Nexus One : $530 unlocked, $180 with T-Mobile

Leaked documents show Google plans concerning the upcoming smartphone prepared by Google : Nexus One.

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zeeshan3098d ago

I have never read about this phone before. Is it any good?

simplyRealistic183098d ago

it apparently the GOD of all Goggle phones rivaling the iphone 3gs respectively , being faster than the 3gs in some points, hence the reason they call it the God of goggle phones

ThanatosDMC3098d ago

Most unlocked phones are about that price especially the new ones.

Baliw3098d ago

make it 199 and it will bloom.

simplyRealistic183098d ago

yo do know no non-carrier phone is that cheap right that why they have the carrier option so more people can buy it, the why most sony and nokia smartphones phone don't sell that well because they don't have carriers (the sony x1,x3,-nokia n95 etc)

OpenGL3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

You do realize an unsubsidized 16GB iPhone 3GS costs about $550, right? The Motorola Droid without a contract costs roughly $560. Pretty much every high end smart phone will cost more than $500 without a 2 year contract.

Feral Gamer3098d ago

I like my T-Mobile grandfathered plan. I don't want to change!

DeeBee3098d ago

For that kind of money I could buy so much more, only fools with too much money pay THAT amount of money for a phone!

Lou Ferrigno3098d ago

MOTO DROID FTMFW! lol .. verizon FTL even though i have them ha. :)

anywho this phone looks alright but T-mobile sux buttface imo and others opinions to just sayin from what fellow peeps told me.

Somnipotent3098d ago

but their customer service is excellent. they've replaced my phone countless of times. wish sprint would have the same level of customer service. damn, and i work for sprint.

simplyRealistic183098d ago

well i live in the city so their service is the best over here in new york

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The story is too old to be commented.