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10 things to love about the PlayStation 3

James Rivington from Tech.co.uk:

I've been rather outspoken about the PS3 in the past. I have criticised its high price, I've called it ugly and to be honest I've given Sony's new baby a bit of a rough time. Have you ever called someone else's baby 'ugly' behind their back only to find out that actually it's quite cute after all?

That's the sort of the guilt I'm feeling right now, because after having a play with one for a week I've actually changed my mind about the PS3. It's actually..ahemm... rather good. Sure there are not a massive number of excellent games out for it yet, but as a piece of kit there are some things which I think are really really cool and worth considering. Here are ten of them: (PS3)

Violater  +   3004d ago
I guess
Talking badly about it didn't get you enough attention (worst part is initially he did not even have one to review/critique yet went ahead anyway? what a douche) so you will now try a less popular approach and actually spend time using the "kit".
Bill Gates  +   3004d ago
Add another one to the list of individuals who have seen the light.

People will eventually know what all the buzz is about. As soon as the big game titles start rolling in that is.

@OneBubbleBastard...."NO GAMES?? STILL SEXY", priceless. hahaha really funny

@poopDust....I'm also your father b1tch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
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MoonDust  +   3004d ago
"Add another one to the list of individuals who have seen the light."
You are a idiot.
closedxxx  +   3004d ago
Since he pretty much admits to making criticisms based on little or no experience with the subject matter, I find it hard to take anything he says seriously.

I really don't like hearing about how bad something sucks, especially when I've spent money on it.
But more than that, I hate hearing someone go back on their previous statements because it turns out they were an ignorant ass to begin with.
Fart_Bubbles  +   3004d ago
"Since he pretty much admits to making criticisms based on little or no experience with the subject matter, I find it hard to take anything he says seriously."

ummmmm if you look around that describes what 99.999999% of the xbots have done with the PS3. Quite frankly it makes them and you look stupid. I started out as an xbox 1 fan last gen, this gen I jumped right in, bought a 360 first(cause the Ps3's were sold out) and now I don't even touch my 360 cause the PS3 is such a superior experience.

flame on (since xbots can't handle the truth)
Firewire  +   3004d ago
PS3 Rulz!
OneBubbleBastard  +   3004d ago
hmmm 10 things to love about the PS3
10) mmmmm Now that I look at it, not THAT sexy.
kewlkat007  +   3004d ago
Whats up with this guy?
"Now, don't you just hate that Nintendo Wii?"

I think we may get a"10 things to love about the Nintendo wii" Pretty soon..

Edit: well looks like thats where it headed..
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Phlapp  +   3004d ago
I think you may have missed the irony!
MoonDust  +   3004d ago
Wow. What the point of this article?
Ten things someone like about their PS3. Kinda pointless.
10 thinks i like about my PS3.
1. it's black.
2. it cost $600, less people have it makes me feel special
3. It has controllers, SIAXIASXISAASXI or something like that
4. It works
5. Waiting for games is fun.
6. Bluray is the future
7. The future is PS3.
8. Controller is cool. Not...really...maybe a little...not... .
9. Graphics are cool
10. Delayed again? M$$%#^# F#^#^# MSFT paid them off, Sony rules!
Well that should be troubling to flame. I insulted and complemented it at the same time. Owncakes. :)
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Fart_Bubbles  +   3004d ago
we all believe you have a PS3 the way you constantly attack PS3 supporters around here.

can you feel me captain compost?? lol
MoonDust  +   3004d ago
It hurts me you would say something like that.
I like the PS3, i will buy one in time. Price drop and good games.
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Saint Sony  +   3004d ago
Just bring in 10 games to love.. then we'll see.
felidae  +   3004d ago
i have been totally anti-sony all the time and this guy felt exactly like i did when i was playing the ps3 for the first time .... it's an amazing system - no doubt about that! now bring on some software.
TLSBill  +   3004d ago
Yesterday .vs Today what a difference
Read his article from yesterday and it's pretty critical, and now this? Pretty inconsitent. I'm glad he's enjoying the PS3, now at least he may be a little more balanced.

