David Jaffe returns to blogging (but only with pictures)

After swearing off blogging over a month ago for reasons Jaffe's back!He returns to blogging with pictures and not words -- actually, not true, the title of the post is "coming soon".

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Lord Anubis4085d ago

that's the link you should have directed to, not to the 6 year old kids with a website. (joystiq)


ericnellie4085d ago

It's the new Dave Jaffe studio. YAY!!

Vojkan4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Yes it is his independent studio. Thats at least what he hinted on Insomniac podcast, few months ago. check it out. He is mystery guest on episode 2.

kingofps34085d ago

Hope, he still stays in the family, that is the PlayStation family.