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TheReviewDudes write "I think us gamers are getting sick of the same sequels every year. A new Call of Duty and 4 new Guitar Hero's is a given for every year of gaming. Even a lot of mediocre games like Kane and Lynch, and Army of Two Get sequels. So why do some of the greatest games ever made not get sequels?"

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Marcello2893d ago

"I think i'm going to boycott any Sega title until Shenmue 3 is released."

Already been doing that for years now m8, sounds a bit harsh i know but they wont even give us a straight answer & we have been waiting since the end of 2001.

Darkstorn2893d ago

I want KOTOR 3, but a sequel to the obscure survival-horror game 'Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth' would make me very happy. If you haven't played that game, you can't legitimately call yourself a horror game fan :D

Tony P2893d ago

I remember that one. Great game. Great atmosphere. Great immersion. One of the more engrossing FPS games I've played.

When the studio shut down I heard they had to cancel a bunch of spin-offs and sequels. :/

BYE2893d ago

That's contra-productive. If you want a new Shenmue, buy ALL Sega titles. Shenmue is one of the most expensive games to make, they need the money.

badz1492892d ago

that's my most anticipated sequel EVER!

Marcello2892d ago

Yes i know its not helping but without a straight answer i am just not helping out & besides that SEGA just havent produced anything worth buying in years.

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hay2893d ago

I still have my DC with both Shenmues. Those are one of the best games ever. I felt overwhelming emptiness when I finished Shenmue 2 and realized there won't be a sequel. It's that good.

thesithfreak2893d ago

shenmue remains in my top 3 all time favorite games. its pure brilliance and way under appreciated

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The story is too old to be commented.