If he's running a Core2 Quad, I'm suprised he didn't mention the PS3's DLNA access as a top 10 point. Accessing all your MP3's, pictures, & movies from your living room is one of the big things I use my PS3 for.
sonarus  +   3004d ago
Yea the DLNA thing is cool. That was one thing that my Xbox could do that jst pissed me off PS couldnt do. Next gen gaming is cool cus of updates the console never gets old. in other news still having a blast on warhawk
rusgreim  +   3004d ago
That nowhere is "Great Games" Listed.

I can get an upscaling DVD player for $85 from BBY. Why spend $600 on the PShit?

OOOOH! It has an on/off button!

Bwa ha ha, gotta love the things they find to "love" about the PS3.
nicodemus  +   3004d ago
Not sure about this list...
It seems a little shallow, especially considering that none of the "things to love" had anything to do with actually playing the games!

I don't own a PS3 (more of a 360 fan), but I DO hope that Sony gets some good games out there. If nothing else, so that their sales pick up again. They're a big part of the gaming market, and none of us (360 and Wii people as well) would benefit if they were forced to duck out...

More games, and most importantly, lower the price, and they'd get more sales (we'd probably see a lot more of these "10 things to love about PS3" lists as well)
anh_duong  +   3004d ago
5 things to love about list of top 10 things

1. they are good for site traffic
2. they are good for flamewars
3. they make you feel more secure about your purchase (an electronic comfort blanket)
4. they are good at filling editorial space when you have got nothing to talk about
5. they help you learn how to count to 10
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Captain Tuttle  +   3004d ago
Thanks man...I needed a laugh today.
kewlkat007  +   3004d ago
Yea you are right
nothing mentioned about games and such, I'm surprised "Folding" was not on there. As far as the Wireless Pad, it's really not differentiating it from the pack.

I was at Best Buy the other day and I took a stab at the PS3 and I think they had ridge racer going on there, since you can play a lot more demos now since the last time I was there. Wasn't too shabby, some of the games are very saturated and look too "glossy".

Anyhow when that list changes to "10 Games that made me buy the PS3",I will like that more so, then wireless controller, good BD player...etc
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SmokeyMcBear  +   3004d ago
haha too funny you talk about glossy look on the ps3, i remember a lot of people talked about the washed out colors, so i guess the ps3 has the extremes, its either too glossy and saturated, or washed out, at the same time. If you are looking for glossy, just take a look at Juarez game for the 360, take a look at those nice big shiny rocks everywhere, thats too funny.
Laka  +   3004d ago
Too big ang clungy for my taste, I need a slim dow version asap.
iceice123  +   3004d ago
10 thing to hate about the PS3.
1. No games.
2. Price point.
3. Horrid online.
4. lack of exclusives.
5. blu-ray.
6. size.
7. no inovation.
8. Its fanbase.
9. Killzone
10. Lack of 4D gameplay.
Kaneda  +   3003d ago
blu-ray is more innovated than DVD that came with the Xbox 360... Isn't DVD is almost like 10 years old...
Rasulis  +   3004d ago
What's kind of comical to me and ironic is he makes this list of 10 things he likes about the PS3 but then at the end states how he wouldn't spend 400 ueros on one and it was a gift from sony. Apperantly they're not 400 ueros likeable.

I also like how he complains about the wireless adapter on the 360 because you have to pay extra but doesn't take into account you still spend less on a 360 once you buy one.

I have to agree putting the power button on the list is also kind of weak but it's his list.

I'm sorry but this guy has tool stamped on his forhead.

"The PS3 is no good and I wouldn't buy one because it's ugly, blah blah blah."
"Hey Sony gave me a free PS3 let me make a 10 list of great things about the system a day later." Dumb.
ivant  +   3003d ago
You sir r an idiot
I don't know where you learnt English but he didn't say he wouldn't buy a Ps3.

ENGL 101

"...I am not sure HOW I WOULD FEEL had I spend £400 on it mind you, but still having had a really good go with one (thanks, Sony) has showed that even one of the PS3's biggest critics can be won over."

He didn't say he wouldn't buy it. He just was unsure how he would feel if he were to buy it at that price.

