Microsoft to Announce '360 Game Room' Tonight

Microsoft will be making an announcement tonight during CES about a new Xbox 360 application called Xbox 360 Game Room. The interview was originally posted on Channel 9, but it was soon pulled from the site. Thankfully, some people were able to view the interview before it was pulled off the website.


Interview video added at link and official fact sheet information.

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Sangria2899d ago

"Could it be something like classic arcade titles or a possible version of Home for the Xbox 360?"
Or a mix, a 360 version of Home where we can play classic arcade titles.

MattyF2899d ago

Sounds like that. Xbox 360 version of Home with a concentration on classic titles.

2899d ago
Eamon2899d ago

No, Home is still pointless. I mean, apart from playing arcade games, what else worthwhile is there to do in Home.

If Microsoft make a copy of Home, I would say the same thing. Leave Second Life as Second Life. People who want to have virtual lives don't play it on console. sigh...

Sangria2899d ago

Well honestly I don't see much a 360 version of Home as a bad thing, Microsoft proved they could support their Avatars, while Sony hardly gather 3rd party developers interest with Home (Capcom, EA, Namco with Tekken and Ubi with FarCry,but otherwise it's only first party developers, small indie devs or non-gaming-related), Microsoft brought many licensed clothes and items available for Avatars.

Also, I find Avatars less antipathetic than Home characters, more propitious to discussion and friendship (while in Home, if you're not disguised as a girl you can rarely gather interest). But a 360 Home equivalent requires a sensitive effort to give, and somehow I don't see Microsoft doing such thing, so the 360 Game Room is probably nothing but gaming-oriented chat lobbies for example (it's called "ROOM" after all, there's not much to do in a room).

Elven62899d ago

TOO PAWNED: And somehow fanboys have become representatives of a entire console base?

CrimsonFox132899d ago

Home has a lot of support, and it seems like quite a bit of it is from 3rd party developers. There are over 50 spaces to go too, many made from third parties, and over 2000 pieces of downloadable items. There are 3rd party developed apartments, games, clothes, furniture, ornaments, and etc.

I imagine this Game Room to be like Home's Bowling Alley/Namco Arcade space. If you could interact with strangers like you can in Home, there'll probably be less people who stalk girls, because the Avatars are just Mii rip-offs and look too funny and not series enough to do creepy things to.

Carl14122899d ago

I bet this concept is suddenly "brilliant" even though Home has always been "rubbish"

Kushan2899d ago

Being able to play some old classics? Brilliant idea.
NAvigating around a "games room" with a 3D avatar? Pointless and idiotic. I don't care if its Microsoft or sony, all that is, is a fancy 3D Menu to select what I want to play. I'd rather have a simple 2D quick launch for said classic games, a bit like how the current XMB/Guide operates.

Xeoset2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

It'll be more free games, cloaked in devices to usurp HOME, all for bragging rights.

It's not a bad thing, free games like 1 vs. 100 are HIGHLY welcome; it's amazingly fun.

Great news.


He brings up that 2010 looks amazing for the Xbox 360 already and that we should wait for even more greater things. HOLY SHIII-

NewZealander2899d ago

i never use home on ps3, so if this is an xbox version of that, i wont use it on 360 either, especially considering it will only be for paying members.

Saaking2899d ago

As long as we don't have to pay extra, it's cool with me.

Fair-Play2899d ago

I still have home installed on my PS3 to lazy to uninstall it I guess. I sometimes mistakenly boot it up which send me into a rush to close it before it hurts me. I have no idea why Home scares me so much maybe its the strange online pedos or the males switching to females before my eyes but its a scary place for me.

I have nothing against the concept but everything in home seems so bland like its trying to hide something. You know like one of them horror movies where you go into a really nice village that just ain't what it seems.

I find the 360 avatars alot cuter and warm then the PS3 counter parts. Depending on how MS work it it could be a truly nice place to chill out with your buddys. It could end up being very popular they need to keep it cartoony home was far to realistic for its own good.

Anyway that's just my opinion I think homes concept was amazing just the final product was uninspired strangely scary garbage.

Although VidZone is god and I thank Sony every day for that app the 360 needs something like that.

Tony P2899d ago

Sounds cool. If they've got the games to do it, great.

Just don't make me wait in a stupid line while you're forcing your avatars on me.

DMason2899d ago

This looks nor sounds nothing like Home. Just because Home has a few scattered games, doesnt make them identical. This space will support over 1,000 classic arcade titles. Just sounds like an arcade space, with a feature to navigate through.

vhero2899d ago

Wow wondered how long it would be before they ripped off HOME in some shape or fashion.. I'm surprised it took them so long to be honest.. Also 400 points per game?? They are free on HOME..

edgeofblade2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

This is a BAAAAAD idea on Microsoft's part. Skewing the consistent demo on their Arcade-class games (which is one of the best things about Live, BTW) to allow $.50 one-plays?

Ok, MS. I'll play ball with you. I'll take your hackneyed pricing scheme IF you let me own the game after paying the total cost of the download anyway. That's the only way this makes a SHRED of sense to the consumer.

Only good thing I see happening here is that the retro titles can be had for even less money than their dashboard counterparts. 400 points now gets you a windows version too, at least.

@vhero: I'm not sure standing in line in the bowling alley to play mediocre flash games or running back and forth between poker tables is a good comparison.

The Happy Baby2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

After reading the article, this is nothing special. Had it been free, then it would atleast be something nice that they could use to entice people to get a 360. But if Im gonna spend money on something, its going to be a new game, not Asteroids.

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Omega42899d ago

Cool didnt expect anything game related to come out of CES, hopefully some Natal stuff is shown too.

N4PS3G2899d ago

Hope is just as "entertaining" as PS HOME

Who am i kidding..i hope this is not an Avatar HOME like world because i would die of boredom..

devsgreat2899d ago

"home is outdated" they said...

ScubaSteve12899d ago

so does that mean, the guys will have girl avatars and guys chasing them around thinking they are girls but there not

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