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dorron2749d ago

I guess it's gonna be 150€ here...

Christopher2749d ago

I'd consider this if it was a set of miniatures or something similar, but I'm just not interested in a box. Have the game pre-ordered from, but can't see the point in spending $30+ more dollars for the collector's edition. It's unlikely I won't have access to the DLC from PSN anyway.

ico922749d ago

now thats what i call ultimate

fafoon2749d ago

Looks Awsome
I'll have 3

belal2749d ago

atleast 800 kroners but i think it will be 1000.

stuntman_mike2749d ago

well after seeing the latest game scans im getting it...just have to go sacrifice some goats to the god of money first lol.

-Alpha2749d ago

Now you too can brag about how great your Sony subdivision is :)

silvacrest2749d ago

honestly, SCEE is still far behind the american and japaness divisions but this is a start

i wish this was half price or something, i want this but £110 is to much for a game, oh well...

Karum2749d ago

You're actually getting 3 games in there.

But I agree it's ridiculously expensive.

But I'll probably buy this because God of War for me is just all kinds of epicness.

silvacrest2749d ago

yeah, im aware of whats in the box (a very nice box i might add) but the price is a real barrier for me, i cant even described how much of a GOW fanboy i am but the price is just to much

Karum2749d ago

It is too much, I agree 100%.

We live in Britain though, we pay too much for pretty much everything already.

I'm a massive GOW fanboy but I'm not into RPG's so I won't be buying FF13 in March and GT5 won't release here in March, so there's really only one game I'll be buying for a month or two so I don't mind splashing out a little on my favourite gaming franchise as the contents of the box are pretty awesome. Probably the best special edition I've seen in a long time, if not the best ever (to my mind anyway lol)

Either way man, all that really matters is that we'll both be enjoying the awesomeness that is God of War 3. That's the important thing.

silvacrest2749d ago

true, i plan on buying GOW and Final fantasy plus some multiplats and mass effects 2 in the coming months so theres no way i could get this edition

but just having the standard GOW3 will do me just fine

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The story is too old to be commented.