Are Religion and Gaming Mortal Enemies?

It is not unusual to see various religious groups criticizing videogames. Since this country is predominantly Christian in philosophy and dogma, it is this religious group that leads the attacks more times than not. From the recent post at 1UP showing a small group in Maine criticizing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, to the older discussions against movies like The Da Vinci Code and the Golden Compass (which were turned into games as well), gamers and religious groups seem to be constantly at odds with one another.

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sinncross3063d ago

Some interesting points though I think it comes down to how religious ppl interact with the gaming medium.

I think, for a religious person, as long as gaming does not take preference over their religion, and that they don't just accept violent acts, for example, in a game because its not real, then I dont think its that much of a problem for religious gamers.

Sure, I can see why some religious ppl can have a problem with certain games... their view points are valid enough because of their own cultural-moral values.

It really comes down to being able to discern, for religious games, between right and wrong, fiction and reality. etc

Though if you are not religious, then you can enjoy your games :)

blizzard_cool3063d ago

It depends how much the game is based on the religion. Lets take Dante's Inferno.

It's based on the christian religion for the most part (actually it's based on a book but whatever...) but it doesn't do anything that somehow insults me for being a christian or disrespects my believes.

But if a game tries to criticize me for believing in something then that's a big problem. You don't mess with that kind of stuff.

You only mess with someones religion if it teaches him to be "evil". Religions should teach the basics of good behavior, like try to be a good person.

If it teaches people to be "nice" then I have no problem whatsoever with a religion.

xabmol3063d ago


"You only mess with someones religion if it teaches him to be "evil"."

Yup, LOL!!

blizzard_cool3063d ago

I know it sound retarded but that how it is for me :P

jmare3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Which religions teach people to be evil?

EDIT: @ Xambol You're not supposed to give him the answers. How else is he going to learn?

xabmol3063d ago

Most of them.

A quick Google should prove this.

Reibooi3063d ago

I remember when La Pucelle Tactics was censored because Mastiff was nervous at the time that the religious community would get in a up roar over the game. So they removed all the crosses from the game including the ones that were part of Priers outfit.

From the Wiki
When La Pucelle was released in North America, almost every instance of a cross was removed from the game. This included the many crosses adorning the clothing of Prier and Alouette, altering the shape of Croix's gun, and altering spell animations with the exception of holy panels. The "Dark World" was originally "Hell". Croix's prominent cigarette was also removed from both his character portraits and his sprites. This includes a pose of Croix taking a drag from a cigarette with a cigarette missing.

Mastiff offered an explanation for these changes in an interview with just before the game's release. According to Bill Schwarz of Mastiff:

"There are well organized forces that work hard to punish software makers and sellers for what they consider religious transgressions. As a very small and brand new publisher without deep pockets we need to pick and choose our battles. Had we thought the crosses were meaningful we would have fought. But they weren't. And we'd much rather have the game widely available then [sic] face disappointed gamers who cannot find the title. It was the right decision, though as we grow as company we may make different calls in the future."

So My answer to the question? Yes it is because they can normally just never let things be.

SilentNegotiator3063d ago

I'm a Christian and I see nothing in the bible that should make criminal of a video game.

xabmol3063d ago

Even the thought of killing is a sin acording to your Bible.

Have a nice day sinner. :)

SilentNegotiator3063d ago

I'm sure that's what told you.
Please, share the verse, you oh so knowledged person of biblical passage.

I killed some pixels. oh noes.
God's not going to give a crap if I think about killing some Helghans and Helios.

xabmol3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I don't think I've ever been to that site but I did lol at the name.

I actually remember hearing it during a sermon when I was younger. It applies to all sins. Any thought of comiting a sin IS a sin.

I do not know the actual verse, no. BUT you should. It is your religion after all. Shouldn't you know what it is you are believing in so whole heartedly? Or is this what they refer to a BLIND faith?

Read your own Bible. Why is it Atheist have to read your Bible just to show whats actually there?

talltony3063d ago

Good thing believing in what the bible soley teaches actually forgives us from sin. Ok, good day!

