild  +   2220d ago
They both look great in their own ways but SC:C is obviously going to sell better for the reasons already mentioned above me. Also, because HR is such a new idea and concept for very many gamers many dual console owners and even just PS3 owners might well wait(and with so much releasing around it anyway)to see if it goes down in price as it's a risk for them not knowing if they'll even ,like a genre they never played before.

So, there's no battle and i only hope they both turn out as well as it seems they might AND sell well enough for us to see more in future. Yuo think for ONE minute that Sony or QD imagine they can sell as many copies as SC:C? If you do then you're deluded IMO. The reason everyonewas so pleased here that sony suppored HR in the first place was because, in sales terms, it's such an outsider and so no traditional-that they were backing a risk and allowing someone to push th boundaries rather vthan spending cash on a more certain thing like another shooter or action game.

Seriously, there's no head to head thing going on here and it's prolly the fact that they're so different that made Sony figure it wouldn't affect sales either way. They also need to usher it out the door, though, after delaying it once to avoid a holiday rush that, sadly, moved to follow it anyway!
Raoh  +   2220d ago
fortunately i'll be able to download mass effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction for the pc so i can save my money for the ps3 games
gtamike123  +   2220d ago
I have PS3 and gaming pc so im fine to. :)
Dev8 ing  +   2220d ago
Full releases take too long to download with torrents and they always are sketchy. But anything like trine, or world of goo or braid don't take long and are usually pretty solid.
Sevir04  +   2220d ago
well i'm fully expecting SC:C to win this in sales
But if Sony's Fans some how surprise me with HV selling tones then I have hope for exclusive selling great in 2010 for Sony, but for me, HR will be in My PS3 day on day release, even if i was the only one who owns the game i'll have this game. and Mag will be just the same way. I plan on getting this game for sure.
PirateThom  +   2220d ago
I already have my pre-order down for the Heavy Rain collector's edition, so you're not alone!
NiiGhTx  +   2220d ago
Sales don't matter.

If it did, the Wii is the best Console ever.

/end of discussion
Bigpappy  +   2220d ago
Only about 2% of wii games sell
Wii systems sell but only Nintendo games sell on the wii. 360 is the leading platform for game sales. Year over year it has the highest attached rate. Wii sell Mario, wii sports and fitness games.
W831SOLIDSNAKE  +   2220d ago
A battle? More like a massacre Sony has a much better and varied lineup of exclusive games. Halo doesn't even count it's been destroyed. Lol poor BOTS!
Sk8boyP  +   2220d ago
Micro$oft has exclusives? Oh yeah! All those EXCLUSIVE glitches in MW2! I can't wait to see how many glitches are in that MW2 DLC they paid for. LOL @ Microfail
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jack who  +   2220d ago
no where on there does it even talks about halo. *eyeroll*
cliffbo  +   2220d ago
it's too early to call that. both companies should have a good 1st quarter and i'd guess that Splinter Cell will win the numbers battle, while Heavy Rain will win the quality battle.
-MD-  +   2220d ago
How will Heavy Rain win the quality battle? It's hardly a video game anyways.

Splinter Cell will receive a better meta score and easily destroy it in sales. Heavy Rain is going to flop, it's going to sell less than a million copies.
Rockox  +   2220d ago
In terms of sales, I think Splinter Cell will cream Heavy Rain, mostly because Splinter Cell is a well-established franchise and Heavy Rain is a new IP. I hope I'm wrong; Heavy Rain looks excellent and I hope the PS3 owners support the game and buy it.

That being said, I expect Splinter Cell to kick my arse right smartly.
Droid Smasha  +   2220d ago
are you kidding this isnt even compition LOL
SC will look better.... score better....and sell better than Heavy Fail

if this is what sony is putting against MS console EXCLUSIVES then it never had a chance
Darrius Cole  +   2220d ago
I highly doubt that Heavy Rain will do anything close to the numbers that Splinter Cell will do. If you look at what they tried to do with Heavy Rain you see that the market it is targeting is not yet proven.

Heavy Rain is designed to be truly adult content. I don't mean adolescent content. Blood and violence and cursing with maybe a few shallow sexual scenes amounts to adolescent content. I mean truly adult content, with complex situations and deep emotional relationships designed to appeal to individuals far past puberty.

The target audience is why I am buying Heavy Rain. The idea that a game would be adult for reasons more than just foul language intriguing to me.