Now back to the books and a little more study and then you might have something worth saying.
Sphinx  +   3004d ago
Of course he likes it...
...read the end, Sony sent him one, or at least let him borrow one for a long time. I'd definitely love it if it were free, too. My problem with the PS3 is not anything anti-sony, just can't justify the price right now (games?!)... especially with our first kid on the way.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3004d ago
All I need is one
It's a Playstation .
Saint Sony  +   3004d ago
Yeah, PS1
Rasulis  +   3004d ago
You sir, are an idoit.

If I'm understanding your reasoning properly Phill Harrison could crap in a box, label it Playstation, and you would buy it. Hell I'll crap in a box, label it Playstation, and sell it to you for 600$; Pure genious. Thank you for showing me the light.

I have a feeling you're going to get ripped off in your life more then a few times.
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TruthHurts  +   3004d ago
One Reason To Love Your Ps3.
it won`t break on you (multiple times)

"what is living"

sadiq  +   3004d ago
man although im a ps3 fan, either he was bribed or if he actually bought one he was convinced by the ps3
Rasulis  +   3004d ago
Does any one read the whole articles?
He didn't buy one. It was a gift from Sony. The only reason I call him a tool and find this article pointless is because at the end of it he says he wouldn't pay 400 euros for a PS3. Why are you supporting a product you won't even buy yourself? Because it was a gift? Well the rest of us have to spend the 400euros so please don't miss lead us.
TruthHurts  +   3004d ago
its well worth the price, if you had one you`d know.
Rasulis  +   3004d ago
You might think so, but the reviewer doesn't. He even states it in his article, making his whole article hypocritcal. He is supporting a product he himself won't buy which a horrible thing to do as a journalist. Why would you say how good a product is when you aren't willing to buy it yourself?

I have used the PS3 quit abit, and I personally don't feel, as a gaming console, it is worth 600$ in it's current state. Maybe if I cared about blu-ray movies I could justify it but I don't. I might sound biased but I loved the PS2 and was looking forward to the PS3 until Sony ruined it with delays, lies, no games, and a ridiculous price. I'll wait and once I feel it's worth the money I will pick on up but not until then; it might never happen. I don't need to waste money to early adopt for a few games.
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ivant  +   3003d ago
Learn how to read the Queen's english fool

"...I am not sure how I would feel had I spend £400 on it mind you, but still having had a really good go with one (thanks, Sony) has showed that even one of the PS3's biggest critics can be won over."

He didn't say he wouldn't buy it. He just was unsure how he would feel if he were to buy it at that price.
MK_Red  +   3004d ago
I love Playstation too! Hope more good games come faster.
drtysouf21  +   3004d ago
PS3 is truly an excellent console. i like the other too.
Boon Tarkas  +   3004d ago
If James Rivington has changed his mind.... (who?)
Then I guess it's pretty much all over for the 360!


I shall now go and drown my sorrows in some serious gaming.
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Kaneda  +   3003d ago
7 vs 10
7 things to love about the Xbox 360 (2 were the same) vs 10 things to love about the PlayStation 3
Figboy  +   3003d ago
ten reasons why i love my PS3?

in no particular order

1.) it's quiet. this is indeed an issue. my PC makes it impossible for me to watch *ANYTHING. i have to turn it off. my PS3 can be on all night and day, folding at home or whatever, and i barely realise it's on (it's the green and blue light that give it away).

2.) built in Wi Fi. i was going to go for the $500 PS3, but i'm so glad i went with the $600, as the built in Wi Fi is indeed a godsend. in my apartment, we have four computers, two PS3's two X Boxes, one 360, and 2 PS2s. the computers and 360 are connected to net wired via our router, so having the Wi Fi built in is awesome.

3.) Wireless controller. i love being able to turn the system off and on via the controller. there's nothing more irritating than cuddling with the missus, watching a movie, and drowsing off with her in your arms, only to have to get up and turn off the console. now, i can shut it off, and fall right asleep too. and of course, not having wires in the way is great.

4.) Free online. i'm not a big online gamer, so i dabble only occassionally. i don't feel i should have to pay for this. especially since i don't have to pay for it on my PC either. i don't have to feel obligated to play online because i'm paying for it. i play when i feel like, no money wasted.

