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Submitted by Johnny5 2235d ago | article

Is 1 vs 100 becoming a total failure?

Burn360: Earlier in the year we had a sneak peek at the Beta for 1 vs. 100. The concept was fun. Get together with your friends and play a live action game show from the comfort of your living room. This was a fun time when I thought I was eligible for prizes but when the rumors where squashed that no MS points were to be won, the nightly 1v100 sessions came to a halt fairly quickly. During this time we noticed that Microsoft was doing an excellent job of promoting the game through a reminder system when a game time was approaching on any given session I would check to see how many of my Live friends would be playing in a live session of 1 vs. 100 and the numbers were fairly staggering between all of our xbox live accounts roughly 20% would be playing the game, now this was during the beta, and with the new season starting back up we were interested to see if this would have carried over into the real live season out of the beta. With prizes thrown into the mix it seems like a shoe-in right?
If you use Twitter you may have noticed that your Major Nelson sent 20 twitter messages urging his followers to hop on and play tonight with tweets about the 1 vs. 100. While this is.... (1 vs 100, Xbox 360)

Arsenic13  +   2235d ago
So because Major Nelson was promoting 1vs100 it must be in trouble? WTF kind of logic is this? This article is total sh*t. Wow. Ive played 1vs100 from time to time and there were about 30,000 or more online. What a terrible excuse for an article.
-Alpha  +   2235d ago
Did u just steal that comment?
From the guy who left it on the site or was that u?

Either way, crap like this always gets approved, though I do find the reactions people have to be pretty funny.
Government Cheese  +   2235d ago
Run-on sentence alert
"During this time we noticed that Microsoft was doing an excellent job of promoting the game through a reminder system when a game time was approaching on any given session I would check to see how many of my Live friends would be playing in a live session of 1 vs. 100 and the numbers were fairly staggering between all of our xbox live accounts roughly 20% would be playing the game, now this was during the beta, and with the new season starting back up we were interested to see if this would have carried over into the real live season out of the beta."

^That's the longest sentence I've ever seen
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Xbox Avatars Shoe  +   2235d ago
@ 1.2 above
Gaming "journalism" LOL.
Xeoset  +   2235d ago
Anyone can write sh!t about gaming nowadays and have it published. Bedroom journos ftl.
Arsenic13  +   2235d ago
That was me Alpha. No use writing it again. Hail copy paste.
RockmanII7  +   2235d ago
Yes, all hail Copy and Paste

- On Topic -

1 v 100 owns and its free. I'm a level 17 in that, whoooo.
Anon1974  +   2235d ago
Do you need a Gold account for this?
If it's available to Silver's, I'd like to give this a try.
Hutch2355  +   2235d ago
YEs you need gold account to do it....
I was on the other night at 10pm and the extended play had over 19000 people playing it, not bad for a weekday at 10pm I haven't been on the actuall 1vs100 since it came out of beta, but it is extrememly fun, but I have a feeling there is some cheating going on. I played 2 straight sessions and the same guy won both and never missed a question with an avg anwnser time under 1 second, now I am not saying I am the smartest guy in the world although I do pretty good with trivia games, but come on, get on jeapordy or something if you are that flippin good, my god.
darthv72  +   2235d ago
I play it when i have time
I like the extended play games myself. I like how now you can earn achievements where as in the first run you didnt.

I can think of dozens of good questions for the show. They need to think up more shows for the primetime than just 1v100.
Anon1974  +   2234d ago
Well that sucks.
Silver users deserve some love sometimes too!
SlipperyMooseCakes  +   2235d ago
How do articles like this get accepted?

I play 1vs100 on occasion and it is great fun. There was about 50,000 people on when I played and I remember one night it was so popular it crashed. It is actually a hit. People call in on the live shows and you hear people of all walks of life and genders. Not to mention it is free and has achievements.
-Alpha  +   2235d ago
People who don't like the 360 approve it
Or people generally approve things without checking the source.

I'm more inclined to believe the former.
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2235d ago
"How do articles like this get accepted?"