Jrome3063d ago

You are definitely not wrong that thinking about something is as much a sin as actually doing it, yet you do not understand the principle because you would rather be ignorant.

The reason it is still considered is a sin is because you are still thinking about doing wrong to someone, while the bible says you should love your enemies (people bring up wars blah blah, wars are also due to human ignorance regardless of religion or belief, just because someone says they are fighting for their religion doesn't mean they are right to do it, it means they are being ignorant, a common trait for mankind). In fact IMO religion itself has corrupted the true principles of the bible.

However, when you realize that the bible also says that we are all sinners, then you realize that we sin everyday. We sin when we judge other people (especially christians who believe they should police the world and cause wars because of it.), we sin in many ways yet at the end of the day the main idea is trying to be a better person, not trying to convert anyone.

Of course, no one pays attention to the actual message and instead ignorance leaves us where we are today. The funny thing is that ignorance on both sides of the table, yet the 2 extremes don't realise this, atheists attack people for their beliefs after ridiculing those very same religions for attacking people based on their beliefs as well.

Then once you take a step back and realize that we are all ignorant idiots you will realize why we are destined to fail as a species and why peace will never be possible. If wars weren't "starting because of religion" or things weren't being restricted "due to religion", they would be started for other reasons, nothing would change. It would be the same story, different book.

chidori6663063d ago

"I'm a Christian and I see nothing in the bible that should make criminal of a video game."

means that if written in the bible that crime was playing a video game you would not play .. ummm this and is a prove that all Christians are puppets of religion.

man .. I'm proud to be an atheist because of that ;)

Immortal3213063d ago

a sin starts in the mind of the sinner, how you think I got kick out of heaven.

AAACE53063d ago

For me, Gaming is more of a think outside of the box experience. Religion is more of a shut up, do as I say and don't question me experience!

Some may disagree, but think about it. Whenever I ask someone about something that doesn't make sense about religion, I usually get... "Who are you to question god?" or if they can't think of a good answer it's usually... "You must be a athiest!" or "You're going to hell!"

I worked with a girl a while back who went to church every sunday and we got into a religious conversation. I explained to her that I just question everything about everything. When she went back and told some people at her church, she couldn't figure out a way to explain it, so she just labeled me as an athiest!

Nevermind, this really ain't that important!

Tachyon_Nova3062d ago

I've said this before, religious people are the biggest and the worst fanboys in the world. They strongly believe that their one is the right/best one without thinking about it or looking at evidence which renders what they believe to be true utterly ridiculous (Earth 6000 years old, evolution not being a fact etc.). So I'd have to say that religion is certainly compatible with gaming.

To the second commenter, The Bible in my opinion is a vile piece of work in the most part. It features such stuff as The Almighty turning people into salt for turning around when he (it?, well apparently not, after all, a God who has no fellows really needs reproductive organs doesn't it, of course). The bible also says that it is not our place to judge other people, yet it also condemns Homosexuals, people whose actions in private in no way affect the lives of others, and disbelievers to death, as they are apparently in some sort of business arrangement with the devil.

You're loving and merciful God also orders people to burn their only Son's, offer up their daughters to be raped to death so that male guests will not be taken instead, stone people to death for working on the Sabbath, kill people for worshipping other gods... But of course you know this surely if you are a Christian, as you should be reading you're bible regularly. So why do still think that the bible is a good moral code, a way to live ones life by?

Tachyon_Nova3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Deleted By Me - See comment 2's replies.

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xabmol3063d ago

(I didn't read past the tittle)

jmare3063d ago

To be more accurate, ignorance and logic are mortal enemies. There are educated people that believe in God, but they tend to be more spiritual than religious.

xabmol3063d ago

"To be more accurate, ignorance and logic are mortal enemies."

