Beyond Gamers: The Top 5 Games of 2009...Period

Here at Beyond Gamers we take our games seriously and as such we take this list seriously, so take this as a disclaimer if you will. This list is not based on sales. A game of the year list never should be a popularity contest. It should be about one thing. The quality of the games.

We here at Beyond Gamers understand that opinions are a dime a dozen. However we like to think our opinion is better informed and therefor more valid than yours. So without further delay here are Beyond Gamers Top 5 games of the year.

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_insane_gamer_3248d ago

Personally I would put Arkham Asylum above Forza. It was just so brilliant!

The_Zeitgeist3248d ago

Did Arkham Asylum give anyone else the same atmospheric feeling they had when playing Bioshock. Or is it just me?