Warhawk Beta Footage: Home Made

A sweet home made video of what all those lucky beta testers are experiencing.

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God of Gaming3753d ago

Thank got Mics are not standard yet on the PS3. And not sure if this is totally news.. seems pretty bad.

boi3753d ago

arrrr i wish i got the beta too lol oh wellz my miss until it comes out fully

Violater3752d ago

when it comes out fully, people who were in the beta will have already had their practice time in.

boi3752d ago

damn your right...but hell im a quick learner...take resistance for example i kick butt with the sniper wars lol and i brought it like later then anyone else...ahem anyways yea cant wait

Rhezin3752d ago

Is that all who got in? the people who won the drawing or something? damn that sucks for ps3 owners.

warfed3752d ago

it's called a beta, people sign up, some get in some don't.... people usually don't pay to get into a beta.... **coughhalocough**

warfed3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

I'm so tired of getting disconnected from servers....

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