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Microsoft to Announce '360 Game Room' Tonight

Microsoft will be making an announcement tonight during CES about a new Xbox 360 application called Xbox 360 Game Room. The interview was originally posted on Channel 9, but it was soon pulled from the site. Thankfully, some people were able to view the interview before it was pulled off the website. (Xbox 360)

Update Interview video added at link and official fact sheet information.

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Sangria  +   2102d ago
"Could it be something like classic arcade titles or a possible version of Home for the Xbox 360?"
Or a mix, a 360 version of Home where we can play classic arcade titles.
MattyF  +   2102d ago
Sounds like that. Xbox 360 version of Home with a concentration on classic titles.
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Eamon  +   2102d ago
No, Home is still pointless. I mean, apart from playing arcade games, what else worthwhile is there to do in Home.

If Microsoft make a copy of Home, I would say the same thing. Leave Second Life as Second Life. People who want to have virtual lives don't play it on console. sigh...
Sangria  +   2102d ago
Well honestly I don't see much a 360 version of Home as a bad thing, Microsoft proved they could support their Avatars, while Sony hardly gather 3rd party developers interest with Home (Capcom, EA, Namco with Tekken and Ubi with FarCry,but otherwise it's only first party developers, small indie devs or non-gaming-related), Microsoft brought many licensed clothes and items available for Avatars.

Also, I find Avatars less antipathetic than Home characters, more propitious to discussion and friendship (while in Home, if you're not disguised as a girl you can rarely gather interest). But a 360 Home equivalent requires a sensitive effort to give, and somehow I don't see Microsoft doing such thing, so the 360 Game Room is probably nothing but gaming-oriented chat lobbies for example (it's called "ROOM" after all, there's not much to do in a room).
Elven6  +   2102d ago
TOO PAWNED: And somehow fanboys have become representatives of a entire console base?
CrimsonFox13  +   2102d ago
@ Sangria
Home has a lot of support, and it seems like quite a bit of it is from 3rd party developers. There are over 50 spaces to go too, many made from third parties, and over 2000 pieces of downloadable items. There are 3rd party developed apartments, games, clothes, furniture, ornaments, and etc.

I imagine this Game Room to be like Home's Bowling Alley/Namco Arcade space. If you could interact with strangers like you can in Home, there'll probably be less people who stalk girls, because the Avatars are just Mii rip-offs and look too funny and not series enough to do creepy things to.
Carl1412  +   2102d ago
I bet this concept is suddenly "brilliant" even though Home has always been "rubbish"
Kushan  +   2102d ago
Being able to play some old classics? Brilliant idea.
NAvigating around a "games room" with a 3D avatar? Pointless and idiotic. I don't care if its Microsoft or sony, all that is, is a fancy 3D Menu to select what I want to play. I'd rather have a simple 2D quick launch for said classic games, a bit like how the current XMB/Guide operates.
Xeoset  +   2102d ago
It'll be more free games, cloaked in devices to usurp HOME, all for bragging rights.

It's not a bad thing, free games like 1 vs. 100 are HIGHLY welcome; it's amazingly fun.

Great news.


He brings up that 2010 looks amazing for the Xbox 360 already and that we should wait for even more greater things. HOLY SHIII-
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NewZealander  +   2102d ago
i never use home on ps3, so if this is an xbox version of that, i wont use it on 360 either, especially considering it will only be for paying members.
Saaking  +   2102d ago
As long as we don't have to pay extra, it's cool with me.
Fair-Play  +   2102d ago
I still have home installed on my PS3 to lazy to uninstall it I guess. I sometimes mistakenly boot it up which send me into a rush to close it before it hurts me. I have no idea why Home scares me so much maybe its the strange online pedos or the males switching to females before my eyes but its a scary place for me.

I have nothing against the concept but everything in home seems so bland like its trying to hide something. You know like one of them horror movies where you go into a really nice village that just ain't what it seems.

I find the 360 avatars alot cuter and warm then the PS3 counter parts. Depending on how MS work it it could be a truly nice place to chill out with your buddys. It could end up being very popular they need to keep it cartoony home was far to realistic for its own good.

Anyway that's just my opinion I think homes concept was amazing just the final product was uninspired strangely scary garbage.

