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Sony's Fallen Giant

Erik Kubik takes a look at what's it like to have a 60 gb ps3 fail?. He examines his options, and explains what the death of a console means to him. Will he break down and pay to get the system fixed? Or will he jump on the 360 bandwagon? (PS3, Red Faction: Guerrilla)

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Ninji  +   1962d ago
lmao @ the "article"
"He examines his options, and explains what the death of a console means to him. Will he break down and pay to get the system fixed? Or will he jump on the 360 bandwagon?"

So his PS3 dies and you ask if he'll either pay to get it fixed or get a 360? lol. I'd say he would get it fixed considering the 360 will break a lot more not to mention he would be missing out on a ton of PS3 exclusives.
TOO PAWNED  +   1961d ago
will N4G ever ban these type of articles that are written by 12yo nerd? Let's get serious here for a second.
LukaX23  +   1961d ago
MazzingerZ  +   1961d ago
Who's Erik Kubik if I may ask?
MazzingerZ  +   1961d ago
And Erik Kubik is....?
Silly gameAr  +   1961d ago
Can you name another 360 franchise that sales as well as Halo and Gears?

And I'm talking exclusive not multiplat. The titles that you named pretty much sale as well as PS3 exclusives. Give me another exclusive franchise in the super awesome 360 line up that puts up Halo and Gears numbers.

It seems like you're the right person to ask since your comments suggest that you're a sales fanatic and not a gamer for realz.

Edit: What does that have to do with my question? I tend to stay away from articles like that because I know that's were people like you dwell.

I asked you to name another multimillion in 2 days beast of a 360 exclusive, and you give me an article that has nothing to do with my question. I asked about software, not hardware.
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Cold 2000  +   1961d ago
I guess everyone in that thread is not a gamer.

ReBurn  +   1961d ago
Ah, the old ad hominem attack on the author to try to make the point seem invalid. Consoles break and people have to make decisions. It happens to most of us. If my 60gb breaks I'll have to make a decision, too. Just like I did when my 360 got RROD 2 years ago.
badz149  +   1961d ago
LOL @ article
you have your house of wood collapsed and as a solution you opted to go for the house of straw?

I had my 60GB YLoD of me 2 times but I got it fixed myself for free both times and I'm still a happy launch PS3 owner to this day! - granted my warranty expired a long time ago, I have every reason to try and fix it myself! although I would rather not call it 'fixing' or 'repairing' because it's too easy! how about trying to find/ask/google for help rather than writing a stupid article like this?
barom  +   1961d ago
It's funny how the article doesn't mention the 360 at all but somehow when it arrives at N4G, it does.
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Lifendz  +   1961d ago
So besides losing all the money on your PS3 games
and then having to start calculating an annual online fee into your expenses, I guess it's a real nail biter.

Guys, I know a warranty is great. I own a 60gb. If it breaks on me I'd be really bummed because my warranty is wayyy expired. So getting a 3 year warranty is good...I guess. But I can't help but refer to a scene out of Tommy Boy where Chris Farley says something to the effect of a warranty is given because they're only going to give you another broken product. And that's why the warranty doesn't mean that much to me when it comes to the 360 because of the failure rate.

I know plenty of you had the RROD or any of the other several system bricking malfunctions and went through the agony of MS customer service. Not saying Sony is on their game here, but if I'm 3x more likely to have to go through that, then whatever the percentage is of getting a system that will break on me again, it's not a hard decision.
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skip2mylou  +   1961d ago
@Barom are u dumb? he says in his final option is to jump on the 360 fan wagon which is dumb since he'll have to sell all of his games his hard drive and get rid of the old ps3 or keep it and fix it with his spare time/send it into someone who'll fix it for him

@mr marbles u sir are just dumb. no one has denied the fact tht YLOD doesnt exist its just not widespread like the 360 rrod is. ill accept tht the ps3 has YLOD because my 60gb died on me in the 1st week of december after serving me for 3 good years is died on MW2 online
SilentNegotiator  +   1961d ago
Why is there still not a block on this site for N4G submissions?
ShinRyuHadoken  +   1961d ago

Agree, not to mention 3D gaming only possible on PS3!
presto717  +   1961d ago
I dont know about you guys but to me, my ps3 is worth more than 299 bucks
I back it up every week on my external hard drive. If it were to die, I wouldn't even bother to call sony and wait for 1-2 weeks. I'd go out and buy another one pronto.
syanara  +   1961d ago
I don't know what this guy is going to do but I do know that we SHOULD ALL BE VERY WORRIED ABOUT THIS ONE MANS DEISCION AND IF HE doesnt decide like we want him then we should make it our life long mission to make him consider otherwise!

