Leaked Footage of Half-Life 2 Played on Project Natal

Someone secretly leaked out a clip of Microsoft's upcoming system 'Project Natal' playing 'Half-Life 2'. This is most likely early footage of the beta testing for a FPS game on the Natal and of course, there is no confirmed source where the video came from so take it as you like (most likely will get you fired if you come out).

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Mucudadada2791d ago

A. I'm not convinced this is real.

B. If it is real, this looks like no fun at all. Seems like too much micromanagement to even move. He was using both hands to just look around. How would you be able to do that and shoot at the same time?

Only time will tell...

Elvfam5112790d ago

natal isn't that suppose to be in front of you so it can track your movements

2790d ago
Cold 20002790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Looks like it got potentiel ! I guess that is only the tip of the iceberg!

Rocket Sauce2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

It seems like it would be fun to try it out and feel like Tom Cruise from Minority Report, but I can't imagine sitting on the couch and doing this for an hour.

IaMs122790d ago

Wow im actually impressed they pulled it off this far. This is just the beginning and they will learn how to tweak it. I still have hopes that this will work and be very fun, i hope so.

dinsurya2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Im not impressed at all.
They keep showing camera control with hands, but nothing else.
If you dont have something new to show than gtfo. geez.

Mucudadada2790d ago

Ya'll misunderstand me. I think natal has a ton of potential, but I do not think that this video accurately portrayed it.

Saaking2790d ago

Looks fake to me. And if it IS real it looks really boring. I mean, why would I choose to move my hands around instead of simply getting a gamepad? It looks too basic, like you can't really do much. Anyways, like I said, the thing looks fake.

darthv722790d ago

Just a small sample of an existing game adapting to a varied control style. If it is real it shows there is hope for existing games to be played without physical controls.

If it is fake then I retract what I said.

Although, there is potential with the idea of natal. Lets see what others can do with it before we pass judgment.

umair_s512790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I dont get it, if you use one hand just to control the camera how will you do other stuff like simultaneously shooting, reloading, walking, aiming down the sight, grenades, using health pack etc...

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Hisiru2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Looks pretty cool! It's the first FPS game for Natal and it already looks great, the next games will be improved, of course! Developers need to understand the system, isn't it what happens with any console/system? Look at early x360/ps3 games and look at recent games.

Fake? Take a look at it:
This looks like a camera to me.

evrfighter2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

whoa if thats real i take back everything i said about natal.

Still won't beat a mouse/keyboard

but would be more interesting than using a controller.

lol'ing @ Saaking's attempt at damage control. There is a huge chance that this is fake. Is all you needed to say

I wouldn't argue that. But damn dude calm down, you're sweatin bullets

IaMs122790d ago

Hey i dont want to hear any of the "This is too hard for Devs to develop for" Crap from anybody because they said the same thing about the PS3 and now look at it.

GVON2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I do like the idea,but i've still a few concerns.

The biggest problem is neutral points,with a stick or keyboard you can let go and resets to a neutral this constantly tracks movement,what do you do if you want too just look but move your other arm but not the character.

Also he is having problems interacting,what takes him ten seconds,in switching the teleporter on,is only a button press normally.

It would be better if his hands were shown in 3d whilst playing,and a camera/movement lock,I guess you could say lock,but It seems an awful lot of stress,rather than using a pad/keyboard and just pressing use.

Lol will probably get a tonne of disagrees just for a few concerns,but if I do,I beg you give me a solution or easy way around it.
(less than a minute,but you couldn't offer a solution.Well done)

evrfighter2790d ago

"It would be better if his hands were shown in 3d whilst playing,and a camera/movement lock,I guess you could say lock,but It seems an awful lot of stress,rather than using a pad/keyboard and just pressing use.

Lol will probably get a tonne of disagrees just for a few concerns,but if I do,I beg you give me a solution or easy way around it."

hmmm this isn't exactly a public demo....heck it isn't even confirmed to be real =\

Why do you feel the need to ask questions you'd ask a developer to a bunch of people that know nothing about it?

edhe2790d ago

Guessing this is another example, probably 3-4 months old, of the Natal team's attempts at converting control systems to natal to 'see what works'.

Whilst it's nice to see the a FPS working on natal it's not really going to be the case that FPSs will use natal for control that way. Mean they just prove that everyone's concept of how natal should be used that way is silly - gamepads will rule that for a long time to come on consoles. What it does show though is that you can work the first person perspective nicely for other kind of games or experiences.

