Games That Need To Be Made: Chromehounds 2

RespawnAction writes: "With the servers for Chromehounds closing this week, I felt the need to write that Chromehounds deserves a sequel. Chromehounds came out for the Xbox 360 in the summer of 2006, and I can't begin to describe how amazed I was. Not by the graphics or anything like that (although the opening cinematic showed graphics superior to the gameplay), but by the sheer amount of content in the package. And the reason why I bought the game, YOU GET TO FULLY CUSTOMIZE MECHS! Thats right, Chromehounds isn't another first person shooter, it is a massive mech war..."

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Relientk772725d ago

I agree

Chromehounds is a good game and is underappreciated

Tony P2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Chromehounds is severely under-appreciated.

This is the From Software game that should have come in place of crappy Ninja Blade to balance out Demon's Souls exclusivity. It just got here too early and with too little hype.

If MS was willing to fund and hype it, the sequel could be as better recieved as KZ2 was to KZ1.

respawnaction2725d ago

Glad to see so many feel the same way i do!

mjolliffe2725d ago

Under-appreciated. There's a lot of games that need sequels.

2725d ago
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