Mega Man fan movie trailer

Remember the Zelda Fan movie trailer, well there's a new one for Mega Man classic (Rock) from Platinum Cinema, via Twitchfilm.

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evrfighter3271d ago

this is news?

ehhhhh well if HHG is considered news here I guess it passes?

btw this shouldn't be called a trailer. But a very very sad attempt at trying to justify recording cosplay

xbox3flopteen3271d ago

so easy, but so easy, that is hard. LOL
these line made me recall some old time telling these without sense jokes like(smell so bad, that has a nice smell lol)bla bla bla...this REALLY wow megaman was one of the best play station games of all times..what just happened with it is a truly let down since x8!!!!!hope to see a new revamped megaman ala psp megaman maverick x!!!!at least a remake. or a bluray mix with all the megaman out sold!!!

dkblackhawk503271d ago

Talented work on that trailer...very talented work.

THE MAX SPEED 213271d ago

OLD AS A MOFO! I seen that video wayy back in the early 2004 I think.

gta28003271d ago

Nah, it's not that old. Considering the fact they're using music from the first Transformers movie I say this came out sometime during or after 2007.

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