I was going to buy Splinter Cell Conviction. I even bought a 360 for it. But if it releases on Heavy Rain day, I may have to wait.
Rockox  +   2220d ago
One of the few times I actually don't envy those with a PS3 and 360/PC. Two powerhouse games being released on the same day? Madness!
jack who  +   2220d ago
Sony & Microsoft exclusives do battle on the same days
Mass Effect 2 will out sell and out score MAG same goes for Heavy Rain vs Splinter Cell Conviction.
cliffbo  +   2220d ago
agreed. MAG is going too far IMO. looks a great idea on paper but not for me
-MD-  +   2220d ago
Agreed Jack, Microsoft just has the better exclusives.
W831SOLIDSNAKE  +   2220d ago
You are funny lol Mgs4 and uncharted 2 allready rape all Xbox games hands down lol GT5 is going to destroy flopza and revive it and destroy it again. Every dam xbox game is an imitation to the real inovative PS3 games from GT to MSG, and Forza failed Splinter cell will fail. All thats left is Gears and Failo Reach. Uncharted takes those so called "NEW" games and tosses them down a storm drain. Only Ps3 has the most awarded GOTY games.

Id like you to name me a game that beats MSG4 GT5 or Uncharted?

OHHH im sorry murderdolls I just noticed your picture.... I noticed that you are crosseyed... now I see why you are confused... LOL you can't see straight.
#9.3 (Edited 2220d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
cliffbo  +   2220d ago
murderdolls, see above, i agreed with him, but then you just had to talk nonsense. it's just blind hope fella.
#9.4 (Edited 2220d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
-MD-  +   2220d ago
What's nonsense about anything I've said? Because you yourself think some brand new franchise that nobody has played will have better production values than a solid franchise (IE: Splinter Cell)?

I don't even know why you replied to me here and not above where I actually spoke to you directly but I'm not speaking any nonsense I'm using common sense.

Splinter Cell will score higher and sell more than Heavy Rain, quote me on it.

"OHHH im sorry murderdolls I just noticed your picture.... I noticed that you are crosseyed... now I see why you are confused... LOL you can't see straight."

--Actually in the picture shes looking to her right with both eyes.
#9.5 (Edited 2220d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
kaz-hirai  +   2220d ago
ME2? your acting like its a 360 exclusive ;-D! just like you think Splinter cell is ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MichaelJackson   2220d ago | Spam
tezzer1985  +   2220d ago
Sales this gen matter
I love the way people say sales don't matter....Thats why were all playing SHENMUE 3, o and look at for Okami 2..sales do matter.
tomsau  +   2220d ago
Yes, but not in terms of quality of a game

If a game sells more copies than another, it doesnt mean its better

Sales do matter, but not in all respects
Sure, okami didn't sell well, which meant no okami 2
but you can't deny the quality of the game

I doubt heavy rain will sell well on mass, but I think it will sell well to a lot of true gamers
Just like ico and sotc did
But it won't hit the same wide demographic that SC:C will
But I still think HR will be of a higher qualiy (personal opinion)

I swear, that's obvious
but it seems a lot of people don't see it that way =|
(not directly at you)
u got it wrong
when people say sales don't matter they are saying just because it sold one copy does not mean it is not a great game..and because it sold 5 million copies don't mean its a great game...i see u are purely mis informed
JL  +   2220d ago
Actually let's take that a bit further. Sales don't matter to an extent. I think somebody above already explained this but we'll do it again for the dense.

See alot of people on here act like if a game doesn't sale 5 million on the first day then it's doomed. That isn't the case at all. And that's where you get people coming in saying sales don't matter, because there's a sort of saturation point. Yes, sales matter. If a game sells only 100 copies, obviously we're not getting a sequel. But anything past a million doesn't really matter at all to us gamers. Because a million is going to ensure a sequel (if the developer has any desire to make one), thus that's the only point of matter to us as gamers. They have to reach a certain goal, but that goal is alot less than what people try to make it out to be (hell it's probably even less than the million mark for alot of games).

And that is simply what people mean when they say sales don't matter, because they don't all that much. As long as the game sales moderately well (which if it's a good game it's going to for the most part) then that's all that matters to us gamers. We don't have to see 2 million on the first day or even 2 million lifetime sales too see a sequel. As long as the developer sales enough to make their money back and a lil profit, then it's possible we get a sequel.

