Nintendo facing new Wii patent suit

Texas firm alleges that Nintendo's latest console infringes on its design for a space-saving semiconductor structure.

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Firewire3509d ago

Here Wii go again!
I think the U.S. gov should throw out all patents.
These companies do nothing but sue on frivolous patents!

Babylonian3509d ago

They spoil everything for us gamers. You sons of b!tches, go get a decent business.

RedSeven3509d ago

"...infringes on its design for a space-saving semiconductor structure."


ITR3509d ago

I'm not even sure what the patent is??

At least in the Sony case I could understand it...this seems almost abstract.

I guess Nintendo will pay up since they already won against other companies.

Charlie26883509d ago

I think I am gonna sue Nintendo for the use fo the color white...yeah I think Ill do it, some one be sure to post it tomorrow!

dont we all love to sue?

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