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New Sherlock Holmes Movie Game Uses Advanced AI

New Sherlock Holmes game '221B' uses advanced AI to try and trick the players into believing they are having a conversation with real people. (221B, PC)

Carnage1290  +   1890d ago
Wow, thats pretty crazy.
zeeshan  +   1890d ago
OMG! Another movie based game! How exciting......... NOT!
A HiFi  +   1890d ago
Gonna have to give this a go and see how it reacts to speaking C0ckney.
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rogue0674  +   1890d ago
Sounds interesting, going to try it out.
Ziriux  +   1890d ago
It's great to see such detail and work put into an AI of a movie based game.
Cronus3166  +   1890d ago
I'm curious to how this will play out and what limitations there will be to the questions you are permitted to ask.
Aleusia  +   1890d ago
Blaze929  +   1890d ago
Wanted: Weapons of Fate says hi
thief  +   1890d ago
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   1890d ago
@ Blaze and thief
lol'd. Both of those games suck.
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DarkTower805  +   1890d ago
There's never been a great game based on a movie, just mediocre at best. It's because the developement time for a good game takes 2-3 years at least. With movie games they have to shorten the production time to around 1 year, so the game ALWAYS suffers in some way.

From way back to E.T. on the Atari to Avatar on the current gen systems I can't think of 1 movie game where I can say, "Wow, that game was awesome!"
mrv321  +   1890d ago
DelbertGrady  +   1890d ago
Wanted was 4 hours of mediocre action. I'm glad Grin are no more. They were an embarrassment to swedish developers.
Hockey11  +   1890d ago
Spiderman 2.
bacon13  +   1890d ago

Goldeneye? The game was better than the movie.
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Capt CHAOS  +   1890d ago
What? Eliza version 104.5?
For all of you young pups out there..

shazui123  +   1890d ago
wanted was a bad example xD
But there are some that are very good. hopefully this is one of them. The film was awesome :)
Timesplitter14  +   1890d ago
Chatbot is actually pretty old technology. It just answers very vaguely to most questions. I've tried it like 6 years ago on some random website.
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ravinash  +   1890d ago
I'm sure a lot of work has gone into it over the last 6 years.
villevalorox  +   1890d ago
this is bad,I'm on it and it is dumb, the bot at bored.com is more human like.
FxckOSX  +   1890d ago
I don't accept it except for Jeremy Brett.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1890d ago
Facebook...You have to be kidding.
What made them think everyone has Facebook to unluck the game?
The arrogance.
RememberThe357  +   1890d ago
I got a facebook and I'm still not going to do it.
bdog8121  +   1890d ago
bbc has a better article
bbc has a better article/video on this

oh nevermind didnt see the link in the article but for those that dont read the articles there is the link anyways
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Wolf873  +   1890d ago
Hmm, I'd rather be playing those games by Advemture Company,
but will give this a try since I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes. I haven't been to see the movie yet, 'cause of Downey of course. He doesn't strikes me as a good candidate to play Holmes, let alone being a perfect candidate. Have people here seen it? Is it any good?

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