Avatar virtual arcade? CSI-style murder investigation with contextual interviewing with voice & facial recognition? Oblivion?

But even still, holding up your arms isn't what core gamers want to do.

Parapraxis2790d ago

@ Hisiru
Yup, It looks like a camera.
Natal, however...not so much.

GVON2790d ago

"Why do you feel the need to ask questions you'd ask a developer to a bunch of people that know nothing about it?"

I only asked if somebody disagrees,could they think of a way around my concerns,I gave one example in the camera/movement lock.

But this is the open zone,of a gaming site,and i'm simply putting forward concerns and i'm interested in hearing other people's solutions or ideas.

IdleLeeSiuLung2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

This might not lend itself to twitch and shoot, but certainly for more immersive experience it would work. Think Bioshock mood while you move around!

Now that sounds awesome and also, think of the ways you can interact with the environment that is much harder with the controller.

The haters will hate though....

Saaking2790d ago

"Why do you feel the need to ask questions you'd ask a developer to a bunch of people that know nothing about it?"

If you guys know nothing about it, then why are you hyping it? From the looks of video, it's very limited and hard to control precisely. All it shows is the guy basically moving around. No shooting, no nothing. Just moving around. I doubt it's even real though.

And like I've said before, if you're so hyped up about motion controls (either Natal or Sony's Motion controls) then why not get a Wii? It's basically the same thing isn't it? FPS on the Wii are the same as that in this video (they control the same except the Wii has the all important buttons).

IdleLeeSiuLung2790d ago

Then why do you feel the need to put something down when clearly you have very limited knowledge about it?

It's the same story every single time with you. We all know what you are going to say, and it ain't positive.

Hisiru2790d ago

"Natal, however...not so much."

This can be a redesign for demo purposes.

kewlkat0072790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

..... I'm, pretty sure everything you see now leaked and such about Natal is just examples and testing and seeing what this thing can do.

Parapraxis2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

@ Hisiru,

Again, Only one sensor emitting light in this video.
Natal has 2 sensors and a mic.

MS, would have clearly stated that Natal would be far more compact by now, if it could be. Or at least made very clear that the design we have all seen is not final.

I'm sure many people will buy it, regardless of its bulky size, however, if the large design we all know now wasn't the final size, I'm pretty sure ANY company in their right mind would clearly state that the product was still in design phase and that the final product would be much more compact.

Sony clearly said that their motion controllers were not in their final form.
MS, didn't.
It's that simple.

Rampant2790d ago

It doesn't look like fun because hl2 isn't a game designed for Natal. People said you wouldn't be able to control an fps with Natal, MS just showed it works to move around 3D spaces. Now they just need a game suited for project Natal before we're really talking.

Perjoss2790d ago

another microsoft related article packed with disagrees on the positive comments :)

FamilyGuy2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Natal has potential but this video does NOT show any. That's probably why nothing officially released yet by way of FPS games.

People compare natal to minority report and that's very PS2 camera esq, i'd rather see something like what was done in the movie Gamer and The Island.

likedamaster2790d ago

Like they say, haters will hate.

On topic/
Impressive tech, NO ONE can deny that but the demo(nstration) didn't seem real to me, personally.

thegood332790d ago

Yes! Yet another reason to play Half Life 2! Okay, it's just speculation, but could you imagine how cool it would be controlling the gravity gun with Natal?

hazeblaze2790d ago

If this was Natal... it is full of fail. He was doing WAY too much work for me to enjoy playing a game that way... and the response time seemed laggy (but I'm sure that's something they will be working to correct before it launches).

The Shadow2790d ago

wow! imagine playing like that for several hours, my hands will be sore. I rather use controller.

multipayer2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )


On topic though, from the looks of the unsteady camera aka arm fatigue aka get deodorant. I'd rather have a thumbstick. It'd still be cool to interact with the screen for puzzles and stuff like DS.

Anon19742790d ago

Again, if this is the future of gaming, count me out. And again, if they want me to move my hands around and sense finger movements to play these games, how about you just hand me a controller and let me kick back on my couch?

Seriously, is this really what gamers were clamoring for? I've never once talked to a gamer who said "You know what I hate about video games. The controllers. I wish I could just wave my arms around and a laggy camera could half ass capture what I wanted to do."