Uncharted 2 gets big multiplayer site update

Joystiq writes: Just before the clock struck midnight to round out the last decade, Naughty Dog unveiled (and released) a major overhaul to its online stat tracking for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The game's new stat display digs let us get down and dirty into the tiniest little details. Need to know your kill/death ratio, and your lifetime loot stockpile, and see how you compare to the entire global average on a specific map? Done. Looking for detailed breakdowns of previous multiplayer showdowns? Covered.

This stat update is a monster and according to Naughty Dog, the team may still expand the system further. We're willing to let them sit on it for a while, but only because we're still a little busy swooning over our top pick of 2009.

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Myst2993d ago

Awesome didn't even know about this might go check out my stats and such. Also isn't it this week that they announce something dealing with multiplayer (or was it co-op?) expansions or something :)?

Nambassa2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Yeah I heard somewhere that they're announcing some more DLC this week. Hopefully it's more multiplayer maps which are playable in co-op survival and Gold Rush.

I also hope they increase the amount of rounds in Survival, they have a lot of options in the enemy department, like the descendants from Uncharted 1 for round 11 or whatever. Just an idea...

Myst2993d ago

Agreed hopefully they increased the survival rounds as apparently it's my most played game as I look at my stats, but jeez after looking at them I feel like I'm slacking so I may as well play some more.

happy_gilmore2993d ago

it was warhawk and mw1 (mw2 is a mess and can't wait for starhawk)

great update, ND. now where's my failo warz stats?

Nathan Drake22993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

i cant log in on naughty dog site with my ps3 anymore.anybody else has that problem?

TANUKI2993d ago

Thanks Naughty Gods for spoiling us :D

I look forward to the continued support.

sashimi2993d ago

hmm 118hrs played already lol....

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