Secret Meeting Between Jack Thompson and Take Two CEO

Anti-game activist Jack Thompson and newly-minted Take Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick met secretly in New York City recently.

Did they discuss Manhunt 2? GTA? Bully? Golf? The weather?

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MK_Red3996d ago

Whatever the case, I hope they dont settle to water down the violence of Manhunt2 and GTA4.

sandip7873996d ago

man what the hell are they meeting up for. this can only be bad.

addictedtogames3996d ago

what are you up to jack, if you f#ck with my favorite game, I will get revenge.

sovietsoldier3996d ago

they have a sex tape of jack beating off to next gen graphics and violence!

nobizlikesnowbiz3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

Blackmail that dirty bastard.

JT- "I'm sorry but 'hyperviolent' games just get me all misty!"