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Submitted by SactoGamer 2228d ago | news

Turn Your PC Into the World's Most Powerful Gaming Console

Using a certain wireless controller that incorporates a host of controls and six accelerometers for 3D control, gamers can now play virtually any PC- or internet-based game on a television. (Culture, Industry, PC)

tdrules  +   2229d ago
the fail is strong in this one
shopsmartash  +   2228d ago
I read it
but i still don't exactly understand what it is other than a controller, I is confuzzled.
SilentNegotiator  +   2228d ago
"iGUGU Gamecore features an innovative compact wireless controller that incorporates a trackball"

*Loses any shred of interest*
rockleex  +   2228d ago
I don't get how...
This controller can make your PC "the world's most powerful gaming console".

What if my PC was from 1999? This controller wouldn't make it any more powerful.

Lamest headline ever.
NewNameNow  +   2228d ago
It shames me that this article is from my hometown

So much shame ;'(
Anon1974  +   2227d ago
Turn Your PC Into the World's Most Powerful Gaming Console...
By replacing it with a PS3!

Ba dum...chi!
Pandam0bile  +   2228d ago
What is this I don't even.

My PC is already a great deal more powerful than any of the game consoles :\
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Taarec10ToTheEnd  +   2228d ago
Okay, we get it. Your PC can do more than the consoles. DUH
Shut the F up about the PC!
tdrules  +   2228d ago
nice information to bring to the discussion edjit
SaiyanFury  +   2228d ago
I'm with Pandamobile. The article barely discusses exactly what this thing is supposed to do. My PC is also substantially more powerful than the consoles, yet I can game on either one should I choose. Plus I can do just about anything on my PC; watch video, browse the net, play games, or even older games with emulators and ROMs.
ChickeyCantor  +   2228d ago

You basically say what the article says, and with the right user interface you can get a better experience out of it.

Its pretty clear what its suppose to do, i mean just look at it.
The reason Game Consoles as we know them( A pc is a gaming console as well we just dont refer to it like that) work out great is because of the TV its attached to, allowing for a different experience.
The controller basically allows you to sit on your couch and play those PC games you like to play.
Of course this could be done with a normal gamepad, but this one seems to hold all important factors.

I hate to stand up and use my keyboard and mouse that are not wireless, i cant move them to the place where i sit, this controller seem handy =D.

But then again it all depends on your settings.
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Rhythmattic  +   2228d ago
Off Topic ????

Is there a 360/PS3 emulator for windows available? Because that sort of what the headline reads.

Either way, my question still stands. Can you play Geow2 or UC2 on a PC ?

I very much doubt it....
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SaiyanFury  +   2227d ago

You're right, it ultimately depends on your setup. Personally, if I want to play ROMs and emulators I have a pretty new laptop with an HDMI port that I can simply feed into my A/V receiver. On top of that, my laptop is BT enabled so I can connect my PS3's BT keyboard with built in mousepad and buttons. I realise that not everyone has a similar setup, and I credit you there. But then again, I'm in the works of building an actual HTPC (home theatre PC) that can play games and do everything I want while I'm on my main HDTV. If this controller/device does make it easier for people to use their wireless devices while their PCs are connected to their HDTVs then so much the better. Then again, if people have connected their PCs to an HDTV, chances are they've already gotten wireless gear for sitting on their couches, considering it's really not that expensive anymore.

Also man, you can get a wireless PC controller for relatively cheap these days. If not that, then you can go to your local Walmart (if you reside in North America) and get yourself a wired USB PC controller for like 15 bucks. Said controllers typically have a long cord length. The beauty of the personal computer is the ultimate freedom it gives you; you can customise it literally any way you want.
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ChickeyCantor  +   2227d ago
I do have a controller, but it lacks the mouse input and keyboard pad.
Those are my only problems.
Setekh  +   2228d ago
What the hell is this thing...
ChickeyCantor  +   2228d ago
..some of you are amazing,
He is just explaining how you can get the Console setup with a PC and the right stuff.

That wasnt so hard was it?

