What Does Your Gamertag Mean?

DualShockers writes:

Gamertag, a word that means alot in the gaming world. For many of us it means an identity. Whether your on Xbox Live, the Playstation Network, etc. it is who we as gamers are. It can be your name, favorite character, hero, or what have you. It can be a very hard decision and you may go through many different titles until you settle on the one that fits you.

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taz80803274d ago

Sometimes gamertags are serious, funny, or even irrelevant. It is interesting to hear why certain gamers chose their alter ego names. Sometimes people just try to see how many X and O's they can fit it.

Parapraxis3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Parapraxis: A Freudian slip, or parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some unconscious ('dynamically repressed') wish, conflict, or train of thought. The concept is thus part of classical psychoanalysis.


I made a PSN nick for my GF's 12 year old bro the other day.
TheGoobernator, I thought it was pretty funny.

MerkinMax3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

This is what sltpoison means. "slt" is an abbreviation for South Lake Tahoe. "Poison" is Spiderman's alter ego in "What if...the others" He looks like this.

Lifendz3274d ago

chosen because someone close to me passed away while we weren't speaking. Just a reminder that all this could be over at any moment and to let those close to me know what they mean to me.

StanLee3274d ago

Stanley is actually my name and I used to be the biggest comic book nerd EVER. I love Stan Lee; without him life would be far less imaginative.

bjornbear3274d ago

as opposed to my N4G / web name, its simply because my last name is bjorn, and i work with graphic design / i'm all about the visuals =D (in my work....) xD

i think gametrags are a good form of expressing your alter ego, or yourself, but i don't get those people who write names like "lfj2094" or "faciktlatx09JE" (not literally but i've seen names that look like passwords...)

DixieNormS3274d ago

because my peter and balls itch

SixZeroFour3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

gamertag - S1X Z3R0 F0UR - simply put, its my area code in leet speak (cause at the time, it wasnt available in all letters) cause when i game, i represent where i live (i know the "S" should be a "5" but gamertags dont allow you to start with any gamertag with a number)

n4g user - MrAnonymous - again simply put, its because im a guy (mr) and i didnt want anyone to know my actual name (anonymous)

btw, i am fully aware that the info with my gamertag basically gives away my name, thus making mranonymous useless...but still lol

The Happy Baby3274d ago

Thats my gamertag.
I like the Mighty Boosh---this was before they were popular on Cartoon Network, and were only shown in the UK.

boodybandit3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

My GT (BoodyBandit) is self explanatory but it fits me perfectly (my wife and friends agree) and I doubt I will ever change it.

Sarcasm3274d ago

I've seen a PSN named MA_KAWK

Is that any of you guys on here?

Darth Gamer3274d ago

My gamertag used to be "The Darth Gamer" for 4 years but recently, I have had a lot of 10 year olds yelling how gay it is over the mic. SOOO, I changed it to "SKREWUALL" to show my gratitude.

I'm not kidding, look me up!

bigboss9113274d ago

the bigboss part is easy. the 911 comes from my 15 year old obsession with Porsche. i would have that name on psn but some one nabbed it b4 me :(. Rpd3 is what i use, if you have not guessed what that stands 4 then you have Not been gaming 4 very long. and the 3 on that is just my fav #. also use ssjtrunks3, demonhunter, mastermiller (my old name on combat arms), and some others i cant remember lol.

Dmitry Orlov3274d ago


Of all the races in World of Warcraft (which I played honest 4 years) I really like the draenei one. One day I decided to roll Ally (I've always been an orc) and faced a block during character creation - a name. So I looked up draenei NPC names and just kind of combined them - 7 or 8 names into one. Originally, it's "Suunarth", but that one was already occupied in XBL, so I simply threw out the last letter.

Philip J Fry3274d ago

For those that don't know it is from Futurama. The best cartoon ever. Anyway, my favorite character is Fry and my favorite episode is Luck of the Fryrish. So I put the two names together because Philip Fry and all variations were taken.

ReservoirDog3163274d ago

Reservoir Dogs is one of my favorite movies and John 3:16. Plus, I thought it kinda sounded cool.

