GameSpot Video: Haze Developer Diary 1

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Haze in this exclusive movie.

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Violater3606d ago

The Playstation seems to be the only console shown at the end, hat should we speculate from this?

LSDARBY3606d ago

That its coming out on PS3 first, 360 & PC later. Theyve done it to counteract Halo 3.
I cant wait for it though, it looks awesome.

tony3606d ago

who cares. this game does not looks that great, anyways. it looks like another halo.

Violater3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

by that logic Halo does not "look great" either?
@3 how about learning how to spell huh?

LSDARBY3606d ago

lol, you are so lame. And blind by the sounds of things.

bizzy123606d ago

what you only have one gun well to the pistol what about verity and one vicheal that suck counter halo i dont think so halo hase 7 viheal and 10 weopons

solidt123604d ago

This game will probably be better than halo 3