What I said is accurate and relevant to the subject. So i don't think that it is possible to be more accurate. I don't even think what you are saying is accurate at all. Logic is not opposite ignorance. Ignorance is not knowing or lack of knowledge. Logic examines general forms which arguments may take, which forms are valid, and which are fallacies. Religion is based on fallicies and preached as fact. You are never allowed to challeng it. Therefor religion is opposite logic.

"There are educated people that believe in God, but they tend to be more spiritual than religious."

This is an oppinion. And has nothing to do with my comment. I don't understand what you are trying to say here...

jmare3063d ago

Religion is not based on fallacy, the arguments used to support religion most often are fallacious. And I say ignorance because 1) most people that make these comparisons tend to view religious people as ignorant at best, and 2) I may have misinterpreted your meaning. I saw your comment as an implied assertion that religious people are ignorant.

And while ignorance and Logic are not opposites, you cannot deny that where there is ignorance, fallacious arguments are usually the order of the day.

As for the second part of my comment, it was a continuation of the preceding point.

Esena3063d ago

"Religion is based on fallacies and preached as fact."

No. The bible is based on truth and preached simply as that...truth. I don't know where you get your information, but you should probably go somewhere else. You might wanna actually pick up the bible and, well I don't know, read it...?

xabmol3063d ago

Do you honestly belive that he built a boat big enough to carry 2 of every animal on earth, gathered them all up, and then spread them all out accross the contenents?

"The bible is based on truth"

Esena3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

That's not fair! You can't pick that one...

I don't understand why atheists have a hard time believing that, yet they believe that everything came from nothing, that we are just a RANDOMly evolved species from little tiny particles of matter.

After believing all that...understanding that Noah gathered all those animals in an ark doesn't seem so improbable.

ShadowRyuX3063d ago

many atheists criticize religion for being unbelievable, but yet the Big Bang Theory is as believable as me telling you I threw a bucket of Legos at a wall and they formed a spaceship. Or that I put watch parts in a cup, shook it up, and it formed a Rollex. The truth is the probability of the universe as we know it being a result of a random chain of reaction, it is practically zero. Even the chance that a single protein was made is highly unlikely, let alone complex neural networks and organisms.

The fact of the matter is C.S. Lewis, a great Christian writer was in fact an atheist, one who criticized Christians along with his colleagues, but one day he decided to investigate religion. He found that if there was to be a true religion, it would be one of three. After deep analyses of these three religions he ultimately found that Christianity was the truth and became a Christian, the very same he and his colleagues chastised before. And this isn't an uncommon story, there are actually quite a few writers/journalists who have done the same and come out Christians. For example there is Lee Strobel, who investigated Christ and Christianity and in his search was turned into a Christian.

Now on to you, xambol, you are ignorant and it is simple as that. To make such absurd claims that all religion makes people evil and that religion and logic can not exist together as they contradict the other is simply idiotic. You are almost as bad as the youtubers who will go ahead and claim that Christians don't believe in gravity. You are the lowest form of life and that is pure ignorance. I would recommend that before you start another argument you arm yourself with facts instead of ignorant slander.

doG_beLIEfs3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

So it is easier to believe that a being of unimaginable power complexity and knowledge (enough to create the universe or multiverses) came into existence out of nothing over the big bang?

The LHC will prove or disprove the Higgs Boson (God particle) if it exists or not. If it is found then we will be very close to proving the theory of everything including combining 3 of the 4 known forces (electromagnetic, strong, weak, and nuclear) so far Fermi with its particle accelerator has combined 2 of them (electroweak) i think.

It is mind boggling to know that the key to understanding the universe lies in the quantum level. What we are trying to do is to create the conditions of the very early universe (I am talking millionths of seconds) where the 4 forces were 1. Once we do that we will understand the origin of the universe and how it happened. Perhaps we will even be able to get past the singularity.

As for the big bang...cosmic radiation left over from the big bang can be heard from any radio, tv, many different things. So if the big bang did not happen, where is that cosmic radiation coming from?

Every star that is born and dies, everytime that happens heavier and heavier elements are formed. Without stars going super nova WE WOULD NOT BE HERE, that is not an opinion that is a proven fact. We are all star dust left over from super novas billions of years ago.