/ Sarcasm

seriously guys one guy has a ps3 break down and everyone jumps in the air like OMG!
GIJeff  +   1961d ago
"the fans were working really hard before it died"
dood, its called a vacuum. Clean that thing once in a while. I have my 2006 60gb and it runs quiet and champ-like. :) I play it around 3 hours a day, and i leave it on sometimes for a couple days at a time.

my wife just made fun of me because I was playing the MAG open beta(SICK) and forza 3 at the same time(its holding me over until GT5 hits). Just hire a driver, start a race, then start a match in MAG. :)
The Lazy One  +   1961d ago
couldn't he get a slim and swap the hard drives?
couldn't he get a slim and swap the hard drives, back up his saves, put the 120 back, move all his saves, and resell the broken one on ebay like he said?

That would actually be almost as cheap as paying sony to fix it.
PimpHandHappy  +   1961d ago
if it wasnt for systems breaking the 360 would have hit the 30 million mark last week
Godmars290  +   1961d ago
If people took the option the author suggest a good portion of 360 users would have jumped to the PS3. The Wii for that matter.
Cold 2000  +   1961d ago
"if it wasnt for systems breaking the 360 would have hit the 30 million mark last week"

So that actually means theres as many if not more PS3's out ther than 360's.

Just shows how pathetic PS3 software sales are.
PimpHandHappy  +   1961d ago
uncharted just topped 2.5 million... how many games other then Halo or Gears can say that on the 360
GT5 will top 4 million easy
God of War will do the same

but hey maybe your right
because the 360 exclusives really dont sell huge numbers cept for 2 shooters
Cold 2000  +   1961d ago
Mass Effect, Fable 3, Forza 3, L4D just to name a few.

BTW funny how MW2 (a shooter) completely trumped Uncharted 2 or any other PS3 exclusive sales wise.

How many games other than...Modern Warfare 1 (another shooter) can do those kind of numbers on PS3 ?lol
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weazel  +   1961d ago
What!?! MW2 beat Uncharted 2, and you're using that as a marker? Back to bed sonny. MW2 comes in the same bracket as wii fit! 2.5 thrashes M.E, so stop talking wa*k.
Elven6  +   1961d ago
I think you mean Fable II, the third Fable game isn't out yet.

For Microsoft, games that sell over 400k units in 9 months make it into the Platinums Label. For PS3 games, those that sell over 500k in 10 months make it into the Greatest Hits label. Before Sony had it set at 250k in 9 months but they changed it a few months ago. Microsoft may have also changed it since the 400k number is from last generation.

It's basically a measure you can use to see how good a game is doing at retail.


young juice  +   1961d ago
@Cold 2000
dude wtf uncharted 2 sold just as much as all those titles you just listed. resistance fom sold more than all of them. so did little big planet, and uncharted 1 i could also name a few more great selling ps3 exclusives if you'd like.just because they haven't sold 5 or 10 mill doesnt make them flops bcus as far as i know halo and gears are the 360 exclusives that did. (please correct me if im wrong)

also stop treating modern warfare as an exclusive.

