Is Your Favorite Franchise Better/Worse this Gen?

There's nothing more exciting than a new console generation. And however much you bounce and squeal about the limitless possibilities of new game design upon each new launch, the thing you're always most interested in is how much better your favourite old games are going to be this time around. But are they always?

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TwelfthCrusader2874d ago

Sonic is way wrong but the rest seem right. Though Halo was better before.

Dtoxz2874d ago

I'll let you guys know when I rip Zeus' heart from his chest. The demo was by far the best demo I've ever played. So I can say yes now....

narked2874d ago

my franchise isn't out yet... its called half life if any person remembers

BadboyCivic3602874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Metal Gear Solid and Snake Eater > MSG4

Final Fantasy X > FF12 < FF13

Halo > Halo3

Call of Duty2 < COD4 > Modern Glitchware2

Resident Evil4 > RES5

Street Fighter 3rd strike = SF4

Wind Waker > Twilight Princess

Mario64 > Mario galaxy

GOW1+2 =? GOW3

Star ocean3 > SO4

Grand Theft Auto3 < GTA4

deadreckoning6662874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

MGS3 was MUCH better than MGS4. MGS4 had some of the worst pacing this generation. For every 10 minutes of gameplay there was 20-30 minutes of cutscene. Uncharted 2 had INCREDIBLE pacing IMO. The gameplay and the cutscenes blended together perfectly for the best cinematic experience in a videogame. Uncharted 2 most certaintly topples MGS4 in this respect.

Btw, my favorite franchise is GTA and for me it got worse this gen. San Andreas, for me, was the pinnacle of the GTA series. GTA4 took a relaistic approach, therefore less freedom was available to the player. Less freedom= less fun

DatNJDom812874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

both are better this gen. Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game I played in the MGS this gen. The pacing wasnt bad. Its the way a great story should conclude. Metal Gear Solid 3 was GREAT, but if you follow the story, its the 1st part of the drama. It has to be good. Regardless of what the starndard is today, EVERY game thats starts a great story should start like Snake Eater. God Of War 3 looks like it will be better than God Of War 2 which was better than God Of War. Lets hope Last Guardian delivers, which I know it will. Its hard though because Uncharted 2 WAS SO DAMN GOOD! I go with Metal Gear because im a fan of the story and characters and uncharted wasnt out any gen previous to the present. Just answering the question. but damn just looking back at all the games I played..... PS3 got some monster titles!

ico922874d ago

MGS4= better: perfect game really everything you would expect from an mgs game but more the end fight between snake and liquid ocelot is freaking amazing, the game also redeemed probaly the most reviled video game character in a beloved franchise Raiden

RE5= same: i dont think its re for the worse because it is a pretty good game essentialy the same as re4 it just didnt have that "ZOMFG WOW" factor that re 4 had

GTA4=worse: urgh theres hinestly nothing i could say about this game i mean it was fun at some points but after playing san andreas a huge game with many gameplay varients and an amazing story,mission structure gta4 was boring as hell your stuck in this tiny city thats about the size of the 1st island on san andreas, which is hilarious especially seeing as thats a ps2 game , the missions were boring and repetitive and the soundtrack sucked

SilentNegotiator2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Banjo Kazooie Series? Worse.
Donkey Kong 64 sequel? Non-existent.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 3? Non-Existent.
Star Wars BattleFront 3? Non-Existent.
KOTOR 3? Non-Existent (An MMO was NOT what I was hoping for...).

presto7172874d ago

but I'm a bit disappointed that Bloody Roar and twisted metal haven't made the jump yet.

As for final fantasy, well, until a new one matches ffx, I probably wont be impressed.

Megaton2874d ago

Metal Gear Solid - About the same
Grand Theft Auto - Worse
God of War - Dunno yet
Devil May Cry - Worse
Silent Hill - Worse
Soul Calibur - Worse
Final Fantasy - Dunno yet
WipEout - Better
Resident Evil - Worse

You know, writing it out like this really makes me realize how stellar this gen's new IP's are, and how bad the old favorites have been.

ape0072874d ago

was a huge disappointment

what the hell rare, you ruined the best fps game of all time

Cheeseknight282874d ago

MGS3 > MGS > MGS2 > MGS4

Metal Gear Solid 3, I will admit, I underappreciated at the time. My used copy crapped out on the final battle often and it took perfect shots for me to beat it without the game crashing. But, looking back, MGS3 is perfection. The story stands amazing on it's own, because you actually care about The Boss, EVA, and Naked Snake. The opening mission, which sets up the rest of the game, was executed perfectly. I disliked the game when I first beat it, but it was quite simply the best of the series.

MGS4 spoilers follow.

Meanwhile, Metal Gear Solid 4 took a turn for the worse. I'm not going to comment on the gameplay to cutscene ratio, as that wasn't my problem with the game, because I bought the game to see a sendoff not to play a stealth game. My issue is that the story is very meh compared to the original and Snake Eater. Everything in the game seems to be explained by nanomachines. Naomi surviving cancer. Vamp being immortal (What happened to the water ritual in MGS2? Was it retconned?). FOXDIE not killing everyone. Big Boss being brought back to life. The soldiers' guns not shooting. Etc. It all went back to nanomachines. Ugh. Also, why did they bring back Psycho Mantis? As a joke? He was thankful for you killing him in the original, as he thought it felt nice to show compassion. Why is he hostile now?

None of these problems are as bad as the absolute end of the game. Why would EVA and Ocelot go to so much trouble just to revive Big Boss? How would EVA not know that it was Solidus' body, and not Big Boss' at the river? And if she really didn't know, why would she not call Ocelot a traitor, seeing how he was in on the plan?

I don't know. It was just not as good as any of the rest. It looked fantastic, but the story didn't work for me. At least Drebin was cool.

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Somnipotent2874d ago

uncharted was introduced this gen, therefore, there is no change from last gen.

mrv3212874d ago

By that statement Uncharted has improved by infinity.... which is an underestimate.

4pocalyps32874d ago

My favorite franchise is final fantasy...still holding out an opinion on that...but not looking good so far -_-'

However Street Fighter is pretty good this gen.

robotnik2874d ago

Same here... but MGS4 was awesome!

robotnik2874d ago

Halo Combat Evolved was much better than Halo 2,5. What a letdown.

4point7BillionLoss2874d ago

Droids Everywhere ..... get your teeth whitened before it's too laaaaaaaate

Halo 3 & ODST rock. Droids are just jelous they waited 5 years for KZ2 and it was just another generic FPS.

Shame. poor stinky yellow teeth droids.

and now with pink dildo wand.

Saaking2874d ago

Indeed, current Halos don't even come close to the ones on the Xbox. I'm hoping Reach will redeem the series.

Imalwaysright2874d ago

My favorite franchise is MGS and even though i enjoyed MGS4, to me, MGS3 is superior

BadboyCivic3602874d ago

i am going to agree 100%
snake eater was deep

ape0072874d ago

is the worst mgs game,it's a great game but compare to others, it was the worst

because simply, the gameplay, cut scenes and loading ratio is broken and there's not enough of it, tbh everyime I think of mgs 4 I just think of cut scenes and little bit of gameplay

and mgs 3 is the best mgs game ever, mgs 3 is the definition of a legend

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