IGN: Army of Two: The 40th Day Review

Army of Two: The 40th Day feels like Bad Boys meets 2012. It's essentially an interactive disaster movie because every five minutes something blows up or crumbles around you, which provides an adrenaline rush as you fight through enemies or just survive what's thrown at you. A huge improvement to the franchise, EA Montreal clearly paid attention to the first game's issues, because almost every aspect has been improved. There are still some misses, but for the most part The 40th Day is a much stronger title and lots of fun.

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pangitkqb3267d ago

The original was a great time, but really had nothing that made it outstanding and had some serious issues. Glad to hear that EA Montreal has listened to the suggestions of gamers and improved the game overall.

Pennywise3267d ago

I kind of enjoyed the first's coop. The online was messed up badly.

Based on the demo, I would of rated this game a 6.5/10... but maybe the final version has more polish and fixed the clunky controls.

Double073267d ago

Yeah I wasnt overly impressed by the demo and am pretty surprised to see it score that high but as you said maybe the final version has fixed a lot of the things I wasnt too keen on in the demo.

Rainstorm813267d ago

This is an 8.5

but Darksiders is a 7.8

IGN's credibility is Lost

Redlogic3267d ago

How so? Have you played both games? I was curious about Darksiders and 40th Day, maybe you could shed some light on it for me. I want one but can't decide, seems like you know about both...

bacon133267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

@ Raiinstorm 81

Couldn't agree more. My buddy and I came away from the 40th Day demo underwhelmed and it certainly didn't sell us on the game. The demo is pretty much the full 1st chapter keep in mind which is a substantial portion for a demo. Darksiders on the other hand is a great game imho. Does it borrow from many great game franchises? Yes. Does it still stand on it's own and offer a great gameplay experience? Absolutely. It's a mature zelda. Nothing wrong with that. The AU and UK IGN reviews I feel reflected the games pros and cons in a much better fashion.


If co-op is your thing, then 40th Day might fill that void. It does offer a good dynamic when playing with a good, competent player or a friend. I just have a problem with the cover system and gun mechanics, they feel a little off and wonky for my tastes. Darksiders is a great single player experience. At first it seems like a button masher, but after more upgrades and areas open up to you it truly makes the gameplay feel more unique and allow many different approaches to combat.

GameScrubs3267d ago

DOOOOOOD thank you for pointing out their credibility. I knew I was missing something and with your infinite wisdom you have showed me the light.

NOW I can say HEY IGN you have NO credibility cuz Raiinstorm81 said so and his opionion >>>>>> YOURS!

High Five!!!

morganfell3267d ago

I wouldn't say IGN's credibility is lost. One cannot lose something one does not have. But Darksiders is indeed far superior to anything I expereinced in the AoT demo.

There is some phenomenal writing and gut wrenching voice acting in Darksiders. Yes Vigil does borrow but to say they do not innovate on what they borrow is absolutely incorrect.

Vigil has delivered a game I would far rather see as a movie than the Clash of the Titans remake. One more note, Darksiders isn't a 9 hour game either. It is far longer.

And other than the fact you cannot pick War's appearance, there is a far greater RPG like experience in this game with plenty of exploring than I ever found in RPG lite titles.

BeaArthur3266d ago

GameScrubs...the only thing you were missing was grammar. I haven't played Darksiders yet (I opted for Bayonetta, which is very entertaining if anyone is curious) but I can't imagine that it is that much worse than this game.

Lifendz3266d ago

but it's all done by different people. Perhaps the guy that reviewed this game would've given DarkSiders a higher score than it got.

Either way, it looks like this is a solid game at the least. I'll definitely rent it.

GameScrubs3266d ago

I gladly take this trophy for all the idiotic comments placed on n4g and I would like to thank the n4g fanboys that read my post and commented and Cenobia for picking me as the winner of the day.

Bubbles to Cenboia "CHEEEERS"

bacon133266d ago

Well played sir, well played indeed

BeaArthur3266d ago

Raiinstorm81...too be fair you haven't played both games. Also there is always some individuality that goes into reviewing games (or anything for that matter), it's not formulaic criteria exclusively. I don't know if the same person reviewed both games but if not maybe one reviewer is more generous than the other. It's just an opinion, just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean their credibility is shot.

NateCole3266d ago

Might pick up this game but for IGN to score Darksiders below 8 is a very very big mistake imo. Darksiders is the best game i played this year sofar. Darsiders is way better than Byonetta as well. The only good thing in byonetta is the gameplay but story and art wise Darksiders is head and shoulders above byonetta.

DelbertGrady3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Some of you mongrels need to get a brain. IGN isn't composed of 1 writer and they don't compare games from totally different genres to each other. Let me clarify: Army of two is a shooter with large emphasis on co-op. Darksiders is not.

Bu-bu-bu does that mean that Bayonetta is better than Forza 3!?

NateCole3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Soda, are you serious?. Then why rate games out of ten?. Why rate games at all?. Isn't a game rated 8 suppose to be better than game rated 7 ?. If it is subjective as you say then why the f*ck rate them?.

