Atari Files Trademark for Saboteur

Atari looks set to either re-release or revamp Atari 2600 game, Saboteur.

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Elven63213d ago

I don't see how much can be taken from this universe to make a next gen game out of. Perhaps just a graphical update or something of the sort for a XBLA/PSN release?

Risque3212d ago

This seems like the wise course of action. Atari aren't in a position of strength in a weak economy, they really can't afford to finance a full HD game. Especially one based on an old, dead IP with no guarantee of making back its costs.

raiden_933212d ago

Considering the success of many other 'visually boosted' remakes, it sounds like Atari could be looking to cash in on that.

Elven63212d ago

That or it could be just another "N.A.R.C.". =/

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