So, you can realize that humans are very close to unraveling the secrets of the universe or you can believe in a bunch of stories written by 2000 year old ignorant goat herders who herded their goats in the DESERT.

Call me silly but don't goats eat GRASS? And is a desert a good place for grass to grow? So why do so many believe what these goat herders wrote when they were ignorant and could not comprehend much less understand how BIG the universe really is with its billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars?

Give a monkey a brain and he'll swear he is the center of the universe.


Oh, and those that say the Bible is truth? Just because it is written does NOT make it true. Again people goat herders, desert, not even having the knowledge of the solar system we are in much less galaxy much less universe and perhaps multiverses floating on a membrane.

Doubt is the basis of ALL scientific knowledge

Doubt is the enemy of ALL religions

Reason and logic people...not stories written by ignorant goat herders

a_squirrel3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

What's ironic, is that science actually supports the bible.

Look up DNA, it's information, not matter. Yes matter contains the information, but to get information, you need codes, languages, intellegence.

The Big Bang illustration: I put a grenade on the table.... now lets see how long it'll take to blow up.

That whole creating life in a lab was total crap, it had about 2% that was proteins, and 98% materials hazardous to life, including tar.

The conservation of centrifical force

By the way, killing is not a sin, murder is. Try to find the difference. Translation of words can be incorrect, but then thats a human flaw.

If we're evolving, how come things are getting worse?

Carbon 14 dating depends on:
1) The amount of carbon 14 is at equalibrium(spellcheck please?) which the dude who came up with this said himself: It should take about 30,000 years old, but we already know that it's millions of years old.

So how come when we do this with things that are alive, or with a known age, it;s way off? How come there was more carbon 14 in the aptmosphere a few years ago? and how come things that have no known age are then the age guessed?

Bad scientists try to prove themselves right. Good scientist try to prove themselves wrong -Einstein

Actually, even Einstein beliieved in God. Although he did not know about the personal part, he knew that there was a God that created everything

The Geologic Column is found in only one place. In textbooks. The date the rock by the animal found in them and the animal by the rock they were found in.... <-dumb

@above, you say it's science, but now you sound like a jedi or some lord of the rings dude

PS I played GTA when I was a kid, and i've gotten into 2 fights in my life (physical) although i was 8.... I think it's funny to see a ragdoll fall down stairs, or be blasted into a wall. But not if it's real, the only problem is with people that have a problem thinking that this is okay, and most bigshot religous think the EVERYONE is like thtat, when they aren't. They're just speaking for the dumb people. That's why you hear them a lot. I'm not saying im perfect, but that I have good character despite bad influence.

what's sad is that evolution is based on mutations that are good. The only problem is that mutations are NEVER good. The
is only one 'evolutionary change' that is real, and it's called micro evolution, but is known as variation. Ex. I can have all kinds of corn right? but i cant have a corn the size of a car. There are limits to these variations
....*waits till I'm reported for spam

ShadowRyuX3063d ago

"So it is easier to believe that a being of unimaginable power complexity and knowledge (enough to create the universe or multiverses) came into existence out of nothing over the big bang?"

Let me ask you a question, if we were to assume the big bang theory is true, then where did that originate? And you can't say that it isn't important, because it is. Right now we are at an argument of origins. It is a very difficult argument on both sides and I feel that the truth is something that no one could even begin to understand. Now the big question is when did existence begin? When did time begin? Eventually some time down the line what is needed for the BBT to be correct needed to come into existence. Wouldn't it make sense that a being, outside of time and space, created the world? Honestly, even if they proved that the BBT was right, I wouldn't be satisfied, because if looking at the origin of the universe from a purely scientific standpoint, we shouldn't exist! At some point something HAD to happen. If you find the origin of the BBT, then what is the origin of that? And then the origin of that? And it keeps going on and on. Do you see what I am getting at?

