10 Facts I've Learned About Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Paul Tassi says: "I'm relatively new to the whole Call of Duty scene, as I've mainly been a Halo guy the last few years, but after a month of playing I've learned some pretty indisputible facts about the game, and I've chronicled them below. They've been discovered through a lot of yelling, cursing and nearly throwing my controller through my TV.

I love the game, but people need to follow certain unwritten rules or else it sevely curtails how much fun everyone else has. But since when do people on Xbox Live give a shit about anyone else? I'm just a NOOB after all. Anyways, see what I've learned, and let me know if you agree or think I missed something."

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FishCake9T42812d ago

Lololol. Really good article. Agree with everything you said.

mjolliffe2812d ago

1. It's full of glitches.
2. It's full of glitchers.
3. It needs better maps.
4. DLC shouldn't be on the disc already.
5. Full of people making annoying, and racist remarks.

-Alpha2812d ago

Yeah, it was funny. I was expecting it to be more serious, but it's all true.

As for killstreaks, nearly all of them are stopped if you are smart enough to take them down.

I run into a lot of team players who take care of killstreaks and air support. If one thing IW did right, it was making sure Killstreaks could be countered/destroyed.

Oh, and riot shield is also one of those things that works well with teamwork. The riot shielder is always the distraction, they are meant to waste important time in games like S&D.

To be fair the game has its fair of skill and tactics, but right now there is too much crap with glitches, unbalanced weapons, cheap perks and attachments with no counters, etc.

BattleAxe2812d ago

I thought that he was going to complain about not being able to float in the air when he presses the jump button.

hakis862812d ago

All of this is true - which is why I still think COD4 was a lot better.

And that knife-throw - LOL! lucky punk :P

ColdFire2812d ago

The killstreak thing is SOOOO true.

He admits his thing about sniping is silly, but CoD sniping is silly, maps are too small.

I don't agree with the prestige thing, as I don't see the point of prestige in this game. But, I can see his reasoning.

jjohan352812d ago

I personally think the EMP and AC130/Chopper should be switched. EMP at killstreak 15? It's so useless. The AC130/Chopper is way overpowered even if the targets are using cold-blooded.

mal_tez922812d ago

1. It's a reskinning of a two year old game. Just new guns and maps and some other added features.

2. It's still the most noob game available. The aiming, shooting and movement are overly simple, while this is good for noobs, it leaves hardcore players like me a bit dissappointed. It's probably why the game is so popular, it's noob friendly.

TheDeadMetalhead2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

"8. If you use the grenade launcher rifle attachment as your primary weapon, you are a douchebag."

This is how I usually get killed. ;_;

T3L3PROOF2811d ago

I agree with some of these thi9ngs this guy said, but

#6. Killstreak rewards are the most unfair thing in the world, until you get one.

you're just a noob if you can't get a killstreak honestly.

ape0072811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

but it's the best online experience I've ever played,it's so fun fast,fluid 60 fps action and downright EXPLOSIVE, never been this hooked on multiplayer before like it, the fun is like to the MAAAAX, it almost make every other game look boring\lazy, I think this is the first time I felt this addictive to a thing in years

and spec ops is amazing on veteran,requires skill, campaign is EPIC I'll beat it on veteran soon,EPIC soundtrack(hans zimmer soundtrack is explosive), control\aiming is almost perfect

the only thing you haters love to do is to list all of its cons+hate and claim that its crap, I almost feel that Im playing a different game

to all the haters...the game broke records, sold millions on ps3, rivaling halo 3 on xbox 360, N.O 1 most played game on ps3 and xbox 360

heheh lol no one cares about a bunch of n4gers that known for their HATE and worshiping their console


oh well never mind.....back to some mw2 action

ambientFLIER2811d ago

Oh, so you've found confirmed DLC maps on the disc? Please, do tell...

darkmurder2811d ago

What I don't get is that people cry foul if noobs camp and yet they then have a cry if they run around the map with lightweight and commando on.

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Sangria2812d ago

"4. If you stay at level 70 forever, you are a douchebag."
Well, honestly after having reached my first Prestige rank, I think I'll keep at lvl 70. The Prestige only gives you another badge, nothing else. Everything else restarts.

So in the first Modern Warfare, it was Ok, you didn't have troubles to redo everything again because maps and weapons available were fairly balanced, but in Modern Warfare 2, I noticed how pathetic I was until lvl 20-30, when I have the perks and the weapons I like to use. So restarting everything and struggling for a bunch of time just for a badge, no thanks.

I'd rather stay at lvl 70 and get as much distinctions (I don't know how it's called in English, those avatars and signatures you win for this or that to customize your MW player card) and being able to use every weapons I want. So if not wanting to be handicapped and virtually raped for several hours makes me a douche, then I'm a proud douche.

But otherwise I agree with most points of the article.

TooTall192812d ago

but badges and emblems do not reset when you prestige

sovietsoldier2812d ago

some of us also don't want to spend all of our free time playing this game so Prestige rank is not a logical option for someone who has spent alot of time playing to unlock everything.

the shield would be more fun if you did not have to hit someone twice to kill.i have been kill alot because i need two hits.

i use 203's and rpg's with danger close and im not ashamed of it. when you got a guy running at you with some lag a 203 evens things out real quick.

maverick11912812d ago

yeh but you can still earn new emblems and titles through not prestiging its his choice but yeh prestiging is pointless you only get a shiny new badge next to your name then its another 3 or 4 days bashing it out to get another badge

ChampIDC2812d ago

The problem with the shield isn't really the fact that it takes 2 whacks to kill. It's the fact that the enemy can knife around your shield so easily between those hits.

This is why I bring a handgun for its quick draw. Getting too close is generally death for you.


what i find funny is people laugh at you for being a high prestige ; oh look at him, he must have no life....

but then if you don't prestige, now your a-hole as well ? so what will make him happy then ?

you can't have it both ways.

I work full time, do my own part time work, have a girlfriend, go out with friends... and ya, i get tired of people telling me i must have not life because i am good. now i have to rank up just because someone else will be upset if i stay at level 70.

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ASSASSYN 36o2812d ago

The author of this article left out one thing. This game has the worst whiners. Fight harder less tears.

raptorjacob2811d ago

very true. after every game everyone starts in about campers and lag and this and that

swiftshot932812d ago

The only mechanics that I dont like in multiplayer are the grenade launchers and Akimbo. Evrything else is amazingly awesome.

Now, if they just fix all matchmaking problems/lag/glitches!

ZombieNinjaPanda2812d ago

The author also left another thing out:

You can make bullsht maps and spawns with overpowered and unbalanced perks call it a day and sell a couple million copies.

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