someone has disageed but hasnt told me why hmmmm.
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bjornbear  +   1961d ago
Cold 2000 did your PS3 YLOD on you and now you are seeking revenge? =O

awwww =( here have a hug =)

then go buy a PS3 and play some games fur a change x3

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heroprotagonist  +   1961d ago
His point is that the 360 regularly sells twice as many units of many multi-platform games than the PS3 and if the 360 base is actually smaller than reported then that means that the 360 software sales are even more impressive.
Steffl3r  +   1961d ago
Exclusive no just more popular
PS3 and 360 have different styles altogether. When you look at the functions and games it just shows two different styles.. East Side/West Side, Rock/Hip Hop, Cops/Robbers and so on.. The fact of the matter is neither console is "better" than the other, I mean sure hardware wise PS3 but developers have expressed that its harder to make games for the console, but when they do they don't hold back. Now my personal preference is the 360, but I love the PS3. I enjoy the style of the games myself and I think the reason that MW2 is referred to as a "360 Exclusive" is because the game style feels more at home on the 360 I mean just look at it. MW2 is alot more like games like Halo or Gears of War, while the PS3 holds games like Uncharted 2 or MGS4. I mean honestly if you were to look at that where would you say the game fit in? With the 360 exclusives of course, but when I say that I'm not saying that the PS3 has bad games, I admit there are days when I look at PS3 exclusives and feel jealous with games like Heavy Rain, I've still never played Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2.. But Modern Warfare games fit more on the XBOX where multiplayer is the main focus of the console, while PS3 is for single player games. Thats not always the case of course because I have friends that have PS3s that play MW2 and absolutely love it. Thats awesome and more power to them =) But when buying a console you have to examine that each has a different style and the best thing to do is find your preferences because both consoles hold AMAZING titles and they both present competition unlike any other. You just have to know exactly what you want. And just to let you guys know, the RROD has been fixed and the 50% failures have more than likely been from people who still hold early versions of the console, but usually once they are sent in they don't have problems. This is done for free now as well and doesn't take as long as you think and its actually quite a painless process now.
pixelsword  +   1960d ago
@ heroprotagonist:
True, but since the PS3 has so many exclusives, a multiplatfiorm game doesn't mean as much to a PS3 owner.
gunnerforlife  +   1961d ago
hahahahaha looool
can you lot forgive me for laughing so much and sounding like an idiot :$

i have been on N4g for a few years now even though i don't post allot, but i read most articles and there have been a lot of stupid articles on this website.


this one really tops the LOT. F...... idiot.

then Microsoft should be a dead company with how many times the 360 breaks down.
PimpHandHappy  +   1961d ago
be real
if it wasn't for small 2 person websites N4G would never get hits... and thats the truth
The Maxx  +   1961d ago
You say you have been on this website for years and then say:

then Microsoft should be a dead company with how many times the 360 breaks down.

Are you telling me that you are unaware of the 3 year Xbox 360 warranty that comes with every new 360 and every refurbished 360.

And are you telling me that you were unaware of the cost it is to fix a broken PS3 if it is past it`s 1 year warranty.

So the point of the article is, should he buy a 360 at $199 or $299 (pending on the model) and know he is covered for 3 years or should he get his PS3 repaired for $150, possibly lose his 60 gig model and or take the chance that if his PS3 breaks again, have to spend an additional $150 to get it repaired.

It`s a pretty tough decision. Not sure how someone like yourself who says he`s been reading on this website for a few years now didn`t seem to think of the obvious since it`s been covered on here for years.
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gunnerforlife  +   1961d ago
i am aware of that but ain't the warranty out for those that bought the 360 first time around?? or am i mistaken? correct me if i am becauze thats 10 million people f.....
The Maxx  +   1961d ago
You are correct. However that was still 3 years being covered under warranty. Oppose to the 1 year that Sony was only offering. Also show me another piece of hardware or electronics device that offer a 3 year warranty on it without having to pay for additional coverage.

A 360 owner can go out and buy an arcade unit at $199 with a new 3 year warranty(and still use his HDD from the old 360 if it broke outside it's warranty and still have the controllers and accessories) while a PS3 owner would than spend $150 to get his PS3 repaired and get no additional warranty therefor not be covered if at any certain time his repaired PS3 were to fail again, thus having to repair it all over again at the repair cost.
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aaronisbla  +   1961d ago
@ the maxx
Lets be real here for a moment. Microsoft only offered this 3 year warranty because they knew they had a potentially devastating ordeal on their hands. Its good that they offer this 3 year warranty but try not to use it as some feather in their cap.