5.) Reliable hardware. since i've owned my PS3, it's frozen maybe twice, and that was due to bad game code (i'm looking at you Activision). it doesn't get hot, it doesn't randomly crash. overall, it's a well built piece of hardware. not having to replay massive ammounts of level because the system crashed is worth the cost of admission by itself (i've had that experience playing the 360 with my roommate. his brand new 360, bought a year after launch, crashed within the first 20 minutes of hooking it up and popping in Gears of War. it crashed again about another 20 minutes after that. we stopped playing it and went back to the PS3. needless to say, it didn't crash).

6.) Web Browser. much like the wireless controller, the web browsing function has saved me plenty of times having to move from the comfort of my nice warm bed, turning on my loud PC, and checking my mail, or, even sites like this. i may not be able to visit flash intensive sites, but the ones that i go to the most are just fine. it's a little thing, but i love the convenience.

7.) 60gig HDD. my roommate's 360, after doing all the formatting and what not, had 13gigs free. he filled it within a few weeks, and is constantly managing HDD space. my PS3, after formatting, had 55gigs free. after 4, 5 months of owning it, i still have 28 gigs free. and that's after downloading demos, movies, caching to the hard drive, and putting tons of my artwork, photos, and music on the drive. i entertained the thought of buying an external HDD, but i don't have a need for it, and if i did, i'd just use my fiancees external HDD (which is actually hooked up to the console now). which brings me to:

7) USB support. i absolutely *LOVE the fact that the PS3 is compatible with most USB devices. i didn't have to buy a headset, because my PS2 headset was compatible. i didn't have to buy a keyboard and mouse, because my PS3 supported the ones i already owned. same with my PC camera.

8) DVD upscaling. this is a new one, but thanks to the PS3's very quality upscaling, my old DVD collection has been given new life. movies that i was tired of watching i'm popping in like mad, just to see how they look. from the Matrix Trilogy to Lord of the Rings, i've watched a nice ammount of DVDs since that update.

9) Blu Ray. while we're on movies, i have to say that i'm hooked on Blu Ray. or, at least, HD movies in general (i think HD DVD is a great high def format also). i'm glad for the inclusion of a Blu Ray drive in the PS3, as i never would have gotten a Blu Ray, or HD DVD player otherwise. not for the prices either format were fetching. as a gaming console that plays high def movies, the PS3 is a steal. i'm a huge movie buff, as well as gamer, so i was sold on the combination.

even my mother was impressed by the PS3, and is interested in, at the least, getting a high def TV, after seeing Casino Royale on Blu Ray, playing on the PS3. naturally, she's not a gamer, but she was certainly impressed by the visuals in Ninja Gaiden Sigma, when i showed it to her on my TV. she's going to buy an HDTV for her house at some point when the prices of 46" or greater sets drop more (like, under $1000). she had no idea what Blu Ray was until i told her about it. she may not buy a PS3 for games after she gets her TV, but if it drops in price, and is the better deal for Blu Ray, she'd probably pick one up. i expect her to buy a stand alone Blu Ray player however. or i'll just pick up one for her as a gift once she gets her HDTV.

i also am a believer that a larger disc capacity will be vital to gaming this generation. each generation before this one has benefitted from a larger storage capacity. why should this one be any different?

without CD, games like FFVII and MGS wouldn't have been possible. without DVD, games like GTA3 and Shadow of the Colossus would not have been possible.

sure, games are *LOOKING great right now, but we still haven't seen that next generation *GAMEPLAY leap. games like GTAIV, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Mass Effect, and MGS4 will be the start of this. each would benefit from a larger storage capacity, Blu Ray, HD DVD, or whatever.

needless to say, i'm glad Sony included the drive in the machine. it's saved me quite a bit of money (now i don't have to buy a next gen gaming console *AND a high def movie player).

10) Games. yes, right *NOW, the PS3 doesn't have much to hoot about (besides Resistance, Motorstorm, and VF5), but games are coming. between Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Uncharted, MGS4, Ratchet and Clanke, Heavenly Sword, and Folklore, to name but a small, small few, the PS3 has the types of games that *I, PERSONALLY, enjoy. you may not dig them, or be interested in them, but that's not my concern in the least. what matters, is that those games appeal to *ME. if they didn't, i wouldn't have gotten a PS3, despite it's other wonderful merits listed above.

there are actually more reasons why i enjoy the PS3, but this about covers the main reasons.
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nanometric  +   3003d ago
Amen! Atleast one rationaly thinking person!
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