PakGamers: Top 5 PS3 Games of 2009

PakGamers writes: "The year 2009 has seen some great platform exclusives, many of which saw the light of day on Sony's shiny gaming console. The PS3 itself went through some drastic changes of its own, sporting a slimmer exterior as well as a cheaper price tag. In addition to the long awaited titles, a couple of new IP's also made their way onto the console this year. Sleeper hits like Demon's Souls and inFAMOUS strengthened the PS3's games library and gave people all the more reasons to own one."

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wajhi2940d ago

only 1 multi-platform game in the whole list...Sony's first party dev were pretty busy this doubt 2009 was rocked by sony great exclusives!

xabmol2940d ago

I'm not a big fan of AssCreed so...

Switch it out with R&CF:ACiT and I will completely agree with this list.