If they didn't they problems with 360s that they do, you can bank on the fact that it would be a 1 year warranty. They aren't doing it because they want to, they do it because they have to, bottom line, no spinning.
Zeal0t  +   1961d ago
@The Maxx
You said: "Also show me another piece of hardware or electronics device that offer a 3 year warranty on it without having to pay for additional coverage."

Well here is a small list:

Denon AVRs = 3 Years
Sharp LCDs = 3 Years
Sony LCDs = 5 years (note: only picked out sets such as the Z4500)

This might depend on the country you live in.

And the reason MS did this is because they built faulty hardware (no pun intended but rrod and some other problems are some major issues) and thats a fact. They wouldn't do it if they didn't have this problems.
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heroprotagonist  +   1961d ago
No other console offers a three year warranty. And you can argue all you want about the reason for the warranty, but from the gamer's perspective a 3 year warranty offers a nice piece of mind. First of all, newer 360s are by all reliable accounts similar in reliability to the other consoles, but you still get that 3 year warranty, which is a very nice bonus.

But even if we are talking about the older consoles, I would prefer a console that I am guaranteed to work for 3 years--even if it has a higher likelihood of failing--than a console that is only guaranteed to work for one year.

The small inconvenience of maybe having to be without your console for a week or two is minor compared to the piece of mind of knowing that you are guaranteed to have that console for at least 3 years. And most people never have the problem to begin with.

I'm not saying that the hardware issues are a good thing (on either console), I am just saying that the 3 year warranty is a nice little side effect.
The Maxx  +   1961d ago
Thank you heroprotagonist. I thought it was pretty obvious that a 3 year warranty was better than a 1 year warranty regardless of why it was put on.

@aaronisbla - ofcourse there is no spinning. Yes the 360 had issues and yes that is why they put it on, but regardless it's still a 3 year warranty over 1 AND at no cost other than waiting a couple weeks for the return of the console. MS has put a lot more money into the 360 to greatly reduce the RROD. A new console is less likely now to RROD yet still have the 3 year warranty.

@deathn0te - Here in Canada, i have only seen 1 - 2 years for electronics. TV's, DVD/Blu-ray players etc. Any more than that is an additional charge to the consumer through the retailer for extended warranty.
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rezenu  +   1961d ago
Dumb article.
gameraxis  +   1961d ago
i'd almost welcome it
so i can get that rumored GOW3 edition ps3
gameraxis  +   1960d ago
@ LOSER disagreers...
YOUR RIGHT!, i don't know what i'm talking about, i wasn't kidding stating that i want that rumored GOW3 ps3, you know me so well... /sarcasm

get a life
KnightOfAlbion  +   1961d ago
Damn the guy who wrote the article is such a douche that it almost makes me happy that his PS3 died.
vickers500  +   1961d ago
How is he a douche? As always, nobody even reads the article, and only looks at the title and maybe the description on the n4g article. He's talking about how much he hates that his ps3 has broken down and is exploring his options on fixing it.

Oh wait, I'm sorry I forgot. He should be so grateful and lucky in the first place to even have the chance to have bought a ps3. Complaining that it broke down is pure blasphemy! Sony is all knowing and we should never ever question them! The only reason I can see him being KIND of a douche is the last comment that maybe he should jump on the 360 band wagon, but anybody who isn't a moron can tell that he is most likely not serious about that last comment.

People like you piss me off, and need to gtfo off the internet and out of society all together. Assuming things and forming a conclusion before you have even heard what they are saying is one of the dumbest f*cking things you can do and is one of the most dangerous and damaging things a person can do (not in this case, just in general).

