Live-360's Top 5 Xbox live Arcade games

What do you think of their list?

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God of Gaming3667d ago

Assault Heros needs to be on that list... Great online co-op play!

Boon Tarkas3667d ago

In my not so humble opinion

Mr Murda3667d ago

...definitely in my top 10!

Diselage3667d ago

Can't believe it's not in the top 5, MBU was fantastic and is still my number one.

Mr Murda3667d ago

5. Assault Heroes
4. Hexic
3. Mad Tracks
2. Geometry Wars
1. Worms/Small Arms (Tie)

(So, I guess it's really a top 6) ;)

TruthHurts3667d ago

is the only one that matters.
and assault heroes.

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The story is too old to be commented.