Top 9 Things Gamers Learned in 2009

Jon Zungre writes "2009 is over, but before we buy our first game of 2010, lets look back and remember the top 9 things gamers learned in 2009. 2009 was a year of shifting: Shifting the tide of the console war, shifting where we usually play our games, shifting release dates and shifting sales numbers. But what shifts were the most important? Click to find out."

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porgep2392d ago

Nice article. I totally agree with #1. PS3 has tons of momentum.

Nostradavis2392d ago

God of War III is primed to light things up

Sandwich Bender2392d ago

That reminds me! I need to finish the God of War collection before GoW 3 hits.

FrankDaTank2391d ago

Hey Sandwich. While you're at it why don't you play through the original Zelda game and some other classics.

TheDarkAlbino2392d ago

Agreed. I'm glad to see that the PS3 is getting some momentum.

FrankDaTank2392d ago

How the heck can someone be a dark albino? Is that sort of like a prostitute nun?

Nostradavis2391d ago

Cream colored would technically be dark for an albino

gynecologistcobra2392d ago

Really good list with really good points. I'm sad to acknowledge that the world's love affair with Nintendo is quickly dying, but it's hard to create a new generation of NES-era gamers with NES-era nostalgia when you bring "Wii Music" into the mix.

Sandwich Bender2392d ago

I hate to say it, but I stopped playing my Wii a while back. And it pains me so. :(

Nostradavis2392d ago

The Wii isn't a bad system. My girlfriend enjoys playing New Super Mario Wii on it and the sports games are a fun change up. I'll be interested in seeing how long she remains interested in playing it though. She got it for Christmas so it's still new to her. She's remained interested in me though ... so it looks good for the Wii. =)

Nostradavis2392d ago

Guess that is what a recession does though.

FrankDaTank2392d ago

It's not like Lara Croft is relevant anymore and when is the last time Midway put out a top tier game? If they are gone they are gone for a reason.

Xi2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

there's no such thing as an exclusive 3rd party any more.

Also eidos was purchased by squareenix, they're still kicking, and their new montreal studio is working on both theif 4 and deus ex 3.

FrankDaTank2392d ago

Exclusives or not Eidos and Midway aren't relevant anymore. They would need an act of brilliance to enter the gaming market with some new life.

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The story is too old to be commented.