So basically, if the game is getting so much attention that it's getting hyped in debates and is a good point of interest here, then chances are it's pretty much already set to have enough sales to warrant a sequel if the developers so choose. We don't have to see Halo or COD or Gran Turismo type numbers to warrant sequels.
theunknown  +   2220d ago
JL: Look at the attention KZ2 got and see what happened?
JL  +   2219d ago
Look at the sales of KZ2? What about them? By this point they're most likely above 2 million lifetime (since they were like 1.9million fall of 2009). Are you trying to imply that's poor sales? See that's exactly why people say sales don't matter to an extent. Because people like you imply that if it doesn't sell 5 million plus then it did poorly. I'd say 2million by any standard (unless it's dumb fanboy standard) is damn good sales. And it's being said that the development costs of KZ2 ended up being 40Million. Let's say developers get $20 for each game, then that puts them breaking even at 2million units sold (for one of the highest costing games in history). Now when you consider quite a bit of that development cost went into building an engine (which is an investment that will be used for the future and being used around Sony to some degree) I'd say breaking even is damn good. And 2 million sales definitely isn't anything to sneeze at. And it's already been talked about that KZ3 is already in development, so obviously those 2million sales warranted a sequel. So I'm not quite sure what your point is.
Fishy Fingers  +   2220d ago
Heavy Rain is my priority right now, I wont even consider playing anything else until it's completed at least once. Everything else, while great, is more of the same, I'm really looking forward to something different.
Dev8 ing  +   2220d ago
Just finished Indigo Prophecy in preparation. I know they got nothing to do with each other but getting out of the fps/adhd headspace is a good thing when games actually require you to think.

Anyone who is unsure of Heavy Rain should play Indigo Prophecy. If you can get into that game then I am sure you will get into Heavy Rain.
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Sangria  +   2220d ago
I don't see much the point of comparing games for the only reason they are exclusives. Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction are both sequels of popular franchises on Xbox 360 while MAG and Heavy Rain are both new IPs and are potentially niche games.

So what? If you have a PS3, why would you care how much a game sold on Xbox 360? Does it make PS3 games better? And for those who have both consoles, they will pick the ones they prefer. In my case, it will be Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain, and maybe Red Steel 2 if reviews are good, I never liked Splinter Cell series and the MAG beta was just awful.

What matters is not the sales of a game but how much you enjoy it. And those who have both consoles are the most happy gamers as they have a whole selection of great available and upcoming games.
Rowsdower  +   2220d ago
really sad
Unicron  +   2220d ago
Immortal Kaim  +   2220d ago
This article and the comments associated with it prove that there is no hope for most of these morons...
since me2 has no online i will
pirate it and will buy mag..and probably splinter cell this summer...heavy rain this summer
Omega4  +   2220d ago
Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell will not only sell better but will also likely be rated higher than MAG and HR aswell.

But time will tell.....
Sevir04  +   2220d ago
lol!!! as usual you are here. well i'll agree with you in that ME and SC will likely sell more than both Mag and HR
and they maty even be rated higher than Mag, BUT, HR is a different. everyone who has played HR has said it's something to look foward to. and it's simply amazing, and It looks better than all 3 of teh other games so this One in particular has alot going for it, and it'll diliver on the quality front, sale though its both ME2 and SC:C
Persistantthug  +   2220d ago
@Omega4......Higher rated than Heavy Rain?
We don't know that....unless we've actually played the game....even a little.

This could be the defacto AIAS game of the year and/or contender for all we know. Considering that this game dares to do something different, especially for consoles, it could very well happen...something along the lines of LBP when it won its GOTY....because it was different....because it DARED to be different. To me, Heavy Rain sounds eerily familiar in that regard.

I personally have high hopes for Heavy Rain, and everyone who has played the demo of it at shows and such, they all say the game is amazing.

We'll see, but all the signs are pointing to "good".
#16.2 (Edited 2220d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Omega4  +   2220d ago
You guys seem to have a lot of hope for HR. Personally from what i've seen and read its just and interactive movie and i wouldnt be paying £40 for a movie when i can get them for £15 max.

I also dont see review scores being very high because if you look at sites like IGN which split their score up what are they going to give gameplay? Zero? Because theres only QTEs.
OmarJA-N4G  +   2220d ago
Keep it up Omega4...

Your so amusing. :)
Persistantthug  +   2220d ago
@Omega4.....The game apparently does have some QTE's, but It also has some "multiple choice" type game play content, which is not the sam...
Also, the most important factor, imo, is this game is made by QUANTIC DREAM. QD have a solid history (good) and track record (also good) for their games. In fact, they have a similar type game Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit which went on to capture some critical acclaim.

So what we're looking at, is a game that seems to expand on its "cousin" if you will, with more know how from the dev., larger budget, more advanced hardware, and a more mature theme/plot.

