FIFA 10 Gives Modern Warfare 2 A Run For Its Money

While Modern Warfare 2 emerged as 2009's biggest-selling game globally, in Europe, it was a close-run thing, Activision's blockbuster shooter only just edging out EA's FIFA 10.

Granted, this information comes from...Electronic Arts, the game's developers, but seeing as they get access to complete, accurate sales figures (something the general public does not when it comes to the European market), in this instance we'll take their word for it.

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3056d ago
RedDragan3056d ago

Here in Europe football is almost a religion, it is no suprise that it gave the biggest selling title a good run for it's money.

mjolliffe3056d ago

Seriously not surprised. Football is the biggest game in the world, and EA caught hold of the opportunity pretty well. It's not going to stop any time soon...

Consoldtobots3056d ago

I don't know how it is in europe but over this side of the pond, the online experience is ruined by absolutely ATROCIOUS players. They literally lose the game for you everytime. Kinda made me stop playing online.

badz1493055d ago

not interested in MW2 but certainly very interested in FIFA10. the thing is, I'm broke!

Hanif-8763056d ago

Yup, i bought Fifa 10 but i didn't pick up Modern Warfare 2, i'm waiting to get my Battlefield Bad Company 2 fix ;)

mastiffchild3055d ago

Same as that. Fifa10 is, imho, a way better football game than MW2 is a shooter-and it actually works on and offline without all the frustrations of MW2.

I didn't buy MW2 mainly because I felt Acti and IW had cut every corner possible in order to eek out even more profit from what was always going to be a massive selling game. the lack of any public MP beta, the lack of dedicated servers when other, smaller, shooters had shown that even on consoles they're just something a leading game(esp a market leading game) in the FPS genre should have. I didn't like the fact Acti hiked the lpprice for PC and EU gamers and ttok dedicated sewrvers away from the PC game either-it all smacked of divide and rule and felt underhand even if it was deviously clever in it's effectiveness. thing is they hiked the price as they said it was a "premium" product deserving a premium price! Well, in my eyes a premium product should have had a lot more care taken of it than MW2 has hd-and have desirable modern features which it lacks as well-the corners they cut meant no end of launch day frutration for gamers so loyal they took time off work and threw sickdays just to play sooner and their lyalty was rewarded by a mess that goes on to this day.

I'm not being over entitled, imho, as i think we all realise getting a game out 100% buug and issue free is pie in the sky but I do think that they should do whatever they can to limit the problems a game has BEFORE we have to hand over our cash. the lack of a beta(and , for me, dedicated servers)was a red flag that they were way more interested in making even more money than they were in making the experience the very best it could be for their gamers-hardly what you would call "premium" treatment is it?

I could happily forgive a normal amount of bugs had they done everything in their power to ensure gamers were getting he best MW2 they could possibly give us-everyone could. However, that isn't what we've got and the penny pinching snide way out of the "make them pay to do our QA" method(copyright Bethesda 2007!)of release now and patch it all later really isn't good enough for a release as massive as MW2, is it?

Add to that the saddest part:IW finally forgot where they came from and who they once were. Surely they were once gamers who started making games to make, yes ,money, but also the best possible experience they could for themselves and their fellow gamer. Sadly, they shoed this time round no interest in koving MW2 out of the P2P ghetto, failed to move the series forward(which meant we got basically the exact same COD for the third year running with different skins and a couple of tweaked modes-yeah PREMIUM)and in their pursuit of every last cent failed to test the damn thing and left gamers to do the bulk of the tesyting workload no matter that games are expensive and peoples leisure time very important to them.

I know people still love MW2 and I'm glad they ge pleasure from it-I'm not saying it's a bad game at all as it's not-however, imo, it's not the game it should have been because of the corners cut and lack of desire shown by IW to give us the closest possible game to the one they had in their heads when they started development(E.G i'm sure lag wasn't involved but the continued ignorance of dedicated servers meant it was going to be a laggier game than several of it's smaller competition etc, etc). As i say i'm just saddened by this as they're a creative and talented bunch but made no effort to repeat th great leap forwards of their last MW game.

Fifa10, on the other hand was as good as they could have it at release-and it irks me to have to ay this as a long time PES fanboy of the highest order(I even tried to fool myself it was beter than fifa this year apart from the stupid speeds of the players which bear no relaion to real life and the way the online still doesn't really work at all!)-and solved pretty much every issue soon after. This was possible because they made sure it was tested and tested(even if the demands on a footy game are very different to a shooter testing pre release is always key). the gameplay improvemnts, though seemingly small, were greatly effective with 360 degree dribbling a real game changing addition for me. Most imporantly, however, it moved the series on as much as you could expect given they only had one year since a big leap forwards in Fifa09 whiole the two years IW had seemingly passed by with ambition shrinking every day. I've enjoyred fifa this year as much as any footy game since sensi soccer's heyday-and I loved PES for a long, long time. i'm no EA fan either but they just aren't as mercenary or manipulative as Acivision currently are and the difference in gamer care over these two titles is stunning.

So, and i realise noones gonna read even a hird of this but I'm on a roll now, to me Fifa's a lot more deserving of it;'s success than MW2(which I'm glad I only playd at a mates rather than shelling out my coins for Acti/IW this time round.

Counter Strike3056d ago

Everyopne loves it and im playing it all the time with my friends !!!

So not surprising.

terrorofdeath3056d ago

Love that game, just need it to be in 1080p awesomeness!

BTW look at ghost getting owned in the picture :P

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