10 people who like PS3 and hate xbox approves it.
Diamondwolf  +   2235d ago
*Bad PS3 article*
"The 360 fanboys did it

*Bad 360 article*
"The PS3 fanboys did it"

*Bad Wii article*
............................t umbleweeds

You girls are funny, how about both sides stop approving sh7t articles

*on topic* The article is very poorly written and I have a couple friends that love 1vs100 so let those who enjoy it, enjoy it. Doesn't make it a failure if people use it.
Perjoss  +   2235d ago
incase you never have read the rules of posting news on n4g, it says that news is news, be it good or bad.
RockmanII7  +   2235d ago
"it says that news is news, be it good or bad. "
By bad they mean things that could upset people (Increase in the price of a game / game delayed), not inaccurate speculation.
-Alpha  +   2235d ago
Come on, there are rabid fanboys on this site that will approve anything that feeds their fanboyism.

It's not hard to believe that when something as poorly speculated (as Baseball said) gets approved, you'd have to wonder if people simply read the title and they LIKE what they read, or if they simply go about randomly approving anything they want.

I don't think people who approve chose to approve an article like this because they thought it was important, but it's clear that the article points out something negative about the 360. People who approve important articles would at least have the decency to check the source.
RockmanII7  +   2234d ago
"(as Baseball said) "
Yea I was referenced :D
n4gno  +   2234d ago
Don't change the rules "the max speed", gamers who like ps3 don't care about xbox, they can buy one since day one if they want (only some ms fans are like that since 2006, because they can't buy a ps3)
darkequitus  +   2235d ago
LOL. What a sorry excuse for an article. MN is the Xbox Live community manger, it is his job to promote stuff. So the new season start, don't you want people to know about it using all mediums.
inSaneELF  +   2235d ago
What the hell? Why WOULDN'T Major Nelson promote 1vs100?
xaviertooth  +   2235d ago
what do you expect from the 360 when by itself it's a total failure... not just failure but a failure of all time magnitude.
TheXgamerLive  +   2234d ago
Sony fans as of the last year have turned so ugly, what's with the constant lies and just general made up sh1t?
1 vs 100 is hella fun, I play as often as I can, I love it and millions more do as well.
Bilbo65  +   2235d ago
This really is a terrible trivia game, after playing the new Buzz this is just lame as hell.
n4gno  +   2234d ago
You are right, like scene it was, but they have to make only easy stuff for their public, a lot of uneducated americans..
splinter  +   2235d ago
proofreading is your friend.
Wow, what a pointless article. You just ream off a load of assumptions, forget to use proper grammar and punctuation, and round up with a lame "it could be a false alarm."

Considering 1 vs 100 actually shows the number of users playing at a given time, maybe checking that would be a better way of judging its popularity, rather than how many of your friends are playing it. Empirical evidence is always a lot more compelling than half-assed assumptions, which the article overwhelmingly consists of.
Johnny5  +   2235d ago
I'd appreciate the punctuation help if you actually read the article.
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2235d ago
useless Article. thats n4g for ya
Maddens Raiders  +   2235d ago
...and you're -
here, because.......?
Polluted  +   2235d ago
My GF likes to play. I could do without it myself, but I wouldn't say it's a failure. Whenever I log on there are between 20 000 and 50 000 people playing in Canada alone.

Anyway, b!tching about a free trivia game = fail.
Johnny5  +   2235d ago
So this probably woulda been a better article if I titled it

Top Ten Reasons why 1 vs 100 is going down the Sh#%@$er because all the "articles" I have seen lately have been. But, hey It was just an observation after a constant stream of spam from Major Nelson.
It seemed pretty desperate if you ask me, so I wrote about it and put in the Rumors category, and apparently there is something wrong with that.

(walks away shamed) :)
elexdc  +   2235d ago
Your logic
So you were spreading a rumor that you created based on your own beliefs. Ok ok ok, so basically it's like me saying: Avatar is a total failure at the box office because none of my friends have gone to see it. To further conclude that it's a failure, I have noticed that the main stars have been seen promoting the movie. It could be a false alarm though. ---- Do you see the failure in my logic and how similar it is to yours?

