RUMOR - Castlevania Collection Coming to the Wii and PSP

Nintendolife writes: "This is probably one to file under "rumour" for the time being but we've gotten wind from an anonymous source that Konami is currently working away on a Castlevania collection, which apparently will be released on the Wii and Sony PSP this year."

Who doesn't love the original Castlevania games? For now we can only speculate.

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2997d ago
FinalomegaS2997d ago

I would buy this.

Trying to have some high hopes for HD version in 3D...

N4g_null2996d ago

If your not an old school fan then the new 3d one may be great. Some thing tells me the industry has forgotten what made these games great. This is the only industry that willing let's creations die.

asdr3wsfas2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

3d castlevania? I played that once on N64 and quickly learned from my mistakes.

Scissor runner is right, people forget that translating 2d to 3d isn't always clean. Usually core gameplay is tweaked or changed as a result. Until something new is discovered to replace it that fits with the previous game the series suffers. Metroid prime, 3d zelda and mario 64 are similar to the original games but have very different gameplay at times. But Sonic is the best example - the loss of precision going from 2d to 3d ruined the game.

I miss 2d. Scissor - I got an xbox cheap for 100 at a pawn shop for irkuga and geometry wars, jasper chipset too ;)

2997d ago
Godmars2902996d ago

if they bring the DS games to the PSP.

2996d ago