I'm not saying you personally will or MUST like this game or type, because it may genuinely not be your "cup of tea", but alot of people have their eye on Heavy Rain, and it's for a good reason.

btw, Omega4...In case you feel defensive about me PM'ing you or whatnot, I never gave you a disagree....I just like to discuss things with people to hear their thoughts.
take care. :)
BeaArthur  +   2220d ago
Splinter Cell for me. Although totally original, $60 is a lot of money to spend on an unknown quantity. If it gets good scores I will definitely pick it up at some point.
villevalorox  +   2220d ago
I shall be getting both! If i can get up enough money haha, but yeah Heavy rain 1st if not then Splinter Cell.
Roper316  +   2220d ago
Mag = no campaign = No buy

Heavy Rain is already preordered along with GOW3,WKC GT5 & Last Rebellion for exclusives on my PS3 through March. So 5 out of 6 PS3 exclusives I will buy in Q1. I also have like 6 multiplat games preordered as well for my PS3.
shazui123  +   2220d ago
LOL @ Murderdolls
No it doesnt. Were you alive last year or 2008? Also are you aware of sony's 2010 exclusives? PS3 exclusives have been in their own category of awesome for a while now, troll.
-MD-  +   2220d ago
I've played all the PS3 exclusives and only a few of them are good.

Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank being those games. MGS4 was terrible and Resistance 1 and 2 are average shooters.
shazui123  +   2220d ago
I understand thats your opinion.
But noone else shares that opinion. Most people that have played MGS4, UC2, UC1, KZ2, LBP, MAG, Heavy Rain, Ratchet and Clank, GT5P fully understand that they are the defining games in their respective genres and the benchmark for which other games are measured against.
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monkey602  +   2220d ago
I was looking forward to the new Splinter Cell but my hype for it died a LOT recently! Will definitely be getting Heavy Rain though.
Conviction will be a possibility down the road but not for a while
SDF Repellent  +   2220d ago
Mass Effect 2 in Jan
Splinter Cell in Feb
GOW3 in March
Alan Wake in April
Crackdown 2 in May

with a spice of FF13, Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock, and Super Street Fighter 4 thrown in. First half of the year will be great for me.

I might get Heavy Rain down the road when Gamestop have its Buy 2 get 1 free deal. A QTE sandwich making game really doesn't interest me right now.
hazardman  +   2220d ago
What's up with all the hate..I'm gonna be playing all these games cause I own both consoles, so I'm happy about that. @chaossatam or whatever..I think your underestimating the Xbox360 games and FF13 is multiplatform..GOW3,Heavy Rain,GT5 and MAG combination is great, but Xbox360 has some great ones too. Splinter Cell,Mass Effect,Alan Wake,Crackdown2,oh and all tho I'm not a big fan anymore overall great yr for gamers...bad yr for HATERS like you. and yes sales does matter and you only got maybe 1 or 2 games, GOW3 and GT5 that's gonna compete in sales with the games coming out on the Xbox360..Hate all you want but you know it's TRUE ..When Halo Reach comes out it's over as far as sales battle goes..
Smokzdaizm  +   2220d ago
Amen Hazard Amen
ian72  +   2220d ago
I will get Splinter Cell for PC(havent got 360) and Heavy Rain(PS3 obviously) also. Not too bothered about Mass Effect or MAG yet, but maybe later on sometime.
josephayal  +   2220d ago
BX81  +   2220d ago
Hows about this: For me on my PS3, Heavy Rain and GOW3
On my 360: Bioshock 2, Bad CO. 2, Splinter Cell, Aliens VS. Predator, Halo Reach, Lost Planet 2, Alan Wake, Medal of Honor, Brink and UFC 2010 Just to name a few. I excluded Last Guardian on the PS3 because I don't know when it comes out and I almost forgot about Natal. This year is going to be great for gaming especially if you own both consoles.
pimpmaster  +   2220d ago
wow seriously people? heavy rain is going to epicly flop, nobody buys adventure games remember. hell even LBP floped and it was the highest rated game ever, there NOT bad games but nobody cares about them is what im saying. personally i wont be buying heavy rain, its a rental. i liked the beta for mag and will pick it up if it retails for 40$ or once it drops from 60$, splintercell is a day one purchase for me lol, all the splintercell games have been top knotch
W831SOLIDSNAKE  +   2220d ago
And GT5, Final Fantasy, God of war will destroy any of your games. And the PS3 will once again receive all the GOTY awards...period!!

can you get it trough ur head Final Fantasy is coming to the PS3 first on one disc! Lol
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mattygamefreak  +   2220d ago
Heavy Rain is my most anticipated title of 2010, but I'll be sure to pick up Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction on PC.
hazardman  +   2220d ago
@Muderdoll you did sound kinda foolish..I think both consoles has great games coming out this yr. And don't you know not to go against the PS3 FANBOY effing HATERS on your's suicide.
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