It say's IGN review. Nothing there says IGN clements review. Or IGN racer review or IGN shooter review.

Seriously, stop. You are embarrassing yourself.

morganfell3266d ago


The issue with IGN and many such sites is the Editors are wholly incompetent. It does not matter who reviews the game. They may note different likes or dislikes, but were the editorial staff to implement actual standards then you would doubtless see more evenly awarded scores rather than a system based on the actual reviewers likes. A standards system allows for more accuracy and fact and less opinion.

I remember when IGN gave GTA4 a 10. They said they give a 10 not for what the game is but rather because it pushes boundaries. This includes graphics. What they were clearly saying was that GTA4 was pushing graphics boundaries beyond anything on the market and such a claim was both absurd and pathetic. The idea that when GTA4 released it was graphically beyond all other titles is pure idiocy. Liking the game is one thing, being blindly oblivious to the point of misleading fans is another. Particularly when you work for a site that is supposed to service the gaming community that is in some cases directly paid for by the userbase.

Sites should have actual standards listed. It would take a page to make clear delineations. But that will never occur. As soon as they have standards then there are now markers to which they can be held accountable. That leaves them no political wiggle room and sadly this will never occur.

@ NatgeCole,

Agreed. Darksiders is far and away a better game than that peacock strutfest called Bayonetta.

Rainstorm813266d ago

I have completed Darksiders & i played through the lengthy 40th Day Demo.....I was addicted to darksiders story from start to finish i completed the game and didnt find half tof the items.

As for AoT its not a bad co-op game but dosent excel that far from the original which was mediocre at best. I will play the final version but the demo didnt warrant a purchase.

As for reviews if you are reviewing a game on a 1-10 scale keep it consistent. 8.5 just because its a shooter shouldnt exist in a real gaming publication (Soda PoP), or does IGN have Monkeys with typewriters for editors.

IGN - bayonetta - 9.5
AoT:40thDay- 8.5
Darksiders - 7.8
Any real Gamer (that played these games) can see something is wrong here.

Anon19743266d ago

I'm looking forward to giving this a try. But first, Assassin's Creed 2, Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls, Dragon Age, Borderlands, Batman, Lego Indy 2, more MW:2, more Uncharted 2, Fallout 3 expansions. After all that I'll maybe have some time to give this game a spin.

NateCole3266d ago

lol Raiinstorm81. Byonettta is made for tweens that couldn't get laid even if their life depends on it. Such a shame. She has skills but no class at all.

Playing byonetta was like watching Transformers 2 with megan fox soft porn. The whole time i was like thinking. WTF?. Does Hideki think this lowly of men like me but then i realize it wasn't really targeted for me. It was for hormone filled teen males.

BeaArthur3266d ago essentially you have played 1 of these 3 games from start to finish and you are saying there is something wrong with the reviews? You are comparing one game to 2 demos and saying there is something wrong with IGN's ratings. Do you see where your argument holds no merit.

Rainstorm813266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Ive played Darksiders and Bayonetta start to finish, and played 40th day Demo. Bayonetta is a good game Nate comment above describe the game in a nutshell perfectly. IMHO Darksiders is the better of the three, im sure ill feel the same way after playing the final game but only time will tell.

How many of the 3 have you completed?

BeaArthur3266d ago

Raiinstorm81...I'm still working on Bayonetta but I'm not the one crying foul. Still, the fact remains that one game being better than another (except for glaring instances like MW2 and Haze) are subjective arguments. Many would argue that Halo 3 is better than Killzone 2 (I'm not saying one way or another) but that is an opinion, just because one has better reviews than the other does not make it universally better or worse. Clearly the people who reviewed those games think Darksiders is the inferior game it doesn't make IGN less with it. Go look at metacritic, even the PS3 version of Bayonetta (which is considered by many to be a bad port) has a higher score than Darksiders. Some people might say you lack credibility because you think that Darksiders is better.

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FwanK3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Didnt see that coming, hope the final version is better than the demo, because one of my complaints was the camera and the controls

a maybe buy

joydestroy3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

wow. nice score for this one. i liked the first one so if they improved on things then this just might be a buy.

still on the fence with this or Darksiders though :/
maybe i'll wait for them both to drop to 40 and pick 'em up at the same time.

DelbertGrady3267d ago

I actually loved the co-op in the first game. Looking forward to playing this with a friend.

peeps3267d ago

hmmm will have a look at some more reviews. was honestly expecting a low score. i played the first game and thought it was alright but nothing special. played the demo for the second and was like wtf. just didn't impress me at all, and with all the other great games out soon this will be 1 game i'll prob miss

BeaArthur3266d ago

Agreed, this score is very surprising. I thought it would be a good bit lower. Although I thought the demo was better than the first game the controls are very clunky. Also I have trouble telling whether I am actually behind cover or if I'm still poking out. This series would be much better with a cover system like Gears of War or Uncharted.

Double073266d ago

The only other review out is from PSM3 who give the game 85% too.


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