However, I am not going to argue with someone who is ignorant enough to claim that the Jewish people were stupid goat herders. You do realize that in many ways the Jews were far, far ahead of their time? I can't even begin to explain on how much wrong there is in your ignorant statement! It baffles me on how people can be so presumptuous and think such folly! In order to be a good "debater" on your point, you have to know everything about your side and even more about the opposition. Also it is not wise to insult the opposition, as it seems like of act of desperation.

n4f3063d ago

to xabmol

to anybody else that try to prove the bible is fake,try to learn the bible first than after then at least prove it with fact.
and i dont understand people trying to prove that God is imaginary. Even some scientist will affirm you that God does exist.

big bang theory, big sh!t theory. scientist say that before big bang there nothing. and according to scientist with nothing you get nothing.
so something is missing. then again, its only a theory

talltony3063d ago

The laws of thermodynamics prevent the universe from being eternal. Also how could their be a painting without a painter. Study the bible and then study archeology and you will see that non Christian writings support the existence of Jesus Christ! He lived! And people died for what they believed what was true. I don't mean to get all religious on some of you atheist but I just ask that you study the bible yourself and see if you can find god. Some of you are looking for facts to try and disprove god but as time will tell You Never Will! Trying to disprove him only brings you further way. I challenge you guys to do unbiased research forthe existence of God. Peace and happy new year!

xabmol3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Esena - "That's not fair! You can't pick that one..."

LMAO!! I'm sorry. I forgot that you can pick and choose which parts of the bible to believe. /s

ShadowRyuX - "many atheists criticize religion for being unbelievable, but yet the Big Bang Theory is as believable as me telling you I threw a bucket of Legos at a wall and they formed a spaceship."

You clearly have no idea what the big bang theory is. Or the theory of evolution. Go read a book. (One that isn't in the fiction section of the library.)

"You are the lowest form of life and that is pure ignorance. I would recommend that before you start another argument you arm yourself with facts instead of ignorant slander."

Wow... Ironic much?

doG beLIEfs, thank you for being one of the (few) sane people here. I gave you a +bub. :)

a_squirrel - "Ex. I can have all kinds of corn right? but i cant have a corn the size of a car. There are limits to these variations"

Actually you could make corn the size of a car. It would just take a while to select the favored mutations and allow those to grow. Repeat those steps long enough and voila! Ever seen the largest apple? It's over 4 pounds. Lemons, 11 pounds 9 ounces. Pumpkins, 1,725 pounds.

n4f - "scientist say that before big bang there nothing. and according to scientist with nothing you get nothing."

Another person who doesn't even know what the Big Bang Theory is... Our schooling system is really going down the drain. =/

Tachyon_Nova3062d ago

Ahhhh, you guys are great thinkers of this modern world aren't you (commentors 2.6 and 2.7). Comment 2.8 points out the problem with God perfectly, and how it presents a vastly larger problem that the Big Bang Theory. After all, all that, at least as our models predict, reequires to happen is for energy to exist. Time nor matter need to exist for the big bang theory to occur. Then all that happens is the energy rapidly expands, not explodes, which indeed "RANDOMLY" led to the formation of matter. Under different circumstances, It may not have formed matter, energy may be all that existed. But that is almost certainly how the Universe "Started" (as time didn't exist until the Big Bang, it started with the Big Bang.

Yes, that does sound hard to comprehend, and I understand the issue, how did that energy come into existence. This is a hugh problem, I can see that, but the problem this represents in terms of it being accepted as at least plausible is minor, for the reason that energy is simple, not complex.

Let's move on to God, Now God is a being made of nothing that exists everywhere, and didn't come into existence, it was just always there. Yup, that sounds right on the money. Hang on a sec? A God that is powerful/knowledgable/experien ced enough to create Billions of Galaxy's, Billions more Stars, and Billions, possibly Trillions more planets, plus an all encompasing Chemisty/Physics model for the Universe to run off, not to mention all of the animals, plants, bacteria, etc as it exists today, plus a 500 million year long backstory in the form of fossils, and a 13 Billion year long backstory, again which never actually happened, in the form of Stars, residual radiation etc, in all in under a week, is what you believe in is it not? And you think that is not only likely, it had to have happened like that, and is inherently simple? Thats what the Bible says is it not? It is indeed, so good luck with "the bible is factual", you convince noone but those who don't care enough about religion to think about what they are getting into, people who don't know what the Bible actually says (to be fair, thats the majority of Christians), and those lacking logic centers in the Brain.

