Nielsen: 52 Per Cent Of PSP Owners Female

Statistics released by US market research firm Nielsen illustrate the increasing size and importance of the female console game playing audience.

52 per cent of US PSP owners are female, as are 49 per cent of Wii owners, according to Nielsen. 45 per cent of active gamers (defined as users who play at least one hour per week) are also female.

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Noctis Aftermath2814d ago

Well don't i feel stupid for laughing at jack tretton when he mentioned a lilac colored psp hannah montana pack at E3.

movements2813d ago

must have done really well

anh_duong2813d ago

i find this story hard to believe. i am sure psp is more popular with boys

Sangria2813d ago

Especially considering there are not that much girl-oriented games on PSP (compared to DS). So it's quite surprising, indeed.

sikbeta2813d ago

I remember the E309 when J. Tretton was talking about the lilac Hana Montana PSP Bundle and everyone started like "WHOHOO!!!", I lol'd So hard in that part of the Conference

ico922813d ago

now that you look at it, i know plenty of girls that own psp's and the funny thing is , they all play wipeout patapon and GOW who would have thought

ThanatosDMC2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

^ I laughed about it too. Hannah Montana bundles was weird for me and thought it'd never sell. Guess, Sony knows how to please.

I really want a red PSP Go.

Wow, i just looked at youtube and there's a ton of 'em also doing the unboxing.

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Socomer 19792813d ago

I did not know this.
Im in a relationship but if i wasnt, who knew the psp would be a great icebreaker?


PSP will get you laid!

peeps2813d ago

lol just cus 50% of psp owners are girls doesn't mean the majority of girls own psps....

Sonyslave32813d ago

Wrong if the 52% of psp owners were female the psp games should be selling way more.

PirateThom2813d ago

That doesn't even make any sort of sense....

xcox2813d ago

that trolling is so weak, it's embarrassing

Lipscomba2813d ago

I have the Lilac PSP. I just bought it a month ago. I love it! I gave my PSP-1000 to my son.

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