Some people...
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KnightOfAlbion  +   1961d ago
What hell are you on about? I read the freaking article for your information, so don't even go there. The writer is worried because he may lose all the data while trading the PS3 or while fixing it. He's a douche because he can keep the HDD while the company he chooses for the fixing does their job so no harm will be done on the HDD then when he gets his PS3 back he may just put it back on or transfer the data to a bigger HDD. So the article makes no sense, and it's just to cause flamebait, just look at the title really, I'm no fanboy but if I read that oh boy I would be pissed wouldn't I? And when he says he maybe should jump to 360, what does that look to you? I don't really care if he buys a 360, in fact I think the best option is to have both, don't you agree? Not to mention that the author is looking for options to fix is PS3 (like you said) so... that makes me wonder does buying a 360 fixes your PS3? Yeah right I don't think so so that 360 talk is a little off-topic isn't it? No, if you are a flamer-douche (wow this sounds kinda cool)!
People who judge another people like you do, without knowing wtf they are talking about and that open the mouth just to flame are the real scum of society. Just like the asshole that wrote this article. Are you by any chance the author?
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hfaze  +   1961d ago
"He's a douche because he can keep the HDD while the company he chooses for the fixing does their job so no harm will be done on the HDD then when he gets his PS3 back he may just put it back on or transfer the data to a bigger HDD."

Having gone through this issue myself (80GB Motorstorm bundle model), I can say that keeping the hard drive ONLY works if you get your ORIGINAL unit back from repairs. If you take the hard drive out of one PS3 and put it into another PS3, the OS will tell you that the drive has to be formatted.

When I sent my PS3 off to Sony, they ended up giving me a refurbished console (of the same model I sent to them). Unfortunately, I didn't backup my console before it had the YLOD issue, and lost all of my game saves.

Granted, you can always re-download any DLC or PSN titles, but it can be VERY time consuming.

Now, I keep a 4GB memory stick pro duo in the card reader and backup my game saves once a week to it.

Another data related concern with the PS3 is that even if you do make a backup of your hard drive using the OS tools, not everything will be transferred from one console to another. My brother-in-law ran into this when he went from his 40GB PS3 to a slim. Some of his PSN games, and all of his Guitar Hero/Rock Band DLC did not restore onto his slim console.

Although I am a die-hard PS3 fan, I will admit that there are some shortcomings to it. Although nothing that a future firmware update couldn't fix.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   1961d ago
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xbox3flopteen  +   1961d ago
You have owned some serious tard there!!!lolololololol.
RuPaul  +   1961d ago
LMAO at this story....Sony fell when it released the PS3 and thats a fact. It will be interesting to see if sony even makes another console after the PS3 failure.
Marty8370  +   1961d ago
Some seriously desperate bots
And retards ther.

Jump Out, Play B3yond
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   1961d ago
POOR Micro$oft&amp;ChatBots&amp;ModBots in this world...did you forget this??? -
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||.......||..||......||..||__ _||..||___// ;-D
caffman  +   1961d ago
is main concern is losing his data. When a 360 gets RROD, microsoft tell you to NOT send your HDD. So how is your "arguement" relievent?
mxrider2  +   1961d ago
Let me tell you why..
with your ps3s last update you can transfer all your data from one to the next with one simple cord
kaelix  +   1961d ago
you dont send in your ps3 hdd either o.O
cyborg6971  +   1960d ago
my 60 gb died the week of black Friday. A sad day but I'm not a dumba$$ like I would buy a 360. No I sold my 360 a month earlier and got lbp and ratchet acit slim. Score.
wingman32x  +   1960d ago
Did nintendo make another system after the gamecube finished in third place? Of course they did. I don't see why you think Sony would pull out.
sashimi  +   1961d ago
Leave a console with a 10% failure rate cause it failed to join a console a with a 33% failure rate...cause he doesn't want his console to fail again. Man that's a tough choice lol. And I never knew there was a bandwagon for the x360 since Ps3 is the 2nd fastest selling console and the only reason the x360 still has a lead in console sales is from being released one year earlier.If there was a bandwagon it would be for the Ps3 IMO
The Maxx  +   1961d ago
Or: leave a console with a 1 year warranty that will cost you $150 for repairs to go to a console that offers a 3 year warranty on new or refurbished consoles.

