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The most wanted PlayStation 3 games of 2010

Destructoid writes:

2010 is almost here, and we're counting down the days with the most anticipated games of the upcoming year. Yesterday, we took you on a tour of Destructoid's most eagerly awaited Xbox 360 games of 2010. Today it's the turn of the PS3, and boy, what a good-looking bunch of games we have.

Sony has been consistently delivering with top-quality exclusives, more so than the 360 lately, and it looks like 2010 will continue this trend. The PS3 has arguably the hottest collection of exclusives on the market, so join Samit Sarkar and myself as we tell you about the best-looking PS3 games of 2010. (PS3)

Raf1k1  +   1789d ago
I'm definitely buying six of these. Not too sure about MAG, Max Payne 3 and Just Cause 2.
Backbreaker is definitely not for me though and there are quite a few that aren't on the list I'll be buying too.
deadreckoning666  +   1789d ago
Right now the only ones I'm buying for sure are Agent and Modnation Racers. Everything else is gunna have ta wait till the end of the year. Im also getting the Wands at launch.
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Raf1k1  +   1789d ago
Oh yeah, I forgot about the wands.
I'm only going to get one of those when there's a decent game that makes good use of them which probably won't be long after they're released.
deadreckoning666  +   1789d ago
Yeah, Agent is still not guaranteed for 2010.

@Raf1k1- I assume Sony will have demos to play with bundled with the Wands, much like Wii Sports. Also, Sony will likely patch it with LBP.
DAVID BRENT  +   1789d ago
mark my words..MODNATION RACER will be the surprise hit of 2010
the ease of making tracks,the lobby,the speed,the customization, we have all been waiting for a successor to mariokart snes and i not only see this being that game i can see this being an online phenomenon that could turn out to be a BIG system seller
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Saaking  +   1789d ago
Sony's lineup just keeps getting better and better. They're putting the competition to shame. LBP sweeped the GOTY awards last year (including AIAS), UC2 did it again this year. PS3 is where the games are.
JL  +   1789d ago
Out of that list I'd say only 6 of them I want as of right now. Just Cause 2, Max Payne and Backbreakers I'll pass on. 3D Dot doesn't really have my interest right now, though it being developed by From Software does help it and will check out more on it later (right now absolutely loving their Demon's Souls). I might even have to knock my list down to 5 and remove Last Guardian for the time being, just because we've seen next to nothing on it. I never played any of the other Ico games so I'll have to see more to see if Last Guardian will interest me. I'm sure it'll be good considering their reputation, but it's also niche so not sure it'll be my type of game til I see more.

As for my most wanted on that list, has to be Heavy Rain and ModNation with GOW3 and MAG following behind.

@David Brent
I absolutely agree, ModNation is going to be amazing I'm sure. I have very high hopes for that game. I've been hyped about it since I first set eyes on the game. And I have little doubt it will turn out to be one of my favorite games of 2010...and maybe of the generation.

Oh, and almost forgot (don't know how it didn't make the list), but GT5 there's absolutely no question about it I will be getting and very much looking forward to.
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QUNE  +   1788d ago
It's too bad that MAG has lost so much hype over the past 6-9 months. That game had so much potential and it's getting no love lately. It's needs a ton of more work to pull off that's for sure. I hope it succeeds because I'm a fan of Zipper.
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sikbeta  +   1788d ago
The More Importants:

The 2010 Line-Up is BEAST, so the list is HUGE
MetalGearBear  +   1789d ago
My list of the most wanted PlayStation 3 games of 2010:
God of War 3
Heavy Rain
3D Dot Game Heroes
The Last Guardian
Bioshock 2
Red Dead Redemption

what happen on LA noire and Agent?
Raf1k1  +   1789d ago
The lack of info could be the reason why they aren't in the list. Halo Reach isn't in their 360 list either.
Shaka2K6  +   1789d ago
God of War 3 GOTY 2010.
unrealgamer58  +   1789d ago
yeah we know diddly squat about agent
Myst  +   1789d ago
Sad to say that out of this list only really buying two ( maybe three? ) of these games.
-Final Fantasy XIII
-Modnation is a maybe.
-Last Guardian has made it to my list.

Everytime I see mag somewhere on a list I always try and decide if it will be a game I will like. Still wish they released the demo out on PSN like they did for U2 so I can give it a test run myself and see if I like it. So as of right now MAG is probably a no-go.

