Most Overhyped Game Last Decade Was..

HBG: The definition of overhype is, "to promote or publicize to excess." Hype is something that can either help a video game sell or help to destroy it. Many games last decade were hyped up in some fashion, whether from controversy it received or the game's overall fanfare. When it comes down to it though, there is one game that fits the exact definition of "overhype."

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omgpoppanda2816d ago

this might just be one of your best posts kreyg. i couldnt agree with you more. halo 3 was so overhyped. and it turned out to be a crap game. i could only stand to play it for 5 minutes

kneon2816d ago

There is still a year left in this decade (minus a few days) so maybe Halo Reach can surpass the hype of it's predecessors

jammy_702816d ago

GTA4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

peeps2816d ago

"There is still a year left in this decade (minus a few days)"

nah we're in a new decade now lol

200-2009 = 10 years...

Saaking2816d ago

MW2. NO doubt about it.

Motion2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

The Romans did not have a zero in their numbering system so their calendar began with January 1 in the year 1. The decade, therefore, did not end until midnight between December 31,10 and January 1, 11. The addition of a couple of millenia changes nothing so the first decade of the second millenium does not end until December 31, 2010/January 1, 2011.

Google it if you don't believe me.

kneon2816d ago

Only programmers count starting at 0, and there weren't many around back then :) I found it quite funny how most of the world celebrated the new millennium a year off from when they should have and it seems we are doomed to make the same mistake every 10 years.

No FanS Land2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

don't forget we're in the third millenium ;)

Yeah he's right, the actual decade finishes dec 31 2010.

just like a century 1901-2000, the XXth century.
year 1-100 1st century A.D. (there is no factual year zero apparently)

so when people were partying like sh*t for 1999-2000, well they were all in fault.

on a side note: NIN's year zero album is one crazy album (I thought about it when I wrote the words)

on topic. I can't decide on the most overhyped game but Super smash bros brawl was pretty underwhelming compared to melee.

I think I found one: too human. 10 years in development and we get this????

Perjoss2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Has to be Killzone 2, poor controls and average campaign. Nice graphics alone do not make a good game.

edit: if i get less than 20 disagrees i will be very disappointed :)

Obama2816d ago

Perjoss, you must think halo ODST is a total failure then considering killzone 2 murdered ODST in reviews by a mile.

Megaton2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

It was easily Halo 3, by miles. Towards the end of September 2007 was the first time I ever stopped watching TV because something was being advertised so much. Every channel, every commercial break, Halo, Halo, Halo. It made me sick.

znu2815d ago


i liked halo 3 and modern warfare 2 :)
they're both really fun and i don't even have a 360 but whenever i go to a friends place im always like letss play halo =D
mw2 is also pretty awesome xD

DelbertGrady2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Killzone 2 was hyped as hell for 4 years with it's fake E3 trailers and whatnot, then when it finally was released it was nothing more than a generic FPS with pretty graphics and godawful controls.

Unlike Killzone 2, Halo 3 delivered on all fronts. It got great reviews across the board and gathered a huge install base which still play the game a lot to this day which can be seen on the Live activity lists.

Kreyg2815d ago

Just because the game was "overhyped" does not mean it was bad!

I really feel that gamers give the term overhyped a bad connotation to it.

The game was good, but just look at ALL of the hype and build up for it.

Good or Bad, the game was overhyped in the literal meaning of it.

Not this meaning gamers seem to have adopted for it, which is

Overhyped = Bad/Forgotten game

Eamon2815d ago

Of course Halo 3 was the most overhyped game. Never seen such a big budget marketing campaign for a game before.

Doesn't mean it was bad. It was an amazing game. The only thing it lacked was "ground breaking" graphics. The reason why I say it lacked it is because everyone was expecting so much from that game.

mastiffchild2815d ago

And yuet again people too lazy to learn anything different from the auto aim of Halo/COD start calliing the controls of KZ2 broken. Another day but same old tired nonsense on N4G. Plus ALL the hype about the game was to do with the target render and not "fake" anything if you remember who said what-and by beating that render in places and nearly meeting it in others just how did GG fail to meet that hype? MMM?

Fact is all of us who were in the beta had those controls, loved the fact they made the game feel different and less floaty than COD-it gave KZ2 it's own identity in a world of generic (so it amuses me no end to see it called generic by the same people hating the controls-just accept that you can't LIKE every games controls and if they aren't for you it doesn't mean they're broken! I thought SF2THDR controlled a bit better than SF4 but do I say SF4's controls are broken? No, they just aren't up my street and devs can't p[lease everyone and it's better this way than having every game play the damn same isn't it?)shooters aping COD's success.

Those controls, for me, were weighty and added to the feeling of attrition fighting inch by inch through Helghan's home defences. Fine, if you couldn't get on with them it just means the hgame isnb't your cup of warm brown, no? But don't say it's broken because it isn't the damn same as the ones you happen to like-for me it also gave the game a longer and more satisfying learning curve as opposed to the pick up and play immediacy of many, many other FPS around these days. If only more devs had the bravery to make completely their own games like GG did then maybe the FPS world wouldn't feel so goddamn anaemic and samey. Why should we expect every game to be the same in control terms? More relevantly, why on earth would we want that?

