PSX Extreme: Polar Panic Review

PSX Extreme writes: "The PSN has been home to some of the most original and addictive puzzle games of the generation, which is why I dove into my review of Polar Panic with a great deal of gusto and expectation. I was one of many who were skeptical about downloadable titles but after enjoying everything from Wipeout HD and echochrome to Flower and Shatter, I've come 'round. I've realized that I should frequently check the PSN to see what might be available; games that would help pass the time on rainy days and give me something entirely different to play. Thing is, these little titles are great for a significant change of pace. Go from Assassin's Creed II to Polar Panic, and you'll see exactly what I mean… The latest puzzle iteration is unsurprisingly solid, although I do have my issues with the Story Mode and would almost recommend the Puzzle Mode instead. All in all, this isn't a bad little game; it's just not as polished or captivating as others."

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