The only other one that stands a chance is probably 3D dot game heroes.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   1789d ago
um, the beta is out now on the PS Store so go download it. The only thing is that you will need to wait until next week to play it when the servers go up.(Jan. 5th)
Myst  +   1789d ago
Bubbles to you, thanks. I didn't know if it was announced on the ticker ( and I probably missed it or something ). Anyway thanks for the heads up on that :)
Son_Lee  +   1789d ago
For me, it's the following:

1. Final Fantasy XIII
2. Heavy Rain
3. God Of War 3

Everything else is a rental, only to save my wallet from a rape-induced coma of epic proportions.
Voozi  +   1789d ago
- Yakuza 3
- 3D Dot Heroes
- Heavy Rain
- God of War III
- Gran Turismo 5
- The Last Guardian
- White Knight Chronicles

And those are just the exclusives ;) Add VS XIII if that comes out in 2010. Oh and Resistance 3 (since we all know that's going to come out in 2010 looking at their PS3 track record)
Redempteur  +   1789d ago
my to buy PS3 list
- white knight chronicles
- star ocean international
- final fantasy 13
- yakuza 3
- god of war 3
- atelier rorona
- mod nations racer ( beta is awesome )
- GT5
- Heavy rain
- Last guardian
- blazblue continium shift ( hope it comes on ps3 this year )


My wallet is ... well my wallet ...
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DigitalAnalog  +   1789d ago
Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5 and God of War III.

These games are the most expected since it's will determine the tide of the "fanboy" war. TLG is already expected of masterpiece quality so there's not a real expectation other than to see how the game would turn out to be.

-End statement
Sigh  +   1789d ago
I really wanna see new footage of Last Guardian
Team Ico just brings magic with their games!
napoleon_ist  +   1789d ago
come on, most wanted are yakuza 3, ryu ga gotoku 4 and gt5
and bad company 2. :)
xXSilentXx  +   1789d ago
You forgot the Agent :P by rockstar :P
Gago  +   1789d ago
1. FFxiii

2. FF Vesus xiii

3. GT5

4. Yakuza 3

5. last guardian
proudly_X  +   1789d ago
How could u forget Eight Days?
That Game would put U2 on the Hot seat.. and i would never forgive Sony if that game is not talked about at E3!
exnihilonihilfit  +   1789d ago
That list just can't possibly be complete
Without the addition of GT5. Even if this guy is not a big fan of GT, there's no denying that GT5 is one of the most anticipated games for PS3 since before the PS3 was even released.
nefertis  +   1789d ago
wheres gt5? hows just cause on that list. Play3beyond
cyberwaffles  +   1789d ago
games and announcements i wish for next year:

1) WKC (looks like an awesome online game, sorta reminds me of phantasy star)
2) God of War 3
3) Battlefield Bad Company 2
4) The Last Guardian
5) FFXIII and Versus
6) new Syphon Filter (announcement)
7) SOCOM 4 (announcement)
8) Resistance 3
9) Killzone 3 (announcement)
10) Heavy Rain
11) new Deus Ex (announcement)
12) Time Splitters 4 (announcement)
13) Modnation Racers
14) GT5 with steering wheel
15) Red Dead Redemption
16) new Warhawk game (announcement and my mouth will water)

and a bunch of other games
bartkuz  +   1789d ago
FFXIII is most wanted for me. Actually this game is the main reason I bought PS3
Bazookajoe_83  +   1789d ago
I want Resistance 3 to come in 2010
That would be SWEET!!!
rohail88  +   1788d ago
God of War III
is my most wanted game ever!
yog-sothot  +   1788d ago
Jim Sterling, the first editor, says he wants Heavy Rain but then basically adds he hopes there will be a lot of action and a lot of fun in the game... Well, in that case, he doesn't really want Heavy Rain ! I can't wait for this game, but I don't expect it to be action packed or "fun" (by "fun" I mean immedialtely entertaining, simple, addictive, epic, whatever). I expect it to be a completely new way to live a story and to feel emotions we rarely encounter in videogames.
JJFNIGHTS80  +   1788d ago
My list of 2010....
1) GOW3
2) GT5
3) MAG
4) RED DEAD Redemption
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karan8624  +   1788d ago
I heard about that a LOOONG time ago, I didnt even know they were still making it

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