More Game Ruining Glitches Plague Modern Warfare 2

Baron W from AnalogHype writes: "I jumped in modern warfare 2 and was shot by a guy who had CHOPPER GUNNER BULLETS FOR AMMO, now at first I was optimistic thinking that there was a helicopter in the air and maybe I'd missed it. But after playing a total of 6 rounds with this guy and going from map to map I was convinced either he was glitching or had modded the game somehow. I left out the game and contacted everyone on my XBL friends list of the BS, I was just put through by this jackass to my amazement they all knew about the glitch and told me to go to YouTube so I did."

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Agent Smith3238d ago

Glad Infinity Ward put out that beta to find the glitches.... oh wait.

The-Warranty3238d ago

Luckily MW2 on PSN doesn't have these crazy glitches.

Snake Raiser3238d ago

I saw some Machinima where all of the bullets you fired would explode...even ones from the helicopter. Oh well. At least the picture is epic win!

-Alpha3238d ago

Yeah, good thing the PS3 version is immune to hacks and glitches /sarcasm

Anyways, IW deserves this. I like MW2 but it's a shameful, lazy, and uninspired game. Killzone 2 is definitely by Shooter of the Year. K2 also has its share of problems, but at least GG had a beta and not as many stupidly flawed design traits to their game.

I will still be a MW fan, but I am happy they are ruining their rep.

ClownBelt3238d ago


Gametrailers disagrees with you.

randomwiz3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

The glitches are kind of getting annoying now. I'd didn't mind the glitches before much, but ever since the javelin glitch, that was kind of the last straw for me. I'm getting pissed off anytime someone's been glitching.

I like MW2, but the glitches are killing the experience for me. Specs Ops was awesome, hope theres some expansions to it in the future

topdawg1223238d ago

And this is the game that GT gave game of the year, yeah right.

A Cupcake for Gabe3238d ago

Killzone 2 is such a great experience. The COD name really ruins it for other shooters. To think IW's newest game is at all GOTY worthy is a joke. MW2 is fun, but it is pure broken. I just hope all the little quirks get fixed and Killzone 3/Halo: Reach crushes this franchise for good. Let the PS3/360 have their exclusive AAA shooters, and this multiplatform POS series can finally take a dirt nap.

sikbeta3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

IW $uck$ and kod!ck too

xbox owners, think twice before buying a game from Hypetivision, the PC version is even worse

-Alpha3238d ago

Ha. Well, it's funny that GameTrailers made all these claims that GOTY nominees had to break barriers, push and innovative, blah, blah, blah, yet they awarded the title to MW2.

It sucks because I AM a MW2 fan and I do enjoy the game. I think there is a lot of unwarranted hate towards the game, but I think it's justifiable to say that the game simply didn't do any of the things GameTrailers said it did.

Regardless, GT is one site. They are entitled to their opinion, and I would respect that if they actually bothered to justify it, but their GOTY awards were garbage.

PS3Freak3237d ago

This game is worthless garbage.

Guido3237d ago

Or is this just a 360 issue? I have yet to see it online so I thought I would ask.

HappyGilmore23003237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

you people are stupid. this is not a glitch. someone is using a modded disc with some kind of host injection.


bacon133237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I have yet to see this in person but it definitely sounds like a pain in the ass to deal with. Let's hope MAG and BC:2 can dethrone this sham of a FPS experience.

Rainstorm813237d ago

MAG wont do it! I have over 60 friends on PSN and i cant find one that likes MAG. MAG is generic and dumb. Killzone 3 is a better game to put your faith in.

edgeofblade3237d ago

Oh dear god... I would defend IW up to the first few glitches, but this is too much. How do you let so many game breaking glitches fall through the cracks.

And to think, this was the game that other games were changing their release schedules for...

edgeofblade3237d ago

MAG does what it sets out to do: put 256 players on the box art. Beyond that, it's mediocre for all the hype it gets. It will do well enough, but I have higher hopes for KZ3... as long as they learn the relevant lessons from KZ2 and NOT ignore the problems like their religious fanbase wants them to.

MikeMichaels3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

...when theres a hot new online game.

The biggest games draw the most people and unfortunately, a higher potential percentage of a-holes, greifers, cheater etc.

The simple fact is no game is glitch free, but when millions of people are playing one game they will become far more apparent and plentiful.

Im not trying to defend IW or the problems, just taking a logical look at the situation.

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blackboyunltd3238d ago

these glitches are game ruining, worse game ever

Anorexorcist3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

"Did Infinity Ward wake up one day and say 'were going to release MW2 with so many f*king glitches that no matter how you play it will piss you off'"

You know what? I really think they did! All the success of COD4 must have gone to their heads as well as within their wallets and they may have just decided to just wing this game in and not give a crap how unbalanced is.

I can undoubtedly say that MW2 is more frustrating and less enjoyable than COD4.

The Commando Perk really pisses me off sometimes because sometimes I will be face-to-face with another character in the game, I'll slash at him, the knife will go right through him not killing him. Then I'll start backing away, he'll slash back at me, kill me, and in the killcam replay the guy has steady aim or scrambler equipped and doesn't even have commando equipped. Commando is practically useless and it feels like the damn perk only works when it wants to work.

cLiCK_sLiCK93237d ago

Camp of Doody : Money Wasted 2


@ Anorexorcist

totally agree with all your points - and commando, light weight + plus bullet lag = lag through shots and get knife kills for the win.

as much as people hated the 1887's ( and i totally understand why ) the one thing i liked about them was they were a good f-u to the guys running round trying to knife you. you could see them a mile away and they just could not lag through the shot to get to you.

anyway, i have used commando just to get the knife challenges, but i really hate it as a playing style.

I have always said i don't care much how people chose to play or what weapon they use. I just try to adapt. i jumped in a game with a guy ( he had a team of about 3 ) all running round with commando. first two games I did ok, but my team was crap and they just could not deal with them. we lost both games, but I stayed in anyway. then we played on underpass; I switched to the fammas/ striker/ commando and went 31 kills to 2 deaths. I hunted them down, by the time my chopper went up in the air, him and his team quit the game.

one of the most satisfying games i have played in ages.

oh the whole though IW really F-ed up MW2. Cod4 was a lot more enjoyable. even when you had a yellow bar connection it was better. now you can have a game both teams with green bars, but the bullet lag is so bad it's just horrible. if you win you get accused of cheating and if you loose you feel like you have been cheated because all you see on your kill cam is you standing around doing nothing while a guy loads a clip into you. in the actual game though you were shooting at them and then he just one shot you with whatever weapon it is. feels like no matter what gun they are using, just one bullet kills you.

anyway, rant over. good points, bubbles to you man.

BubbleSystemSuck3238d ago

STUPID PEOPLE... why traing to ruin a game like this?

wiggles3238d ago

This is like the 5th glitch article to come out about it really worth it to buy it? Because I was thinking about getting it being the 1% who didn't....but it seems like everyone and their mom is cheating in the this true??

The Lazy One3238d ago

No. Get Battlefield Bad company 2 instead.

n4f3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

im getting it. well battle field bad company 2
not modern glitwar

ambientFLIER3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Yes, it's worth it. Duh. Don't believe these stupid articles...there are some glitches, but let's put it this way...I haven't seen one in over a month on xbl. Maybe I just get lucky.

HungPHAT3237d ago

After I beat the single player & spec ops , then played the MP I was so dissapointed I sold it on Amazon and preordered Bad Company 2

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Berserk3238d ago

HAHAHA *chopper gunner bullets for ammo*HOLY SH!t