Although VidZone is god and I thank Sony every day for that app the 360 needs something like that.
Tony P  +   2102d ago
Sounds cool. If they've got the games to do it, great.

Just don't make me wait in a stupid line while you're forcing your avatars on me.
DMason  +   2101d ago
This looks nor sounds nothing like Home. Just because Home has a few scattered games, doesnt make them identical. This space will support over 1,000 classic arcade titles. Just sounds like an arcade space, with a feature to navigate through.
vhero  +   2101d ago
Wow wondered how long it would be before they ripped off HOME in some shape or fashion.. I'm surprised it took them so long to be honest.. Also 400 points per game?? They are free on HOME..
edgeofblade  +   2101d ago
epic facepalm in 3...2...1...
This is a BAAAAAD idea on Microsoft's part. Skewing the consistent demo on their Arcade-class games (which is one of the best things about Live, BTW) to allow $.50 one-plays?

Ok, MS. I'll play ball with you. I'll take your hackneyed pricing scheme IF you let me own the game after paying the total cost of the download anyway. That's the only way this makes a SHRED of sense to the consumer.

Only good thing I see happening here is that the retro titles can be had for even less money than their dashboard counterparts. 400 points now gets you a windows version too, at least.

@vhero: I'm not sure standing in line in the bowling alley to play mediocre flash games or running back and forth between poker tables is a good comparison.
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The Happy Baby  +   2101d ago
After reading the article, this is nothing special. Had it been free, then it would atleast be something nice that they could use to entice people to get a 360. But if Im gonna spend money on something, its going to be a new game, not Asteroids.
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Omega4  +   2102d ago
Cool didnt expect anything game related to come out of CES, hopefully some Natal stuff is shown too.
N4PS3G  +   2102d ago
Hope is just as "entertaining" as PS HOME

Who am i kidding..i hope this is not an Avatar HOME like world because i would die of boredom..
devsgreat  +   2102d ago
"home is outdated" they said...
ScubaSteve1  +   2102d ago
so does that mean, the guys will have girl avatars and guys chasing them around thinking they are girls but there not
Somnipotent  +   2102d ago
bah hah hah hah, xbox home!!!
Godmars290  +   2102d ago
Its not Xbox Home.
Sounds more like Xbox Namco Arcade, of which Namco isn't doing anything with in Home.

The real question is weather or not the 360's arcade will be "free" to subscribers or require additional fees. Be like any other arcade and need credits to play.
ArmrdChaos  +   2102d ago
Here is a nightmarish thought...
I hope they don't plan on using Microsoft points as virtual quarters to play these virtual arcade games.

Pick a number of games and offer them up to provide further value to the current Xbox live subscription.
Godmars290  +   2102d ago
Don't you mean offer them to all accounts to "get rid of" odd MS points? Just give more access to gold accounts.
bioshock1221  +   2102d ago
Wonder what it could be if its anything like Playstation Home then I will pass. But lets wait and see first on what exactly it is before we judge it.
Model  +   2102d ago
oh wow, copycats at microsoft in full gear
SaberEdge  +   2102d ago
That's some audacity, considering how much Sony has coped from Microsoft this generation. Besides, it doesn't really seem that similar to Home.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2101d ago
If it has an actual purpose besides just going around with an avatar and interacting with people I might like it. But a Home type of application on the 360 doesn't interest me too much.
avengers1978  +   2101d ago
This is the exact same thing as Playstation Home, and I remeber when that came out and all the bots were making fun of it, but now that it is on the 360 it's some kind of amazing advancement for the online community. It is funny how when the PS3 has something it's stupid, but when the same thing is on the 360 it's awesome, and the bots immedately come out and say it's not the same thing. It is clearly the same thing.
Everyone get over the copycat thing, that is business when your compation comes out with something good then you want it for yours as well. Cars do it, TV's, Computers, and yes video game consoles. Really not a big deal.
4point7BillionLoss  +   2101d ago
nothing like home ...
droids are such tards ... who would want to copy your stupid second life (but without the sex) simulator ....