As much as you may hate the idea that someone may consider the option of switching to the 360 for their gaming due to expired warranty costs, they do exist and whoever this Erik Kubik is, is just trying to make a point about it, which i don`t really care that he does, or how he does it or even why he feels that his dilemma is something that anybody actually cares about.
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Porkround  +   1961d ago
Another stupid article. My 360 is in my closet right now. Broke...no by choice because i'm afraid if I turn it on it will break again. Don't get me wrong I have one of the 20gig early models and it had a lens problem. 3yrs ago. Never had a problem since it was returned from warranty. 360 broke 4 times. Thats why its in the closet where it belongs. My opinion is this, any game that I would want to play for the 360 and for me right now their is none. Mass Effect will be on the ps3 and i will wait. Halo reach not my thing. Alan wake or alan dark blah. Multiplats I'll get for o'l reliable my pstriple. Fanboy no. Educated consumer yes.
xcox  +   1961d ago
the daily xb!tch circle jerkoff
when 360 b!tches start feeling insecure, they activate the fud spreading machine

so it is our gaming citizen's duty to slap them with some well known facts:

RROD: 60%
YLOD: 3%

heroprotagonist  +   1961d ago
While we're just making up random numbers...

YLOD = 55%
RROD = 5%
xcox  +   1960d ago
not a single of my 360 buddies hasn't had his POS refurbed at least once and many have had it more than twice, many of them actually bought a 2nd 360 cuz the refurbs would fail on them over and over. a couple of my PS3 buddies have had their 60GB launch refurbed, that's it.

you see, i'm even being conservative cuz my gut feeling is that 100% of the pre jasper 360s are destined to complete failure and those sales numbers you c0ck suckas are so found of include massive re-buys like some of my stupid buddies who have given M$ 2x the money i gave to sony and that doesn't even include the gold membership ripoff!

how can you defend a corporation that knowingly did this to its customers?

f@ck off you f@ckin tool!
you're a disgrace to the games industry
bjornbear  +   1961d ago
i never thought i'd say this
but maybe this guy deserved this

...i mean, come on =/ didn't he even have fun with his PS3? did he even play any exclusives or use it at all?

doesn't seem so to me =/

when my dreamcast died, i was damn annoyed and it sucked a$$, because i enjoyed it.

i would have gotten another one if the PS2 hadn't come out, but thats because the dreamcast didn't have a big roster of games, and i had found out shenmue 3 wasn't coming out =/

that said, i hope he gets a 360, and then it RROD's on him, and he's forced to downgrade (yet again=??) to a Wii.
morganfell  +   1961d ago
When it is highly suspect he even owned a PS3 then one does have to wonder. The PS3 is teh doomed force is back in play a mere 5 days before NPD.
redneck_smith  +   1961d ago
i have about 2,500 + 3,000 hours in my PS3 60GB WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS! Got my XBOX 360 in NOV 22 2005, It died in FEBRUARY 9 2006
Got my SNES in 1993 and it still works
Marty8370  +   1961d ago
I too, have a UK 60 gigger(upgraded to 320Gb), never gone wrong once since I got it at launch.

Jump Out, Play B3yond
caffman  +   1961d ago
my first PS3 (80gb) had HDD fail after less than 3 month
and my launch 360 is still going. So whats your point?
heroprotagonist  +   1961d ago
Sadly my PS3 and 360 have both failed on me. But no worries, I got them fixed and I am now back to gaming.

I am glad that the 360 has a 3 year warranty. That at least makes you feel good that you are guaranteed for 3 years. If my PS3 breaks now that it is past the 1 year mark, I'll be pissed.
mxrider2  +   1961d ago
Hold up
the reason why 3 year warranty on xbox is because of so many RROD PS3's have little to no chance of YLOD (unless you treat your system like sh!t or try to mod it or something)so therefore they only do the standard 1 year and where you buy your ps3 from you can buy warranties for like 40 bucks for 3 years and stuff....
RedDragan  +   1960d ago
The only problem I have had with my 60GB was a faulty power switch, cost all of £40 to have it repaired in front of me in 30 minutes.
chidori666  +   1961d ago
so.. this article( blog lol) is of buthurt 360 fanboy..
heroprotagonist  +   1961d ago
Yes, he has a PS3 and no 360, but he is an "Xbot".

