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Forza Dev: 2010 Incredibly Busy Year for Franchise

The Forza franchise is the flagship racing title for the Xbox 360. After three incarnations of the racing series, it looks like fans will have a lot to look forward to this year. According to Turn 10 Studios, 2010 will be a very busy year for the Forza franchise. (Forza Motorsport 2, Forza Motorsport 3, Xbox 360)

saint_john_paul_ii  +   1970d ago
"Or will we see another Xbox 360 version compatible with Natal release during the fall season?"

yes because you want to play a simulator with an invisible wheel. as if Forza cant get any worse...
EvilBlackCat  +   1969d ago
"Or will we see another Xbox 360 version compatible with Natal release during the fall season?"

yes because you want to play a simulator with an invisible wheel. as if Forza cant get any worse..."

1st. Why are you mad? you dont own forza 3 and you dont gives a fnck about x360.

2nd. "simulator with an invisible wheel" people have been palying GT games with a PS controller so a long time so what is you point here?
Sims are supposed to be playable with a wheel or a console controller?
zag  +   1969d ago
I think the point is.

Natal is just a gimmick, it's the same thing as the PSeye.

Some of the PSeye games already have voice control/commands.

And guess what your still waving your hands around but without any sort of controller.

In terms of precise control like a controller or steering wheel, natal and PSeye just will never have it, because there will be a movement so small that you'll want to do, but Natal or PSeye can't pick it up and you end up waving your arms even more so then crash the car or the other is it'll be exaggerated to the point that you crash anyway.

As a party trick they are nice as a kids game/gimmick it's great.

As a die hard control that you'll only ever use lol, never happen, MS are pushing it because it's gimmick money it's something they can say they have as something that's new but it's only new to 360 owners no one else.

The Wii controller suffers the exact same problems, it put me off owning a Wii, the new motion plus addon does make things better but to the point that it's fixes every problem... nope.

As for an answer to the article, to be honest what have Turn 10 been doing? they made the game then nothing.

Ployphony have been doing car TV shows that you view via GT doing virtual car shows when new car models are released and that very second can be driven not before, and GT hasn't released yet.

Then last week they released a time demo that gives you the chance to drive in a real race car in a real life race, you can't back up your car sim anymore than that by making it give someone a chance they generally wouldn't ever have in real life.
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MattyF  +   1970d ago
Let's see what Turn 10 has prepped for 2010. DLC would be nice but let's hope for more.
Saaking  +   1969d ago
I hope it's not a new Forza. Forza 2 to Forza 3 comparisons clearly show there's little improvement. They need to take their time with the game and not rush it.
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Dirk Benedict  +   1970d ago
Busy playing catchup to a demo. When GT5 is unleashed on this planet Turn10 will no longer be playing catchup, but going back to the drawing board. http://i995.photobucket.com...
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Comedy  +   1969d ago
FLOP10 to the rescue
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steve30x  +   1969d ago
Im pretty sure they said there would be at least one dlc each month.
horris36   1969d ago | Off topic | show
hazardman  +   1969d ago
Looking forward to whatever Turn10 does for DLC..funny how people are so critical of Forza 3 and have probably never played the game. I get the fact that GT5 is gonna be better, but Forza is a really good racing game for the Xbox360. GT5 will have a spot in my game library when it releases as well. That's the good thing about owning PS3/X360 I don't have to hate like 98% of the so called gamers on this site.
boodybandit  +   1969d ago
"funny how people are so critical of Forza 3 and have probably never played the game"
How far along are you into Forza 3?
thief  +   1969d ago
Its the hype
Games that get overhyped and are used to troll against competing games naturally come under attack/ If turn 10 had kept their mouths shut, nobody would care about them.
snake_eater  +   1969d ago
Flopza 1.4 is on its way....
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   1969d ago
Forza 4 by year's end, anyone?
EnViAbLe27  +   1969d ago
I took them 2 years to make Forza 3 with hardly that much improvements. I don't think this dev is capable to pop out another one in a year.
bunfighterii  +   1969d ago
if there's a 4th forza already in the works i'll be really peeved. as it is the 3rd is not much more than Forza 2 but with new cars.

my hunch is DLC support.
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The Shadow  +   1969d ago
cars from forza 1, 2 and 3 can compete online together? or could it be the franchise compatible with logitech wheel.
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level 360  +   1968d ago
A very good game pity about the atrocious loading times... plus can't use my G25 wheel.

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