It is hard to write an article and I do commend you on that. The more you write, the better you'll get. So definitely keep writing, just maybe make it an opinion piece next time if it's just your opinion and not a rumor piece or one lacking a source. As another user suggested, I would also recommend that you have someone proof your articles before you post them.

- Patrick
Johnny5  +   2235d ago
Yeah but theres a big difference between posing a question, and making a statement. A statement is usually backed by facts, a question is taking variables and forming a hypothesis. That big question mark at the end of the title means its a question, and the article is certainly not labeled as news.

Is 1 vs 100 becoming a total failure?

Now, the truly sad thing is that not only is the question s%^$t according to everyone that took the time to read it. But that it is S%$t, and you would think that maybe a small portion would say yes it is sh%t and this is why.. But they don't, they say its an attack on video game journalism. Really? Is asking a question an attack on journalism? Think about it. Maybe its not the best article in the world, its nothing groundbreaking thats for sure. It also wasn't meant to be. It's just something that made me say Hmmm, when my phone tweeted twenty times in a row from Major Nelson. Hate it if you want, but the article really wasn't about taking a side. Just fodder to hopefully start a conversation that wasn't about how much I suck, or how bad the punctuation was on the quip on N4G.

There are some people that do understand that it wasn't an attack piece, hell I didn't write it for N4G, and surely didn't think it would be approved. What happened was exactly what I expected, a bunch of people picking sides, but the majority of people see a report, and an article is toasted. The only thing I didn't expect were the degrees.

So, yes if you read our site or posts you will notice that there are things that you don't agree with and there are things that you do agree with. Some writers at Burn360 are a little more controversial than others and we like it that way. A hive mind we are not. We don't write for a specific person just whats on our minds and thats what is good about independent blogs/sites.
Tony P  +   2234d ago
Probably should take Patrick's advice and figure out how to get your point across better instead of assuming your entire readership knows nothing.

If it were just N4G, well, we know how N4G can be. But even the comments on your site call it out as irresponsibly speculative, which it is.
mesh1  +   2235d ago
WAIT WAIT what about the waitstation home? or lbp? home was meant to change gaming hahaha no mention of that garabge anywere on th enet tho ,the ps3 fanboys rule the net but lucly not the real world
FreeWillow15  +   2235d ago
He Just Needs Some Attention.
Next Time Make A Useful Article.
Redempteur  +   2235d ago
don't get the point the writer of this article is trying to make

what's the relation between the game itselft played by live user and that twitter account ?
divideby0  +   2235d ago
with prizes...I think this is fine....and its a new give it time
NotSoSilentBob  +   2235d ago
This is a failure just like Home right? They are both early in their life but because they are not main stream they are flops and should be removed from each Network right?
UnasFortuna  +   2235d ago
The bashing between competing systems is getting out of hand now-a-days. If you have ever played 1-vs-100, you can see that it is far from a failure by just looking to see how many are playing it at a given time. Is it for everyone... nah. Not everyone likes trivia games. There will always be a market for it. I occasionally play it when friends are on; however, it is not something that I am on beckon call waiting to play. I personally think it is fun everytime I have played it. It is irrelevant whether or not you are winning prizes. As far as Mjr. Nelson tweeting the heck out of it... it was probably because he was participating in that episode. As someone mentioned... if you don't like the tweets... unsubscribe from his account. As a owner of all three systems... this article is sad.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2235d ago
1 vs 100 a failure? Nope, they don't seem to have any problems filling any of the games I've played.

This article a failure? Yup, bunch of speculation that doesn't add up to enough to even ask the question. Major Nelson always promotes 1 vs 100 at the start of the season, he is a corporate mouth piece, it's his job.
blue7xx7  +   2234d ago
lol has this guy even played it?? I play it like 3 times a week or more and usually there is like 40,000 and the most I have seen is 125,000 so it really depends what day it is. So there is people playing it. Plus major nelson always tweets when 1 vs 100 is gonna go live its been like that since the very beginning.

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