Final Fantasy XII - Star Wars Comparison

At the onset of Final Fantasy XII, gamers could not help but feel a strong sense of deja vu, as the Square-Enix-developed JRPG held a great deal of similarities with the famous series of science fiction films.

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Leon Thomas3212d ago

Frank? You mean Fran, right? Now that's a Freudian slip right there. Who is this Frank and how much do you want lovely pictures of him?

Aquanox3211d ago

This idiotic article is full of SPOILERS!! And it doesn't even warn in the title.

Warning: Hardcore-Heavy Metal SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE!!

Prince of Lies3211d ago

The spoiler warning is in the body of the article in BOLD LETTERS.

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SpoonyRedMage3212d ago

Some of the other FF games have direct comparisons as well, like FFIV.

Sakaguchi is an avid star wars fan and Kitase is apparently an even bigger fan than him.

FishCake9T43211d ago

This was done in an issue of OP2M years ago.

McLuvn3211d ago

Before star wars there was nothing, after star wars there were only copy cats/ sarcasm.
Lucas is an avid Kurosawa fan.

Baka-akaB3211d ago

And even before that most of the themes are staples of myths , legends , and heroic fantasy books

Panthers3211d ago

Its a well know fact however that the FF devs love Star Wars. Red XIII in FFVII was named that because of the Red Squadron X Wings in Star Wars. Not to mention the characters of AVALANCHE were also named after SW characters like Wedge and Biggs

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