Get your teeth whitened before it's too late you stupid droids
AngryTypingGuy  +   2101d ago
This doesn't appear to be anything like Home. Home looks like it is much more expansive. "360 Game Room" looks like just that...a 360 degree virtual game room set up to look like a classic 80's arcade. Looks pretty cool.
keysy420  +   2102d ago
that's a good i dea for sony and the preimum service
have all psn titles available in home damn sign me up
Xi  +   2102d ago
if it's free awesome.
hell, even if they use gamerscore to unlock machines I'd still think that'd be fine.
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jalen247  +   2101d ago
Seems cool to me. But Home is this and more...I am just say...
Justin_bristoe  +   2101d ago
home makes this little arcade..
look like child's play.i'm not gonna go in too much but home is very populated tons of games men and wemon there.box owners will always try and make ms look good lol.go to psht.com.you'll see all the different ppl and genders there,yes there are alot of guys chasing girls but home is well worth being apart of.this arcade is just gonna suck more of your ms point up buying games or using ms points to play single games.we play free on home.and guy who say namco doesnt do anything for home

we have namco arcade space

mashima bastu space and

namco museum space. erase the hate kid.9 mill ppl on home and growing.plus we can put arcade machines in our private spaces.omg it's way too much to explain.unless this is a copy of home with wii miis this will be nothing compared to it.

for all u saying home is boring u obviously have no social skills at all
Dlacy13g  +   2101d ago
ummm... no.....
In Xbox Live Arcade you wont have to wait in line to play your game...and can you take home to your PC? Thought not.
nihaoma   2101d ago | Spam
ZILLA  +   2101d ago
dont even TRY to copy the king of consoles(period)
avengers1978  +   2101d ago
The real question how much money will it cost, and how much will in "game room" (home) items cost?
PS3 home has alot of little things you can buy for a few cents, but so far avatar stuff for the 360 seems pretty pricey (5 dollar light sabers) PS3 Home sells apartments for 5 bucks
Wikkid666  +   2101d ago
This might be where the 3rd Xbox Live price point comes into play. Xbox Live Platinum $100 gets you unlimited access to the game room. Just a thought.
Dlacy13g  +   2101d ago
This is hardly HOME....
its just an arcade...and better yet, you can play any game you buy on your PC as well as the 360. That is part of the next generation of gaming. It's creating the cloud that we all go to and play in. I love the idea ...hope they implement this well.
Godmars290  +   2101d ago
But you can already play those games on your PC without having to pay anything.

Now that the news is out, the one thing I'm not hearing are achievement points for these games. Most Home games at least give you prizes. Clothing and furniture.
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Dlacy13g  +   2101d ago
All 360 Arcade games give achievements ...
And in one of the videos you also clearly see an acheivement unlocked. What will be interesting is if you get dual acheivements for Windows Live...

As for playing games on your PC without paying for them...well I dont pirate games, so unless all those titles are Freeware (which I can assure you they aren't) then you would need to be "acquiring" them first to play free...and I am not down with that.
Justin_bristoe  +   2101d ago
lol wow
ok u wont have to wait in line great.we dont do that anymore anyways .we que the next game.this arcade is going to be madeto juice more money from u.their gonna make u buy these games and then charge ur friends to play them if they come to your arcade.thats sad.how many arcades do u need?they were better off copying home instead of having 35 million different arcades with only a limited number of old games to choose from.

fanboys will use this but regular ppl arent going to invest in buying all these old games like space invaders with the intent to play all through the night with friends lol.next gen here.in home we put arcades in our homes just for extra props and if someone wants to play it thats a plus.

p.s. did yall really think yall were gonna be able to play ripped bootleg games from ya pc on ya xbox arcade thingy??? FAIL lol.u think theyll do that after banning 2 million consoles?? fail.get rerady to pay 10 bucks for each game u wanna play out zen market place hahaha
#21 (Edited 2101d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Justin_bristoe  +   2101d ago
agreed with avenger
5 bucks for a light saber?? we pay 99 cent for 2 of those in home.thats sad,we pay nickels and dimes for almost everthing in home and plus we have an open world to actaully use the stuff for whod have thunk that!?

singstar space for dressing up

read bull beach for beach wear

punck clothes for the arcade

street fighter costumes for sf4 space that can actually do super moves!!(in home!!)

tekken costumes for tekken space

and soo much more i cant even explain a fraction of it here.and most of the good stuff you'll get for free playing free games in free spaces,home is so much more interactive it's not fair to u box zombies with ya bobble head avatars and their little arcade room. so all the potential space is gonna be 35 million arcade rooms???? FAIL

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