I guess that is fanboy logic for you.
Henry Cain  +   1961d ago
MGS4 had amazing sales.
gunnerforlife  +   1961d ago
nearly as am as gears of war i think, not sure really, a million lower probably.
SnukaTheMan  +   1961d ago
not even close....
4.7=metal gear solid
5.50=gears of war 2

uninformed trolls I guess.......go that way-------->>>>> ;>>
#14.2 (Edited 1961d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
aaronisbla  +   1961d ago
Snuka, it sounds like a stretch
Those are good sales numbers for both games and gunner even said it may have been a million lower, so what are you getting at?
chewmandinga  +   1961d ago
What a horror story...
...my 60gig PS3 sounds like it may be wheezing it's last breath. Every now and then i give the fans a wipe down and such, but I don't know what I'd do without it lol, I use it for everything!

Hopefully Sony would help with a refurbished model, but the biggest pain would be losing un-transferable saves (Demon's Souls, I'm looking at you!) and potentially my backwards compatability. It's always nice to have the option to pop Final Fantasy X or Silent Hill 2/3/4, Deus Ex, Shadow of The Colossus, God of War in, with my ps2 saves being conveniently stored on the HD...
gamingisnotacrime  +   1961d ago
My PS3 80 gb model (with the feutures of the launch 60 gb)
Runs very hot, and the PS3 can deal with that, but over time the wear and tear cause the system failure. Like he said, i recently noticed the fans were working extra on my PS3, it was louder than before. This quickly put me in the paranoia zone and after reading many fellow gamers experience of PS3's braking within 2 1/2 years i thought mine was getting close to the YLOD.
Since i live in a tropical island, the heat issue is a serious problem (and that goes for all my electronic goodies).

This is what i did to help my PS3 with its heat issues
1) Got one of those Intec vertical stands
2) Bought a Nyko Intercooler TS

Now the disc comes out at room temperature after hours of gaming (they used to come out pretty hot), and since the real problem is the intense heat inside the PS3 and the wear and tear my set up might just extend my PS3 life for a few more years.
PS: the heat coming out of the PS3 through the intercooler is impressive, those old fatso get very hot and over time failure is imminent.
morganfell  +   1961d ago
The 80GB does not have the features of a 60GB launch. That particular 80GB uses software for B/C whereas only the 60GB and 20GB models use hardware B/C. Are you sure you own one?
gamingisnotacrime  +   1961d ago
I know my PS3 does not have the Emotion Chip, but it has BC and Media card Readers
Is the Motorstorm Bundle ($499)
divideby0  +   1961d ago
sorry failure is NOT immanent...you are totally and completely wrong...

you play your PS3 in the house NOT outside in the sun... right ?
you did the proper thing, increase circulation....we visit friends regularly in Siesta Key Fl, they have their PS3 ontop of the counter and put a $ 10 fan blowing around it...NO heating problems. they also keep a dust cover on their PS3 when not in use

we do not have central air in our house and in the summer months, for sure we hear the PS3 fan go on more but also have a fan for circulation
failure is not immanent.
ironmonkey  +   1961d ago
get an air can and spray the vents to clen out the dusts if you dont then its the owners who are careless in taking care when it starts to overheat or the fans are working harder. if you payed alot of money on your console then your expected to take care of it
dkgshiz  +   1961d ago
Where do you people find this generic sh!t? Seriously, thegoozexreport.blogspot.com?? ??????????!!!!
CryWolf  +   1961d ago
Paid Sony to get it fix or get the third-party to repair it
I would pay Sony to repair it cause a lot of Awesome! exclusives games are coming out for PS3 very soon and never go back to 360 cause its failure rates are beyond normal for any console.
Mr Marbles  +   1961d ago
he should jump in, why get another PS3, build up a bunch of game saves, then lose them all again. At least if the 360 fails, you can just take off the HDD and put it on the new unit MS will send you for FREE.
skip2mylou  +   1961d ago
again u r a dumb sack of marbles their is a reason why the ps3 has a hard drive he can take out the hard drive still and have all of his saves
GiantEnemyCrab  +   1961d ago
Skip: And as soon as he puts that HDD into his new PS3 it will force him to format it.. What you say will work, if he gets the exact same unit back.

However, there is a Backup utility that you can use to keep your game saves.. But that is something you have to be proactive at..
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DelbertGrady  +   1961d ago
Not to mention he'll have to spend hours upon hours downloading & installing patches for all of his games.

