Man steals grandmother's credit card, spends over $10,000 on Final Fantasy

A Mesa man was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of stealing his grandmother's credit card to buy thousands of dollars worth of video game-themed figurines.

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soccerstar3716d ago

well i guess he likes final fantasy lol

Diselage3715d ago

You're lie, He's not a big FF fan at all. Thats one nice bike though.

nobizlikesnowbiz3716d ago

to say the least. sheesh.

i wonder if thats how he gets laid. wanna come over and see my final fantasy figurine collection? its totally rad!

probably puts them in gay poses on top of his gaystation.

eclipsegryph3715d ago

" with the gay..."

Says the person posting with a crotchshot of a Halo character.

sadiq3715d ago

fuk u ur trying to start a flame war or something, this has nothing to do with consoles and u say gaystation

Dick Jones3715d ago

If you were up all night hearing grampa going at gramma becuase of his new viagra perscription, you'd be trying to figure out how the hell to empty gramma's bank account too. No money = No more Viagra.

DarkJedi3715d ago

omg I've not laughed so hard in ages, thank you!

Disturbing image, but thank you anyway.

JasonXE3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

that picture creeps me out ><

10k on that..sad...

DrPirate3715d ago

In 5 years, he'll be able to sell all 20 back for 20 000. It was a business investment :P.

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The story is too old to be commented.