I might get this controller, i hate using the keyboard when its connected to the tv.
SactoGamer  +   2228d ago
Somebody actually gets it! Thank you!
jamesrocks3147  +   2228d ago
World's Most Powerful Gaming Console
the PS3 then?
tdrules  +   2228d ago
implying a ps3 is faster than an average gaming pc
just think 120fps @ 1080p WHAT A REVOLUTION :')
you kids...
Eiffel  +   2228d ago
Well seeing how the PS3 like every console is just a non personal computer with cheaper components. I chuckle at the word "powerful" when it's referred to consoles.
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steve30x  +   2228d ago
LMAO a High end PC is twice if not three times more powerful than a PS3. Its people like jamesrocks that want GT5 to run like the PS3 has tripple SLI GTX285's , 12GB ram and an Intel I7 CPU.
mastiffchild  +   2228d ago
Christ guys! He wasn't implying a PS3 is faster or better than ANY PC was he? The word "console" isss the giveaway to me! When I'm going to play something/surf or watch something on my PC I don't say to the missus "I'm just gooing on one of the consoles" and noone does either.

I think he just means the PS3 is the strongest custom built games console you can currently buy and is of the opinion, rightly I might add, that a PC is NOT a console but a PC. Whether or not he's correct that it's the best console isn't something I'm up to gauging myself but there will be, and we all know them inside out by now,argument to support and deny his assertions even there. But I really think you can keep your sniggers and derisory chuckles as he wasn't implying the OPS3 was better than any kind of PC at all and I don't see why you all felt otherwise-unless there's been some stealth editing going on before I saw all this, maybe, idk?

As for the aricle-I think he's trying to show how you can play anything using your PC and this controller as it was designed to be played rather than with keys and on your TV too-but it's not very clear, keeps crashing on me and going back to here after a second or two so I couldn't really tell you for sure!
ChickeyCantor  +   2228d ago
", that a PC is NOT a console but a PC"
Then what do you call a Mac?
PC just stands for personal computer nothing more.

The word "console" seems to be raped and taken out of context.

"A video game console is an interactive entertainment computer or modified computer system that produces a video display signal which can be used with a display device (a television, monitor, etc.) to display a video game. The term "video game console" is used to distinguish a machine designed for consumers to buy and use solely for playing video games from a personal computer, which has many other functions, or arcade machines, which are designed for businesses that buy them and then charge others to play."

I dont like to use Wiki, but it seems like to have the best description i found so far.

Even PC's are customized towards consumers so they can play up to date video games. With the idea to play VIDEO GAMES.

Console actually refers to the system itself.
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slyrunner  +   2228d ago
console fanboys
you guys don't understand that with a pc, your free to do almost anything that a console couldn't dream of(Mods,console,Torrenting ;)and so on and so fourth), the only hardware threat to a pc (as in power) would be ps3 cpu, other then that, consoles have a 2007 gpu. end of story, as much as i love console gamimg, i just hate the fact people saying that the pc is useless for gamimg, how bout you guys one day go and save, yes save, and built you a gaming pc, the good thing is ,is once new pc parts come out, the last years most powerful gpu and cpu, would be a understandable price.if you can't built one becuz of money issues,then thats another story, but other then that, pc gaming is where its at. Also take note, to be able to make a game for ps3,xbox,wii, it has to be made from the mother (PC) :)
SactoGamer  +   2228d ago
Exactly. Just try and find a programmer that uses a PS3 to code and create a PS3 game. You won't because they're all done on more powerful PCs.
vgn24  +   2228d ago
Mind blowing
Any other ground breaking news there Barry? Programmers use computers? Wowzer! Your insider info is too much to handle
hoops  +   2228d ago
Actually today's CPU's for the PC is far more powerful then the PS3 cell for gaming.
superrey19  +   2228d ago
" It enables gamers to access and play more than 27,000 game titles available for the PC and through the Internet on a television or home theater system."

Um, we've been able to do this long b4 this product ever came out. Yeah, im just gonna label this one a fail.
LeeZer  +   2228d ago
it sounds like something vtech would bring out. I'm guessing it's a pad with motion control with an adapter to conect pc to tv, big wup.
Xakep  +   2228d ago
Apparently I'm the only one that realized that this thing blatantly looks like the 360 controller with the chat pad attached, MS will be at them like a fat girl on donuts.
Tuxmask55  +   2227d ago
Nah, it's probably different enough...though it does look SOMEWHAT similar I suppose.
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