Star Wars The Force Unleashed Dev Interview

A 6 1/2 minute developer interview on the upcoming Star Wars game.
Includes lots of gameplay footage.

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Rhezin3636d ago

gonna be another legendary game! "kicking someone's ass with the force" lol I love it.

ericbs3636d ago

Lol your right.

"What is the premisis(sp?) of the game?"
"Kicking ass with the force"

I can already tell this is gunna be a good game.

theaceh3636d ago

This video is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo OLD!!!

Rhezin3636d ago

ya just like ur avatar

THAMMER13636d ago

I wish I had the force.

soccerstar3636d ago

well i hope they deliver cuz if they do it will be a great game but im thinking its gonna be a let down just like most movie games but every once in a while there a good one and i hope its this one

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