Rumor: BioWare's Jade Empire to Return Soon Writes: "According to Official Xbox Magazine, BioWare's Jade Empire universe could return soon. The original, released on April 12, 2005 received great reviews, an average of 89 on Metacritic, and a 99 from IGN. The game took place in China and was BioWare's second game on the Xbox."

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Kamikaze83061d ago

Would be so awesome to see this return. Love games set in this culture/time period.

N4PS3G3061d ago

Make it happen!! with the mass effect 2 engine in ancient china and great use of atmosphere! Can't wait!

003061d ago

I loved Jade Empire.

starmin763060d ago

I would love to see a sequel.

BlackIceJoe3060d ago

I would so like to see another Jade Empire. I liked the first and would love to see what can be done with the sequel.