Did you have a nice Christmas?

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acere3063d ago

to stay away from all the diabolical crap dent need that king of evil influence from a video game that is supposed to by enougt whit the way the world is.

Kakihara3063d ago

Religion and the personal pet hates of the person who holds that religion are mortal enemies. I've seen just about everything condemned on religious grounds from gravity to the teletubbies.

AliTheBrit193063d ago

Me and Religion are mortal enemies

Proud Atheist here, and I say f*ck religion and all the ugliness that comes with it.

jmare3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Atheism is your religion. Just because you believe in "Nothing," doesn't mean you don't believe in something.

EDIT: Wow, asshole, sensitive much? Obviously, atheism isn't a "religion," but atheists act just like the religious zealots they claim to be superior to. Case in point: I used a metaphor based upon the human need to believe in something, whether it be in God or Science or whatever, and you assumed I was disparaging your beliefs and attacked. Just like the zealots do.

And while atheists aren't organized, most Western countries acknowledge them and their right to exist. Also, for not being organized, atheists seem to often have a similar set of beliefs that they all come to without the benefit of a church. Even though you could argue that the intellectual community found in universities are the clergy.

Also, I didn't say you were wrong, just that you believe in something. And from my experience, most atheists are just as zealous in their beliefs as are religious people. Calm down.

EDIT2: If you notice, I put nothing in quotes. It was meant as a simplification in order to make the point more concise, not to suggest that you actually have no beliefs. Fvck, haven't you ever heard of metaphor?

AliTheBrit193063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

^^ Umm no, a religion is an organisation of sorts

It's own group, recognised by the government

there's no church for atheists, no set rule of beliefs, holy crap learn something.

And Atheism is not "believing in nothing" it is NOT believing in any Deity's

It's usually creationists who like to say that we believe in "nothing" to put a negative view on us, when in fact we just don't believe in a very specific thing - Deity's, to believe in God or any other kind of Deity you are a Theist, to not believe in any Deity's you are Atheist. It's pretty damn simple :-)

xabmol3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Did you know that you are also an Atheist? There are plenty of other Gods you do not belive in.

Does that mean you have 2 religions? You better go pray about that one before your God sends you to an eternity of suffering in Hell. ...because he loves you...

jmare3063d ago

I'm not sure what your issue is, but you seem to be attributing a lot of stereotypes to me that don't really apply. My comments to Ali were based on my belief that all people have to believe in something as far as what could be called the "WHY" questions.

Many people choose religion. I personally feel religion is a corruption of spirituality by taking something inherent in all people and manipulating it in order to control others.

Many choose science and/or atheism. My problem with that is most people who rely on science, logic, etc. are trying to use the answers from "HOW" questions for "WHY" questions.

Please notice that I have never once said that atheism is wrong or pushed my beliefs on anyone here. I haven't once said which, if any, God or Gods I believe in. Nor have I tried to impose those beliefs upon anyone here. My point was based on my experience that even though atheists claim to despise theists and their behavior, they act remarkably similar. All that needs to be changed is what they believe in.

And believing in only one god does not make you an atheist. You are only an atheist if you believe in no god.

duplissi3063d ago

jmare, its nice to come into a thread about religion and actually see someone use intelligent arguments and points instead of the usual unintelligent and hateful claims about religion from both sides.

i usually feel as though i need to take a shower and weep for humanity after reading some of the things people say, you have reinstilled some of my faith in people.

Jrome3063d ago

This post proves my point very well. Religious people and atheists are no different; both groups attack people for beliefs, both groups believe they are the truth, both groups believe the other is ignorant/illogical.

