Gran Turismo's Ups and Downs in 2009

It's been the best of times and worst of times for GT fans in 2009...

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Maddens Raiders2905d ago

"Wouldn’t be GT if all of this didn’t happen the way it did :P" true lol. I can't wait!

Oner2902d ago

The only thing I see that is missing is head tracking.

unrealgamer582905d ago

Huh, I never noticed until know madden has beyonce as a avatar. I hate beyonce >:[

Sunny_D2904d ago

Hey, Sasha Fierce might get you for saying that... Ok bad joke.

2905d ago
molsen812905d ago

I think it's stupid that we've had to wait this long for the full game release of GT5. Let's be honest. Other racers gained ground while we waited patiently. Being a GT fan, I didn't play any other racers except for GT5P because I'm more into sim. Let's hope the wait was worth it, but I don't think it will be.