If you pop LBP into a freshly installed PS3 you need to download 14 patches, ranging between 200-500MB each. Some other game (Batman: AA if I remember correctly) needed 27 of them. Took more than 2 hours.
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CryWolf  +   1961d ago
Stick with PS3
This guy should stick with PS3 cause xbot failure rates are very high.

Xbot 360 Failure Rates Worldwide = 80%

playStation 3 Failure Rates Worldwide = 5%

So are you sure you want to jump on to 360 bandwagon kid.
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heroprotagonist  +   1961d ago
PS3 YLOD = 90%
360 RROD = 4%

That's the truth, I promise. I pulled those numbers straight out of my ass just like you did with your numbers.
SnukaTheMan  +   1961d ago
Those 60 gig ps3s are valuable,,,
Get it fixed for 150 dollars and sell it for 600..or just keep it and play ps3 and ps2 games....why do you need a article to justify what you should do?
aaronisbla  +   1961d ago
because it generates hits, unfortunately
Figboy  +   1961d ago
my 60gig PS3 broke, and i paid to get it repaired.
end of story. it wasn't a dramatic decision fraught with peril and intrigue.

i played my 360 and PSP to pass the time until my PS3 came back a week or two later.

i swear, some people LOVE to make mountains out of mole hills.
MaximusPrime  +   1961d ago
Last year my 60g ps3 failed, I got a refurbed one. I didn't move to xbox 360 because of it's high failure rate and lack of decent and exclusive games.
Still happy on my ps3

btw n4g has it's own user blog. Don't create blog and post it on n4g, just to get on front page. USE THE N4G USER BLOG!!
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   1961d ago
OH!!! NO!!!...
.___.......___......___....._ __
||.....||....||.....||...||.. ...||..||.....\\
||___||....||___||..||...... ||..||......\\
||......\\...||.....\\..||... . ||..||.......||
||.......||..||......||..||__ _||..||___// ;-D
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   1961d ago
...NOT...AGAIN...why...me??? ...i...got...
.___.......___......___....._ __
||.....||....||.....||...||.. ...||..||.....\\
||___||....||___||..||...... ||..||......\\
||......\\...||.....\\..||... . ||..||.......||
||.......||..||......||..||__ _||..||___// AGAIN... ;-D ;-D ;-D

Hmm...i'll buy a PS3 me'thinks;)
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ThePistolWhippedDog  +   1961d ago
What if you had a perfectly fine 360 & traded it in for a 60GB PS3 because it was hardly better than an original XBOX like i did......?

P.S. I've never looked back
xg-ei8ht  +   1961d ago
You know what's funniest.

360 has been getting hammered by the PS3 for awhile now.

And all of a sudden these type articles pop up again.

Sony Doom,
Raiders of the lost PS3.
Chronicles of SONY
Fat Fail

So far since new year, Sony is already infront by 250,000.

USA isnt going to claw that back.
ACEMANWISE  +   1961d ago
PS3 Outsold 360 by 2.2 Million Units
Worldwide the PS3 outsold the 360 by over 2 million consoles. In the U.S. the 360 outsold the PS3 by 600,000.
sensor21  +   1961d ago
You see
This is why my xbox360 has a detachable hard drive and this why any content purchased on my gamertag can be downloaded again and again and again without re-purchase. Oh and that first comment about exclusives ha Mass Effect 2 babe.and Uncharted 2 is like an indiana jones slash james bond movie which are great but how many times can u watch those movies in a row mass effect wont last too long because its going to be beat and traded in for multiplayer like BFBC2.
artsaber  +   1961d ago
Could this be the same reason...
360 owners pay more money per GB than any other electronic devices using harddrives? Or is it a coincedence?
dagreylion  +   1961d ago
Knock on Xbots
I still have my 60gig from launch and it kicks ass, never gave me a problem. And to all those who keep stating the PS3 is a failure are just idiots. Selling 30 million Worldwide in less time than the 360 is not failing especially when it was at a much higher price point.
Nesu  +   1961d ago
An PS3 get a yellow light, means it it has earned it's place among the heavens! An 360 gets a 360 gets a RRoD, means it has gone to hell...with you wallet...and shoes...
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