Is the PS3 Really Harder to Develop for?

PlayStation.Blog friends over at have written an interesting article on a topic Dave Karraker get asked about all the time - Is the PS3 harder to develop for than other systems? He gave them some feedback on this and the reporter, Blake Snow, does a nice job of presenting a well-rounded story. For this piece, I spoke to our PD group and asked them for input on this question and thought you might be interested in reading their full reply after the jump.

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Violater4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )


Now where are the people who were arguing earlier about this?
I really hope they read and more importantly comprehend the article.
Down to 2 bubbles now?
I'm sure the ps3 fans will sort that out

InMyOpinion4116d ago

Why is this posted again? Does everything get approved all of sudden? It's starting to look bad...

drtysouf214117d ago

Sounds good to me. It will get easier and easier to develop for and overtime i think we are going to see some amazing things. And i've already seen some at this stage so far!

TruthHurts4116d ago

it`ll only get easier and easier.

i`m excited to see where this all goes.

PS3n3604116d ago

It all goes into the ps4

deeplies4116d ago

you guys are funny.

"i`m excited to see where this all goes" Mars maybe or maybe the dimension 23Z4.

TruthHurts4116d ago

you really didn`t understand what i was saying.



let me guess your 360 owners.
wheres that all going.......back to MS to be fixed.

get a clue.

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calderra4116d ago

If the PS3 is not harder to develop for, where are all the arguments that it will take time to unlock the power?

You can't have it both ways, Sony fans. It's either so hard to code for that you can't unlock its power, or you're coding just fine, and the PS3 doesn't have the muscle people say it does.

Which is it?

Ludwig4116d ago

Indeed .. you can't have both ways :3

deeplies4116d ago

The PS3 fans are harder to develop for, you can have it both ways with Sony and developers fans. Hence it's easier to produce and so hard to code. You can unlock games power by power ups, or maybe you could just code fine and the Ps3 becomes Mr Universe with a lot of muscle. where are all the girls in this site anyway, because I want to unlock my power? If you know what I mean.

ta da

Which is it?

Hydrolex4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

How we can go to space and moon ? Making a good game for PS3 is harder than going to space or moon ? dumbass companies just think about money and profit. They cannot make good games for PS3 and all they do is porting so that's why Xbox 360 looks better than PS3 but techinqly PS3 is better than 360.
Metal gear solid 4,Killzone 2, They Getaway, GT5 and many many PS3 exclusives show how other companies are lazy such as Nubisoft !

deeplies4116d ago

PS brand is losing and you know it, you can't be #1 forever.

Violater4116d ago

I think as soon as the AAA first party titles are released and the sales pick up, the third party developers/publishers see what can be done and will change their outlook on supporting the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.