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N4G Kung Foo! Beta Key Giveaway

Thanks to Jason Varden and the rest of Perfect World Entertainment, we have 1000 beta keys to give out for the closed beta of their upcoming MMO, Kung Foo!

Based on China's popular MMO, Legend of Martial Arts, Kung Foo! is an MMO that parodies MMOs.

Due to the duration of the giveaway, to get your closed beta key, PM me and a beta key will be sent within 24 hours to your N4G PM inbox.

To activate your closed beta key:

1) You will need a Perfect World account. Don't have one? Sign-up here.

2) Take your closed beta key and enter is on this page. If you are logged in, it will automatically give your account access to the world of Kung Foo!

3) Download the Kung Foo! client here ( . Once the client has installed, you should be set! (Contests, Kung Foo, PC)

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Polluted  +   1562d ago
Never heard of this game before, but I'll bite.
HeadShot  +   1562d ago
I've never heard of N4G giving out beta codes, but I'll bite too
s8anicslayer  +   1562d ago
May I please have one? Cat you dashing gal!
luiti1  +   1562d ago
sweet i cant wait to try it out :)
Bursterbayo  +   1562d ago
Never heard of this game before, but I'll try.
Jrome  +   1562d ago
Yes please :D
ZAF  +   1562d ago
I want a beta key pls
Sangria  +   1562d ago
I guess it's better than nothing, I wouldn't mind trying another MMO.
Heartbroken-Menace  +   1562d ago
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ilikecookies  +   1562d ago
sweet can I please have one? I'll give a cookie =)
#9 (Edited 1562d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ZombieAutopsy  +   1562d ago
Ill give it a try.
Omega Zues  +   1562d ago
^ dear lord.
Hes giving out the cookies!!!!
dinsurya  +   1562d ago
Very interesting
Please send me one. thanks.
doctorstrange  +   1562d ago
I like this idea
Idle h4nds  +   1562d ago
I'll give it a try. Thanks.
Soyokaze  +   1562d ago
MMO Parody?
Eh,what the foo? Sign me up.
Divlolz  +   1562d ago
I'd like one
m1t6c  +   1562d ago
sounds good too me, another good looking mmo :)
j3rwin  +   1562d ago
I'll give this a try.
B-Rein  +   1562d ago
jedijake1122  +   1562d ago
ohhh i like beta's...send one over my way please
fliwflow  +   1562d ago
Let's try this game!
Fatal Blow  +   1562d ago
Ill give it a try.
legacycf  +   1562d ago
Haven't played a closed beta for a while. Sounds like fun. Beta key please?

Edit: WOW that was fast. thanks Cat.
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young juice  +   1562d ago
sure id like one
sakura2009  +   1562d ago
give me one pls
do i need a high end gaming pc
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tdrules  +   1562d ago
Same people who published Torchlight, sweet il have a code
fengwei05  +   1562d ago
:b nice im surely going to try it
lilmetal  +   1562d ago
I'd like one.
Thanks in advance. :)
Lou Ferrigno  +   1562d ago
don't give me one
sakura2009  +   1562d ago
awesome i got my beta key
#30 (Edited 1562d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
sakura2009  +   1562d ago
2 disagree?
im not lying, i ddid got my beta key from n4g
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