Marceles3274d ago

Crotin - the name of a villain on Walker Texas Ranger that beat down Chuck Norris after he turned his back on him

poindat3274d ago

I'm not much of a name guy so I just took the name of the city I live closest to and stuck an "a" on the back to make it original. Actually, my name begins with an "a" so let's say that it was intentional. Yeah, intentional.

Either way, I think it worked out well. Maybe.


Xbox Avatars Shoe3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Mine ALWAYS have "Fury" in them because Fury is LITERALLY my middle name! It's a family name passed down to me. One of my great-relative's name was "Wolfgang Fury" how badass is that?

PSN ID: Fury__*********
Gamertag: Fury **

Notice I bleeped out the last part of my names since I don't want random friend requests.

DarkTower8053274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

The DarkTower is a book series from Stephen King. Awesome series and I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone. And the 805 is simply my area code.

Rumor3274d ago

psn : TrueRelz

simply abbreviation for my favorite typa jeans....True Religions

UnSelf3274d ago

mine is UnSelfHomicide, and i thought of it own my own

Simply put its: Homicide means to kill someone therefore

Self Homicide means to murder urself ergo,

Un Self Homicide means to not murder urself

dalibor3274d ago

I just used my first name dalibor, which means to fight far away. It's the only one I have been using ever since I got my system. You guys should put your gaming id's in the forum section by the way. Not to many people have.

BTW what is up with accounts on N4G not having their gamertags in their bio? I just don't get it.

SilentNegotiator3274d ago

...I was shocked someone already took "Dustmonster"

I was sort of pissed and just added two numbers at the end.

RememberThe3573274d ago

It doesn't mean a damn thing and no one can say it.

3274d ago
Oner3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Oner literally is my Tag from back in the day when I used to Tag walls.

Later I found out that Oner had a meaning ~

dictionary definition =

on·er [ wúnner ] (plural on·ers)



Somebody or something extraordinary: a unique or extraordinary person or thing ( informal )

So to use my "Tag" as a GamerTag was a natural thing to do. And it is pronounced like this currently "One eR", "1R", "Won eR" or like it is above "Wúnner", but it has been used as "Owner" or "Ohner" early on during Highschool.

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Sangria3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I don't like much 1337 5|*34|< Gamertags, the same goes for awfully unoriginal game character name such as "Cloud", "Squall", "Sephiroth" or "Snake", because people love to be identified to a character identity and the darker he is the best it is for them. As a result, you have tons of "CloudFF7 157982" or "XoX Master Chief 247 oXo", etc...

I like short and catchy gamertags. On PSN, I chose Nyoro-n because I used to love The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, where a character, Tsuruya, also says "nyoro~" at the end of her sentences. The character has been caricatured Utsura Uraraka where the parodied character, called Churuya, always says "nyoro~n" at the end of her sentences.
( check this: )

For my XBL Gamertag, it used to be "Raziev" as a contraction of "Resident" and "Evil" (because I was playing Resident Evil 5 at this time) then modified to look like a russian name (and inspired by Raziel from Legacy of Kain series). I changed it to "Beau Masque", which means in French "Pretty Mask". It's a reference to a song I love, composed by Lonah: "Je te connais beau masque" (in English: "I know you pretty mask").

And Sangria because I hate sangria (yes, I do hate it).

taz80803274d ago

Gamertags express who you are, unless you are Gay and are on Xbox Live, then they take your account down. that was a big mess for some gamers.

JoelT3274d ago

except if your gay lol, either way if you say the wrong thing on XBL you are deemed a homosexual.

Ninferno3274d ago

Ninferno is just a made up name I came up with randomly. People all over the internet have stolen it.

JoelT3274d ago

I really have no idea what my gamer tag means. It something that stuck with me since playing Halo: CE over system link on XBConnect... damn i'm old.

SixZeroFour3274d ago

isnt it supposed to be en-em-y? enemy?

and too bad no one plays halo2 on xbconnect anymore...i wanted to play some swat and ToP with ppl, but only found one server