Honestly, GG should NEVER have made the patch for the people who complained as these guys were always going to jump ship when the next installment of the game they like best landed in MW2 this autumn anyway-it was a total waste of time and lost a little of what made KZ2 so very special to so many of us. We need to accept that people have different tastes and different aims for the games they make other than aping what's already successful. If every dev ever felt that way we'd only ever play Mario clones so if you find a game doesn't suit you don't cry about it being "broken" unless it clearly is as a world where everything's the same would be a way less exciting and interesting one. Why homogenise gameplay?

edgeofblade2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Big surprise. The hate train goes on.

Dead god, you stupid people. Because YOU don't like a game, that doesn't mean it was a "crap game". The vendetta against Halo puzzles me to no end. Are you rebelling against Microsoft and their money, against racist homophobic children, against US-made games, or against twitchy FPS shooters? Or are you rebelling against the game itself? I'm not sure even YOU know anymore.

There are MANY more people who will disagree with the allegation it was overhyped. Halo 3 met the hype very well. The mass of features in the game is incredible and in most games still unmatched. Halo 3 is still one of the most played games on Xbox Live. It sold extremely well and continues to be one of the go-to games for the 360.

No. The problem is with you and your irrational vendetta. No matter how many people vote with their wallets, no matter how many publications give it 95+ scores, no matter how much it's played over other games... your personal opinion always wins over and by extension, everyone has to agree with YOU?

No, it is NOT your great commission from on high to counter the Halo 3 hype train. Especially this late in the game. Slow news day or something?

@mastiffchild: You are wrong. Very.

"High Precision" should not be an option to turn on, or a patched feature. You have to be delusional to think that.

vhero2815d ago

I agree whole heartedly with this article before I even clicked the link or read the mini description I thought Halo 3 and low and behold it was Halo 3. To be fair without the hype though it would be just another FPS.

Kornholic2815d ago

Killzone 2 is generic and has awful controls only in your dreams, Soda Popinsky. It wouldn't really hurt playing the actual game and then making comments about it.

Halo and generic are basically synonyms and I have never experienced such sluggish controls in any other game. Oh and Halo 3 isn't even pretty.

mikeslemonade2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Most overhyped games:
1. Fallout 3
2. Halo 3
3. GTA4
4. RE4
5. FFX

AssassinHD2815d ago

That depends on how you look at it. A base 10 counting system does indeed begin at 0, but the Gregorian calendar (the one you are using) defines the counting origin as 1, so according to the Gregorian calendar the turn of the millennium did not actually occur until 2001. If you consider that the turn of the millennium is also the turn of the first decade, then 2011 would be the last year.

gaffyh2815d ago

Halo 3 was the most overhyped game of the decade. I know a lot of people say Killzone 2, but actually, if you compare both games, Halo 3 was overhyped like hell.

Halo 3 was still a good game, though the campaign was kinda average, it was still fun. The main downside was the graphics. On the other hand, Killzone 2 had great graphics, a very good campaign, and a decent online mode. Also Killzone 2 was hyped as a graphical powerhouse, which it delivered.

Everyone, including me, doubted that the game would look anything like the TARGET render during E3 2005. But it looks even better than that render! Of course you'd only know that if you played the game, which I suspect most of the people in this thread haven't.

ZombieNinjaPanda2815d ago

For the fools above me who so obviously didn't read the article, what the author meant was that combined, the marketing campaign, hype from gamers, and hype from the company was greater than any other game that came out.

HURR DURR, Halo 3 had the most overhyped campaign ever, no where did the author say the game was bad though.

AssassinHD2815d ago

I meant to type 2010 as the last year of the decade, not 2011. According to the Gregorian calendar 2011 would be the first year of the next decade.

NickIni2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Halo 3 was marketed like it was the second coming, it wasn't, but it was, and still is a fairly decent and entertaining game.

GTA4 is it for me. For a game with such potential and a series with such recognition it did next to nothing to the gaming industry. Sure it was an OK game, but with all the high scores, the majority had moved on within a month. Similar things seem to be happening with FFXIII.

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Sangria2816d ago

Even in France (the no video game ad land), we had a taste of Master Chief, so it's pretty much legitimate (and not really new) that Halo 3 belongs to the most hyped games of the decade.

Kreyg2816d ago

LoL, thank you very much for sharing that video with us

JOLLY12816d ago

I felt like there was just enough hype sauce. With it still being either #1 or #2 every month, it's no wonder so many people wanted to cover it. I can't think of another console game that is 5 years old that is still being played as much as Halo 2. It is just so good...

pxpxp2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

For me Halo 3 was a good game, i was expecting a lot more but it was good non the less. Halo: CE and Halo 2 were better IMO and their success is well deserved. Halo 3 felt like it borrowed from that success a bit too much. The marketing campaign was superb, the thing is that marketing is not what makes a game good. Like i said good game non the less, ODST is another story...

sundar1122816d ago

I can only say the last decade was great and in no way it was overhyped.

Kreyg2815d ago

the last decade had plenty of games and things that were overhyped.