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MajestieBeast3264d ago

Wow counterstrike:source still selling now thats legs would expect every pc gamer having it already.

Pumbli3264d ago

Not me :P I'm not a big fan of CS.

It's great to see Killing Floor on there, it's a good game. For some reason it feels more mature then L4D and gives me an extra 'scary' feeling.

I love both L4D and Killing Floor though. :P

darkmurder3264d ago

Jesus MW2 is still selling? Surely the whole steam platform already has bought it, they really love using these aimbots and having backups for bans :P.

VladimirK3264d ago

Killing Floor is a great game.
Got it during the sale and wasn't expecting much, but really pleased with it.

3264d ago