I mean, this guy flat out said that he and religion are mortal enemies, yet why would you need to be the enemy of something you want nothing to do with? It is the same reason why people are homophobic etc, gay marriage isn't stunted by religion, it's stunted by ignorance, the same ignorance that is displayed by mankind as a whole.

Indeed duplissi, when I read or hear what people have to say regarding these issues, I always feel like we should all be wiped out solely because we are all so ignorant, yet we can't just realize that and ignore our differences.

To me atheists belong to a form of religion simply due to the fact that they label themselves. Why do you need to label the lack of belief? It is the same as labeling belief, you are grouping yourselves.

/end rant xD

doG_beLIEfs3063d ago

Doubt is the basis of all scientific knowledge
Doubt is the enemy of organized religion
Reason and logic are used to eliminate doubt in our ever expanding scientific knowledge
Reason and logic are the enemy of organized religion

Religion is an organized system of ignorance.

Spirituality I have no problem with

Old men in robes telling millions who or what God is when they have no clue just like the rest of us I DO have a problem with

Esena3063d ago

If doubt is an enemy of religion and reason and logic eliminate doubt, why are reason and logic enemies of religion? It would seem by your LOGIC that they would be beneficial to religion... make a claim saying "religion is an organized system of ignorance" you are claiming to know the truth. But you in fact state you don't know the truth, but want to find out for yourself... so it seems to me your unorganized thought is producing more doubt that organized religion. And now you are in a whole mix of confusion.

I agree, most religious affiliation is improperly lead/portrayed, but do not base your assumptions off what you see and hear. Read the text for yourself, there are handfuls upon handfuls of hypocritical Christians. You'd be surprised how many Pastors actually know their bibles...very very few.

Tachyon_Nova3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Well done Sir, I salute you for being smart enough and or caring enough about how everything works to think about it all and come to only sane conclusion, that supernatural Gods, Deity's what ever you want to call them, do not exist.

I don't dislike the religious, after all, most of them are brought up into their parents religion and don't give it a moments though. But I do look upon as intellectually, and morally inferior for what they believe, or in the case of the many indoctrinated religious followers, for not caring enough about the universe to look it in the face and question you're beliefs.

@ Esena, I would have thought that's a simple on to answers (Comment 5.8). Doubt is an enemy of religion because doubt causes you to ask questions. And those questions, asked by people who doubted, led to humans gaining knowledge that utterly disproves relgion, all religions current, and all future religions. But we didn't just gain this knowledge by asking questions and coming up with random answers that suit what certain people would like to believe, we used logic to come to the conclusion, the only wya we can be sure of something is to conduct experiments to prove/disprove the answers that the non-thinkers came up with, and to find answers that can not just be made up.

Furhtermore, the reason atheists seem 'confused' to you is that you don't understand the scientific method. You can not KNOW something, but you can be sure beyond reasonable doubt that you are right about it. For example, we are sure beyond reasonable doubt that the speed of light in space is 300,000 km/s. But it may turn out that its actually faster, and that all of our ways of capturing light only see it several seconds after the light hits that device. But that is so improbable, as we have so much evidence to the contrary, that we can be very certain that light travels at 300,000 km/s, without in a sense KNOWING that it does.

@ Jerome - The only think your post proves is that you are ignorant youself. Religious people and Atheists are hugely different. The Religious look at 1500 year old book which allegedly talks about 2000+ year old events for "Truth", where as Atheists look to modern, constantly updated, verifable evidence based on repeatable experiments for our knowledge.

@ Jmare - Yes, the good old Why questions. What is a why question? What is a How question? There is absolutely no difference. Why is Halo better than Call of Duty? How is Halo better than Call of Duty? Effectively its the same question, and you'll get the same answer. But the thing is, religion doesn't answer Why questions, because it doesn't ask questions, it just commands that you accept it as the truth. But science does ask How questions. It also asks is/does/did/what/when/if/why/, and even why questions. Science asks and answers as many questions as it can handle.

How can you believe in God? Why do you believe in God? What's the difference?

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